Barbara Gordon Confirmed in Batman: Arkham Origins

Batgirl is confirmed for Batman: Arkham Origins, but what will her role be?

One of the new screenshots for Batman: Arkham Origins confirms that Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl, will be in the new game. She is also Commissioner Gordon's daughter. It could mean that she will be a playable character, but we will have to wait on more information for that.

I am interested to see what Barbara Gordon's role will be in Batman: Arkham Origins. She is sure to show up at some point as Batgirl, considering how popular she is and all the other characters already in the game. I just wonder how important she will be to the story. Barbara could end up helping Batman throughout the story or merely have a cameo as Batgirl.

The addition of a co-op mode could mean that we find Batgirl there as well. It has already been confirmed that players can play as Batman and Robin or Joker and Bane, so it's not a stretch that Batgirl will be added. Even if she is not initially available in either story or co-op, DLC will most likely add her. Batman: Arkham Origins launches on October 25 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, and PC.

He sure looks angry. Maybe Robin forgot his dry cleaning.

What do you think of the news of Barbara Gordon? Are you excited to see her in the game? Discuss in the comments.

Published Oct. 2nd 2013

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