Titanfall Delayed on 360 for "Finishing Touches"

EA announces that their highly anticipated game, Titanfall, will be delayed for Xbox 360 users until March 25th.

In a recent tweet from EA, Titanfall will be delayed until March 25th for the Xbox 360.  The reason?  The developers, Bluepoint, need the extra time in order to implement some "finishing touches."

With this delay, many gamers who have yet to upgrade to the 360's next-gen younger brother were relying on Titanfall to provide that last "hoorah" on the aging console. I know I was.  

Titanfall is an upcoming, online FPS exclusive for Microsoft, developed by Respawn Enertainment.  This futuristic and action-packed mech shooter won over 60 awards at its reveal during E3 2013.  Many gamers and critics are already hailing it to be  the best game of the year.

Two weeks may not be the longest stretch, but it certainly can feel like an eternity if you have friends who are playing it before you and are raving about it.  Outraged 360 users (you know, the REALLY vocal ones) are already spinning conspiracies that this is just a ploy by Microsoft and EA to get you to invest early in an Xbox One -- but we all know that going out and buying a $500 next-gen console for the sole purpose of getting an anticipated title like Titanfall is utterly outrageous. 

The good news is Dark Souls II comes out on the same day, so at least 360 owners have a nice two-week window to enjoy both games.

Are you disappointed by this announcement?  Or will you be kicking back with Titanfall on the next-gen release date, not giving a crap?  Let me know below, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter for more gaming news, giveaways, and humourous quips. 

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Published Feb. 8th 2018

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