6 Of The Worst AAA Game Titles

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6. The Sims 4

Yet another series going down for the count. Usually, The Sims games were highly praised for the gameplay simulation, customization, and interesting activities in the game. However, as much as SimCity deserves to be on this list for numerous reasons, including their DRM policy, The Sims 4 has now over thrown SimCity as the worst of the worst AAA game title in the Sims series. What made this game such a major pain to gamers were the inability to save their game data, lots of glitches and bugs, and the removal of some of the things that made the Sims games very popular. EA sure does know how to take a great series and destroy its legacy.


Which other AAA game title was the worst to you? Post your comments below, and thanks for reading.

Published Dec. 7th 2017

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