Hogwarts Legacy: Infamous Foes and Their Locations

There are a variety of Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy that are waiting to test your mettle. Here are where they are to be found.

No matter the RPG, there are always enemies that are talked about in towns or warned against as super strong. Hogwarts Legacy is the same, highlighting its Infamous Foes as the strongest enemies of an area or bosses of a main quest. Here's how to find the 21 Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy and what their levels are. 

Infamous Foes — Creatures 

Rampant Dugbog — Level 23

The rampant dugbog may be one of the first Infamous Foes encountered that is not tied to a quest. You will find flyers warning of it around Upper Hogsfield. It can be found Southeast of the East North Bog Floo Flame. 

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The Quagmire Troll — Level 30

West of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame in a troll den is where you will find the Quagmire Troll.  

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The Riparian Troll — Level 23

The Riaprian Troll can be encountered during the "Beeting a Curse" quest, inside the Dale Family Tomb. 

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The Grim and The White Wolf — Level 26 and Level 26

Both of these canines can be found West of Keenbridge, in a cave behind a waterfall. 

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The Insatiable Spider — Level 25

This Infamous Foe is the big bad of the "Tangled Web" quest. Located in Aranshire, you won't find this guy until you start the quest and explore Mary Portman's Cellar. 

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The Absconder — Level 34

Head into the Forbidden Forest during the quest "The Absconder Encounter" to find this beefed up Acromantula.

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Alexandra's Troll — Level 30

This troll was an attempt at creative hamlet protection. Alexandra will give you the quest "Troll Control," where you need to slay her troll lurking in the woods South of Brocburrow.

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Infamous Foes — Goblins

Belgruff the Bludgeoner — Level 20

Belgruff can be found in Rookwood Castle in Feldcroft. 

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Ogbert the Odd — Level 20

Ogbert the Odd is staked out inside the Coastal Caverns. Fast travel to the Coastal Caverns Floo Flame and head up the track in order to encounter him. 

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Pergit — Level 23

You encounter  Pergit during the quest "The Tale of Rowland Oakes". He is holed up in Korrow Ruins, which is to the far west of the Forbidden Forest.

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Grodbik — Level 30

Grodbik is in the Coastal Mine in the Northwestern section of the Marunweem Lake Region. If you do not encounter him early from your own exploration, he will be waiting for you in Lodgok's quest, "Lodgok's Loyalty". When you enter the mine, head down using the lift instead of the Accio platform to find Grodbik.

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Infamous Foes — Dark Wizards

Iona Morgan — Level 35

Iona Morgan is inside the Poidsear Castle.

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Dunstan Trinity — Level 37

Dunstan is in Henrietta's Hideaway on Manor Cape. He is by an abandoned building.

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Tempeste Thorne — Level 23

Tempeste is located East of Falbarton Castle.

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Silvanus Selwyn — 37

One of the generals of Rookwood, Silvanus, is located in Clagmar Castle. You can locate him with the side quest "Sacking Selwyn", which rewards you for taking out the Dark Wizard.

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Ailsa Travers — Level 25

Ailsa is located in the downstairs section of a ruined manor house on Manor Cape. You will need Alohomora fully upgraded to access her location. Alternatively, you can go to the hill overlooking the manor where a statue is located. Light the brazier, and a secret entrance to the manor basement will be revealed. 

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Gwendolyn Zhou — Level 30

Gwendolyn is one of the Dark Wizards who took Natty in Hogsmeade in her relationship quest, "A Basis for Blackmail". She can be found in the Ashwinder Hideout in the Hog's Head cellar. 

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Catrin Haggarty — Level 20

Catrin is the thief turned Dark Wizard located in the Ashwinder's Enchanted Tent in "The Lost Child" side quest. Follow Archie's trail to reach this location South of Hogwarts.

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Infamous Foes — Inferi

Lord of the Manor — Level 26

The Lord of the Manor is located in a ruined manor house on Manor Cape. He will appear where Ailsa is located once you defeat the Inferi in the area. You will need Alohomora fully upgraded to access his location unless you go through the secret entrance. If you go through the secret entrance, you will most likely face Ailsa Travers at the same time as the Lord of the Manor, along with other Inferus.  

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Bardolph Beaumont's Corpse — Level 25

Poor Bardolph Beaumont's Corpse is now an Inferi located east of the Forbidden Forest in some ruins. You will encounter this Infamous Foe as part of the "Brother's Keeper" side quest. 

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Those are all the locations and any quests where you will encounter an Infamous Foe. Defeat all 21 and earn the Avenging Raven mask appearance as well as complete the challenge tier. For more guides for Hogwarts Legacy, check out our guides hub

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Published Feb. 27th 2023

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