Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Engulfs One Million Players' Lives

Final Fantasy XIV has just gotten on its feet. Things are going to get even better soon enough!

Jokes about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn being too successful were abound during the game's launch server issues, but according to Naoki Yoshida, it has been quite successful indeed.

During the Producer Live Letter at the Tokyo Game Show, Yoshida gave a glimpse at the present and future states of the game. Dual Shockers has all the info for you to peruse, but here are some statistics:

  • Server transfers are coming in October.
  • The game has had over one million unique users since launch.
  • Over 617,000 players login each day (daily unique logins).
  • There are 344,000 concurrent users during peak hours.
  • 49% of Japanese players are female and 51% are male.
  • 40% of NA/EU players are female, while 60% are male.
  • Hyur and Miqo'te are the two most popular races worldwide.
  • Roegadyn and Elezen are the two least popular races worldwide.
  • 23% of players worldwide are Midlander Hyurs, with 19% being Seekers of the Sun Miqo'te.
  • 57% of DD/DPS characters between the level of 6 and 30 are DPS. 51% between 31 and 50 are DPS.
  • Dragoons are the most popular DPS.
  • Pugilist and Arcanist are the rarest of the DPS classes and jobs post-level 31.
  • 60% of tanks post-level 31 are Paladins.
  • 69% of healers post-level 31 are White Mages. 12% remain Conjurers, while merely 19% choose Scholar.
  • Maelstrom is the least popular Grand Company, sitting at only 27% of players. Immortal Flames and Twin Adder hold 37% and 36% respectively.
So what about the future of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

While there certainly are plenty of interesting stats to be found above, players want to know where the game is going to go from here. Luckily, Yoshida spoke on what will be coming to the game in the 2.1 patch and beyond.

Here's what's coming in FFXIV 2.1:

  • Good King Moogle battle (and hard mode)
  • Extreme difficulty versions of the Primal battles
  • New Pharos Sirius dungeon
  • Hard modes for two current dungeons
  • Player housing (Finally!)
  • Wolves' Den PvP arena
  • Treasure hunting
  • 'Hard mode against a special foe' (Shantotto!?)
  • Daily Primal quests
  • Random dungeon queue

Dual Shockers has all of the information listed here in convenient Japanese screenshot form, though many of the graphs also have English text.

Published Sep. 22nd 2013

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