Destiny: Rise of Iron New Trailer

See the new Rise of Iron trailer. Preorder it now and get the Iron Gjallarhorn.

Recently Destiny revealed a new Rise of Iron trailer, which you can watch above. This trailer displays some of the scenes that will happen in the game, and some new features that we can expect in the DLC. 

The storyline we see centers around a new plague which has destroyed one of the last cities. The Lords of Iron are suppose to protect that city, but now most of them are dead. They thought that they'd gotten rid of the plague forever, but they were wrong. Now the plague is back and there are not many guardians left to defend against it.

In addition to this story, some features we will see are:

  • New weapons and armor
  • New social space
  • New crucible mode and maps
  • New enemy faction and bosses

Destiny: Rise of Iron is coming out September 20, 2016. If you preorder this DLC, you'll get the Iron Gjallarhorn.

From watching the trailer, where do you think this story is going to lead? Let me know in the comments!


Published Jun. 13th 2016

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