GOG Galaxy's next update will include a patch rollback option

On GOG Galaxy, you'll soon be able to turn back the clock on those pesky game updates that didn't go quite how you wanted.

Now and again, a game update doesn't go quite how you (or even the developer) intended. Sometimes you just don't want to update because the latest patch isn't compatible with your favorite mod. Whatever your reason, sometimes you want that new patch to just go away.

With GOG Galaxy's next update, you can make that patch go away if it doesn't work out. With the rollback option, you can undo a game update at your convenience.

Other features also included in update 1.1:

  • the ability to pause and resume downloads without losing progress
  • friend search - find friends via e-mail or GOG username
  • new installation options
  • a compact sidebar
  • decrease in RAM and CPU usage, so client loads faster, performs better
  • HiDPI support

The gaming platform created by Valve competitor GOG, Galaxy is currently in beta, with update 1.1 available to those who are signed up for preview updates, but it rolls out "soon" for everyone else.

Galaxy has been billed as the "optional client" for GOG, and while it shares a lot of the same features with Steam, its games are all DRM free, giving users the option to play offline without having to enter activation codes.

Have you used GOG Galaxy before? How do you think it measures up to Steam? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Aug. 26th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    GOG is DOG! I mean GOD!! When it comes to giving complete trust to us gamers.

    In short no DRM.

    I see GOG not as a competitor to Steam, but a side client. As GoG has many old games, which are good (hence the name being Good Old Games), but very few new games. The few which are on there are pretty much only indie games, or CD Projekt Red's very own, being The Witcher games. Which is fine, as CD Projekt own the platform, and they are the publisher for CD Projekt Red (Red being the developers, sans-Red being the owners and publisher).

    Anyway... to get back to the point. It's a side client you run when you want some good classic gaming. Or want to move away from the shackles of DRM.

    Galaxy still has very far to go to get anywhere near the level of Steam, but is almost at where Origin currently is, but GOG Gal works. Unlike Origin when it was new...

    Anyway, I think that Valve could learn a lot from CD Projekt. In how they test, and have actual QA not a loose trust system that many... many... devs and publishers (AAA and indie) abuse to their hearts content. WB I'm looking at you a lot! Air Control... that too.

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