Blood and Madness Event for Guild Wars 2 Revealed

The new Halloween event for Guild Wars 2 has the Mad King's son reopening the doors to Tyria with all the various activities that promises, starting October 15.

Last year's Halloween saw the Mad King Thorn proving he was real to all of Tyria by opening doors to his labyrinth, and generally giving us wanderers of Guild Wars 2 various and sundry holiday-themed events to partake in.  This year's festivities look to be bringing back some of the favorite activities from before, with a twist.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This year, it isn't the Mad King who is opening doors to his realm, but his son the Bloody Prince.  Some of the events are familiar enough.  We will have the same doors opening throughout Kryta, inviting players into the Mad King's realm.  There is a jumping puzzle to be completed, and I can tell you from experience such is likely to only be made many times harder by having other characters bumping and shoving each other off narrow ledges while trying to complete the platforming puzzle.

Not All Fun and Games

Even more exciting to the PvP crowd, there is going to be a PvP event going on: the Lunatic Inquisition.  Take the roles of either scared villagers or lunatic inquisitors trying to hunt or be hunted through the Mad King's labyrinth.

As one would expect, the various events will all have unique Halloween-themed rewards including material for crafting event weapons and armor, a unique mask as an event reward, and event pets and additions to players' home instances.

Get your costumes ready, ladies and gentlemen.  The Bloody Prince is coming!

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Published Oct. 9th 2013

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