More Dragon Age Story DLC in progress!!

Twitter comment from the Creative Director confirms more DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition

Recently Mike Laidlaw, creative director of Dragon Age Inquisition, participated in a fan Q&A on his Twitter. While responding to a question about what Laidlaw was working on, he confirmed that more story content was on the way.

The last story DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition was "The Jaws of Hakkon" which received varied, yet mostly positive reviews.

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As of yet no other details have been available regarding this upcoming DLC; however, Laidlaw did state that the Hero of Ferelden, the main character from Dragon Age: Origins would sadly not be appearing in it. Laidlaw indicated that he simply couldn't conceive of how the Hero of Ferelden would work as a non-playable character.

Although there is a whole bunch going for this mysterious story DLC, a lot of story-focused additional content for top-tier games like DA: I have been dropping the ball when concerning extra content. "The Jaws of Hakkon" was not bad, nor was it amazing. Until we know more, this upcoming downloadable content from BioWare remains an enigma. For more information about Dragon Age Inquisition and this mysterious DLC stay tuned to

Published Jun. 4th 2015

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