After 14 years Asheron's Call goes F2P

Asheron's Call is going F2P along with helping enthusiasts run their own server.

So after 14 amazing and successful years Turbine announced that it will stop continuing to create new content for the game.  They will continue to fix critical bugs and continue to support the game.  

Severlin the producer said in a forum post on Feb 25:

"Let me reiterate that we have no plans to close Asheron’s Call. We plan to keep the game open and the servers running."

They also explained that all active accounts will be switched to F2P

But there is still confusion as to when this will happen and what will happen to accounts that are not actively subscribed but still have player profiles.  

Additionally, towards the end of the year they will be creating a way for players to create their own servers to continue to play the game on.  

Some nostalgia

"I found, hidden away, and old bottle of scotch I had forgotten about.  It was 14, almost 15 years old.  I thought "What the hell?" and opened it.  Good stuff.  It's been a good 14 years.  We've had a good run."  -Ulgrim the Unpleasant

There have been 165 season updates and 2 expansions during Asheron Call's run.


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Published Mar. 9th 2014

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