Horror RPG Mad Father is Available on Steam and Playism

Popular horror RPG, Mad Father, is available for North American audiences on Steam and Playism with new art, events, and dialogue.

Mad Father, a horror RPG, is now available for North American audiences on Steam and Playism. Similar to games like Corpse Party, Mad Father is a horror game that, while popular with American audiences, was never officially released in North America.

The game follows Aya, a young girl, who lives with her Father, Alfred, in a mansion owned by her family. Her mother passed away prior to the start of the game and her father locks himself in the basement for hours on end while he “works”. One night, Aya hears her father’s scream and sees mysterious figures approach her room. The mansion becomes a nightmare as she tries to save her father from whatever has entered their home.

The port of Mad Father features several improvements on the original game, including redrawn artwork, improved map tiles, new events and dialogues, and changes to the ATE minigame. Like other games in the horror RPG genre, it does not feature combat. Instead, the game advances through the plot via puzzles and sneak mechanics.

Mad Father is available on Steam and Playism for $4.49 during its launch week.


Published Sep. 25th 2016

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