Get Snippy! Crab War Update v1.2.0 Is Out Now!

The Crab War update brings loads of new features and options for evolving your crabs and facing off with other Crab War players.

Developer Appxplore updated Crab War to version 1.2.0 last Friday. Crab War is a tap-happy smartphone game for iOS and Android that fuses Galaga and Cookie Clicker, encouraging players to spawn as many crabs as possible. Tapping the bottom of the screen is the only way to create more crabs, and the faster the player can tap, the easier it will be to defeat the enemies. 'Reptiles' are the primary target and are considered the bosses. The objective is to defeat as many Reptiles as possible to collect gems and gold, which are then used to purchase more crabs and then 'evolve' them to increase their attacking power and the bounty.

In version 1.2.0, players will have the ability to participate in tournaments, allowing them to put together armies of crabs to reclaim the territory taken by reptiles 'competitively'. They will have the opportunity to engage in tournaments twice a week with the incentive of 'gene points' which will give players the opportunity to transform crabs, upgrade abilities, or mutate even more crabs. The Crab War gene tree has also been updated to expand the variety of crabs and abilities. 

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Published Sep. 2nd 2016

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