Hogwarts Legacy: Cursed Tomb Treasure Map Solution

Here is how to obtain the Cursed Tomb Treasure map and where to go for the treasure in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Cursed Tomb Treasure is another treasure hunt side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. The map, obtained later in the game, gives a few clues, as to the treasure's location. Here's how to complete the Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Obtaining the Cursed Tomb Treasure Map

The Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest will trigger if you go near the old manor in Manor Cape in Hogwarts Legacy. The manor in question houses two Infamous Foes, Ailsa Travers and The Lord of the Manor, so you want to be prepared if you are going there for the first time. 

To get into the manor basement you will need to either have Alohomora fully leveled up or you can go to the statue overlooking the manor. Light the statue's brazier and a staircase leading downward will be revealed.

Once you defeat the two Infamous Foes and the summoned Inferni you will find a locked chest that contains the Cursed Tomb treasure map.

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Cursed Tomb Treasure Location

The map shows that the treasure is located near a Merlin Trial that is in water, with some sort of ruin at the end of the river. The map is pointing to the Tomb of Treachery. The entrance to the tomb is located near the waterfall.

Once you enter you will need travel through the tomb until you come across a moth door. Three moths are required in order to open it and move forward. Two of the moths are located in the room to the right, with one of them behind a spiderweb. The other is in the room on the left on the ledge, which can be reached using a crate and Accio.

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The next main room will spawn Inferi once you enter, so be ready with fire spells. There are also plenty of explosive barrels and braziers you can throw at them. When defeated, you can pay attention to the puzzle on the floor. 

To access the treasure you will need to match the puzzle squares to the  map. Using Flipendo, spin the individual squares so the top middle, bottom right and bottom left have upward facing arrows. The puzzle solved, the treasure will spawn. You have completed the Cursed Tomb Treasure.

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Published Mar. 2nd 2023

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