Behind The Scenes With Crytek In Ryse: Son of Rome

Take A Look Behind The Scenes As Crytek Shows Off How The Imaginarium Gives Their Game Life!

It's time to see what goes on in the games we love. If you've ever wondered what goes on in the development studio for a game, Crytek has got it covered in the great video above. It isn't everyday that we get to watch how a game is made or even what goes on during it is created, but this will ensure that we get our simple questions answered.

With the ability to capture the emotions and experiences like you would see in a movie, Crytek has produced an amazing next-gen game for the Xbox One to show off it's phenomenal potential.

How Do They Capture The Realism?

To achieve the near cinema realism, Crytek uses the Imaginarium. So what is the Imaginarium?

"The Imaginarium is a creative digital studio dedicated to the invention of believable, emotionally engaging digital characters using Performance Capture technology."

-via TheImaginariumStudios-

With this type of technological resource at the hands of game developers, we're going to be playing amazing games while our family members will be thinking they're watching a movie! Which means more family time for those of us who enjoy their company. 

From Game Director Cervat Yerli:

Performance Capture allows us, truly, to allow an actor or a stuntman, to fully perform the soul of a character. Not just body language, but ... all his emotion, all his anger, and we can translate that into true vigil life, instead of just animation.

 So get your pre-orders ready everyone! This Xbox One exclusive is getting ready for its release in November!

Published Aug. 25th 2017

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