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The Kickstarter campaign for the co-op monster raising and life simulation game, Re:Legend, has revealed two new stretch goals this week after receiving $279,798 USD from backers.

Developed by Magnus Games with help from the Square Enix Collective, Re:Legend had a campaign goal of $51,284 -- which means the Kickstarter project has made more than 5x its original goal. To celebrate, Magnus has shown off new weapon types, a new magnus, and a brand new mechanic as well. 

New Weapons

In addition to great swords, dual blades, staves, and bows, four additional weapon types have been announced, doubling the total number of types. The four new weapon types are detailed below.

Knuckles: A counterpart to the dual swords weapon which are infused with magic to cast protective and offensive spells and have high offensive power.

Great Shields: Heavy weapons and a counterpart to the great sword weapon which can also be used to cast protective and offensive spells.

Chakrams: Gigantic boomerang-like weapons that have a long range and cut up everything in their path.

Prisms: Crystals infused with a high concentration of magic and boost magic power. These weapons can be used for quicker spell casting and give the player more mobility.

New Magnus and Magnus Breeding

In addition to revealing three new Magnus -- the Seacolt, Dunehound, and Nerlict Bug species -- the current final stretch goal has been revealed to be Magnus breeding. The details of the stretch goal are unknown at this time, but more information is expected soon. It's also possible there will be another stretch goal added once the Magnus breeding stretch has been reached.

The Kickstarter campaign for Re: Legend will end on August 25. Re: Legend has an expected release date of June 2018 for PC. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One releases of the game are expected to be come around six months after the PC release.

Exclusive Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Bundle Coming to Walmart in September,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/w/i/switch-splatoon-332c4.jpg qztnz/exclusive-nintendo-switch-splatoon-2-bundle-coming-to-walmart-in-september Fri, 18 Aug 2017 13:41:35 -0400 Selandrile

When it comes to color, black and grey are often all someone needs. After all, they make for quite a sleek and modern aesthetic -- especially on electronic devices. For others, however, a splash of color delights the eyes and enhances the visual experience. This latter group is in for a treat, as Nintendo is finally bringing its neon green and pink Switch Splatoon 2 bundle to North America beginning September 8.

Priced at $380, this snazzy catch will include the Switch, a carrying case, one download code for Splatoon 2, cables and accessories, and of course those flashy controllers. Already released in Japan and Europe, Canadian and American consumers will soon be able to purchase this without having to import it. The bundle can't be found just anywhere, though: Nintendo is releasing these exclusively through Walmart.

Credit: Nintendo

Splatoon 2, this year's sequel to the enormously popular 2015 original, is included in the bundle. With a current Metascore of 83, it's safe to say that both kids and squids will find fun to be had.

With the Switch's enormous demand and relative lack of supply, it's a safe bet that these won't stay on shelves very long. Walmart currently has a listing that allows you to pre-order the bundle. So if you want to pick it up for yourself, you should probably do it sooner rather than later. 

Forma.8 Launching on Nintendo Switch Next Week,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/82104493f645886f48066eae0ce323d6.jpg nbgix/forma8-launching-on-nintendo-switch-next-week Fri, 18 Aug 2017 11:20:22 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Indie developer MixedBag recently announced that the Nintendo Switch version of its game, forma.8, will launch through the eShop on August 24.  

forma.8 is a Metroidvania style adventure. According to the game's Steam page, it features a "huge, open world full of secrets," and sees you take control of the titular space probe called forma.8 as you try to survive on a hostile alien world. You set out on a quest to discover an ancient energy source, and reunite with your fellow companions.

True to form, it also includes a wealth of powerups and secrets. However, the game has received the most praise for its artistic style -- which uses bold colors and contrasts to bring the game world to life.


forma.8 originally released on the Wii U back in 2015 and was brought to Steam in February of this year. Switch owners may be interested to know that the Switch version will cost five dollars less than the previous iterations -- $9.99 as opposed to $14.99. According to the press release, this version will run at 60fps and 1080p when the system is docked, and it also fully supports the Pro Controller.

Let us know in the comments if you plan on picking this one up or, if you've already played it!

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Main Characters Revealed,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/u/l/t/ultra-sun-moon-66059.png 2gyn0/pokemon-ultra-sun-and-ultra-moon-main-characters-revealed Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:56:10 -0400 adelgirl

In a Tweet posted to the official Pokemon account on August 18th, the new looks for the main characters in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were revealed.

While there do not appear to be any new hair colors or skin tones to choose from at the start of the game, we can tell from the image that there will be new hairstyles and clothing in the game. The photo shows hair styles and clothing that were not available in Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

It is possible that these are the only new hair and clothing options available in the game, but we cannot know this for sure until more is revealed about the game.

At this time, not much has been revealed about the game, other than a new form for Lycanroc that will only be available via download. But there's sure to be more information coming ahead of the game's release, so keep checking back with GameSkinny for any updates!

Interviewing the Arctic Developers of Distrust,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/d/i/s/distrust1-b00f5.jpg mkfxd/interviewing-the-arctic-developers-of-distrust Thu, 17 Aug 2017 16:32:23 -0400 LuckyJorael

Distrust, an indie adventure/horror game by developer Cheerdealers, focuses on two survivors who must pit their skills and determination against a frozen arctic climate, horrifying supernatural creatures, and perhaps man's greatest enemy: sleep deprivation.

In Distrust, the player must manage a pair of survivors as they explore a randomly-generated arctic base -- picking up tools, avoiding monsters, and dealing with the harsh climate. To make matters worse, your survivors have to sleep; if they don't, they'll start suffering from madnesses that affect how each survivor perceives the world. But if the survivors do sleep, more monsters will show up to eat their faces!

GameSkinny recently had the chance to talk to Cheerdealers about their upcoming game, so we discussed to the developers through the wonderful Evgeny Kasputin, Head of Midcore Marketing (because, like Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2, I don't speak Russian).

GameSkinny: What was the draw to use John Carpenter's The Thing as inspiration for Distrust, as opposed to other horror movies?

Cheerdealers: "We just adore The Thing and believe it's the best horror movie ever made. [The] closed space of a hostile arctic base with a brilliantly depicted atmosphere of sustained uncertainty and fear that eventually leads to paranoia -- that's what we were greatly inspired by. In Distrust, we did our best to deliver a similar feeling of anxiety and pressure.

Our game is not a 'scary-scary' one. We do not aim to suddenly frighten people at all costs. Instead, we try to put the player under constant pressure created by both severe climate conditions and the uncertain threat of an unknown nature to keep the player under pressure for as long as possible. In this respect, we consider The Thing to be the main source of inspiration for both the setting and the atmosphere."

GS: Why use the top-down isometric view for the game? Why not a first-person horror game?

CD: On the one hand, there are lots of great [first-person horror and survival games] on Steam right now, and we wanted to make a difference. Our decision to stick to an isometric view was reinforced by the desire to give the player control over a group of survivors, rather than over a single character.

In addition, we wanted the player to be able to control the location of each character and track the anomalies that move across the base. The top-down isometric view helped us achieve those goals without making things too complicated, and now the gameplay experience in Distrust is very different from any other existing survival game.

On the other hand, we had limited time and resources. We could keep developing this game for ages or enter another endless game mode (“Early Access”), however, that just seemed to be completely wrong. The use of the isometric view was a sound decision, so we needed to make the best of it in terms of the development process. Specifically, this view streamlined content production and let us lower the granularity where necessary, without affecting the overall quality of the game and without any feature-cutting.

GS: How do you balance the different mechanics, like having to sleep and the eventual hallucinations, without making the game undergo a difficulty spike?

CD: Balancing the game was a real challenge for our game-designers, but trying to find a balance between [sleeping] and [staying awake] was not the most difficult part. We just fixed the metric [so] that any decision a player takes could work out fine. A player decides by themselves to either take a risk and probably get another madness or rest and attract monsters, but they still can survive, if they act quickly and efficiently. Moreover, some madnesses may be really useful.

The most difficult part was to plan and develop the random generation of the objects within the base. This is the part of the game that required a thorough balancing. We have a huge set of rules that help us keep a player under pressure, but there are no lose-lose situations. Extremely difficult parts of the game that you may [barely] clear give way to easier periods when you can catch [your] breath and restore the characters’ metrics.

Based on the feedback that we are receiving after launching the free demo version, we have managed to find the balance between the difficulty and interesting gameplay.

GS: Survivors in Distrust have different traits and abilities. What's your favorite combination of survivors and why?

CD: We won’t dwell upon the tragedy of choosing your survivors -- finding the best combination of characters is an essential part of the game and we will not go into spoilers.

But it is worth mentioning that there are many effective combinations -- and every member of our team has their own favorite one. Some prefer Martin Brown, because of his ability to batter down a door; some choose James Brown because of his frost-resistant skills. Our producer’s favorite -- and probably the most hardcore -- pair of survivors are the old [Doctor] Katashi Hayashi and the loner Ronald Witkes. Apart from all the trouble that you will eventually face, you also must constantly remember to maintain Ronald’s isolation and bear in mind that Doctor Katashi is very slow.

GS: What limitations -- in the game engine, the way the game was designed, etc. -- did the team encounter in making Distrust? How did that change the game?

CD: Originally, Distrust was planned to be a 2D game. But then, as we were digging into the development, we faced lots of limitations on animation, random generation and -- this was extremely discouraging -- on dynamic light. Just imagine what a miserable game it would be to wander about a base without a flashlight! Therefore, we decided to shift to 3D, even though it was a new experience for us. Fortunately, the transition went smoothly, and the development became even easier.

In addition, [in] the very early stages of development, we intended to introduce a complicated crafting system, [including] searching for different components and turning them into some device or a tool. What we saw was that a player became too busy with [repeatedly searching] and other monotonous actions, while the overall atmosphere of suspense leveled out. So, we totally extracted crafting and the only option left was to repair a tool, and that brought the atmosphere back to the game. 

And, of course, we [spent] a hell of [a lot of] time working on random generation. It was easy to generate levels, but to have a whole base with a number of buildings and countless numbers of different objects generated properly -- that was a hard nut to crack!

GS: Last question: What's the single coolest aspect of Distrust?

CD: Teetering on the edge of suffering from madnesses that occur when your characters stay awake [for too long], and being threatened by the monsters which come when your characters sleep. Whoever you pick as your survivors, we will make you desperately seek balance between an exhausted wake and a deadly rest. But whatever your decision is, there always be something interesting. And we believe that keeping a player interested is the most important thing!

GameSkinny would like to thank Cheerdealers for agreeing to this interview, and Evgeny Kasputin for being our liaison. Distrust releases on Steam August 23, but you can get a sneak peek at the full game by downloading the free demo that's available now.

For more information about Distrust, visit the game's Steam page or the Distrust website.

Unlonely Release Date Announced: September 20...ish,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/b79c506accc1085d80e9ca8bfe4dc53a.jpg svgcy/unlonely-release-date-announced-september-20ish Thu, 17 Aug 2017 15:47:58 -0400 Kat De Shields

In a humorous announcement poster shared on Twitter, Rinikulous Games announced the release date of Unlonely -- September 20ish. 

Unlonely is a sequel of sorts to their first game title, Lonely Sun, with a twist. The game is inspired by multiple games journalism outlets (GameSkinny included) and other supporters of the dev studio. In each level, you'll become "gravity's guiding hand" as you lead planet cores across treacherous terrain until they can evolve into the planet they're destined to be. The aesthetic of each level contains design elements based upon the different publications featured in the game. 

Along with our green planet Gami, iFanzine, Snapzilla, IndieHangover, Indie Game Launchpad, Jupiter Hadlye, Mike Brown and Glen Forbes also have levels dedicated to them. 

For more information about Rinikulous Games, visit the development studio's website or follow them on Twitter. In the meantime, you can pick up Lonely Sun for $1.99 or their latest game HYPER BEAM for free from the App Store. 

Square Enix Collective Reveals Gamescom 2017 Lineup,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/o/l/collective-logo-big-24349.jpg 1939g/square-enix-collective-reveals-gamescom-2017-lineup Thu, 17 Aug 2017 13:37:46 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

The Square Enix Collective has announced its Gamescom 2017 lineup in a recent press release. Their showcase will include five indie games that are "full of contrasts" for a broad gaming experience. 

Below is a full list of all the games that will be featured on behalf of the Collective at this year's event.

Battalion 1944

Leading the lineup is Bulkhead Interactive's Battalion 1944, a multiplayer first person shooter game. The developers are seeking to recapture older styles of FPS gameplay, where skill and stats determined victory, as opposed to powerups and other add-ons. Square Enix London's  Director of Community and Indie Development, Phil Elliot, mentioned that this game has garnered quite a bit of attention and shows how popular both retro mechanics and World War II still are for gamers.

Forgotten Anne

Also featured is Throughout Games' anime adventure Forgotten Anne. Billed as a cinematic adventure with "light puzzle platforming elements", Forgotten Anne sees you take on the titular role of Anne as she tries to stamp out rebellion in the Forgotten Lands -- a place where forgotten things from socks to letters are refashioned into magical creatures called Forgotlings.

Oh My Godheads

On a lighter note is Titutitech's Oh My Godheads, a multiplayer game born out of love for classic franchises like Worms and Street Fighter. This title offers a variation of capture-the-flag where the flag happens to be a talking stone head.

Tokyo Dark

On the JRPG side of things, there's Cherrymochi's Tokyo Dark -- a title that combines psychological and anime horror. It also builds on the point-and-click visual novel style by adding various branching story paths that are uncovered based on your decisions as the main character, as you try to find your lost mentor in the darkness beneath Tokyo. 

Deadbeat Heroes

Finally comes Upstream Arcade's Deadbeat Heroes, another multiplayer title that's a 3D brawler. The goal in Deadbeat Heroes is to stop the new wave of 1970s super criminals from having their way with London -- only you play as civilians with no crime-fighting experience. You must borrow your powers from others, while "not getting shot, sliced, lasered, exploded, vaporized, eaten…"


All of these games are part of the Square Enix Collective -- a curated platform for indie games where developers pitch their ideas, get approved for funding, and publish through Square Enix. All the titles above, and many others, will be taking the stage at Gamescom later this month.

What do you think of the Square Enix Collective's lineup for Gamescom 2017? Let us know down in the comments!

Get Ready to Smile; We Happy Few Announced For Modern Consoles,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/30412d814c35088456e5e680069f2297.jpg h9mja/get-ready-to-smile-we-happy-few-announced-for-modern-consoles Thu, 17 Aug 2017 13:25:27 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

Recently, it was announced that We Happy Few will be released for PC, Xbox One, and  PlayStation 4. Developed by Compulsion Games, the survival horror title will be officially releasing in April 2018.

We Happy Few is story is set in an alternative post-World War II timeline. The game takes place in a downtrodden, retrofuturstic, and drug controlled society. To escape the ugliness of the war, the people have become addicted to the drug "Joy" -- a substance that leaves citizens happy and totally obedient to all commands. Players will play as one of three protagonists hoping to escape their hallucinogenic reality and find out the truth.

The title saw an Early Access release via Steam and earned lots of positive player reports. Our own preview of We Happy Few gave it a solid 8/10. The upcoming April 2018 release will include the full game, new missions, and extra content. The game will also have a Collector's Edition that includes bonuses like a guide, a mask replica, and the soundtrack on vinyl to name a few. 

Fans of survival horror games and or mystery titles can look forward to We Happy Few early next year.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Preview Showcases New Mechanics,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/8/0/0/800px-path-fire-concept-art-7c0a9.jpg 9lrra/guild-wars-2-path-of-fire-preview-showcases-new-mechanics Thu, 17 Aug 2017 10:20:27 -0400 Kellan Pine

ArenaNet first released Guild Wars 2 in August 2012. Five years later, the game has seen the introduction of one expansion and a series of smaller Living World updates that advanced the story.

Enter the next full expansion to the game, Path of Fire, which is set to be released next month. Leading up to its release, ArenaNet invited players to participate in free preview weekend August 11-13 (with another coming August 18-20). This first preview weekend focused on PvE content, while the second is expected to center on allowing players to try out new abilities in PvP.

The previous expansion, Heart of Thorns, seems to have set the pattern for expansions that would follow. Prior to announcing Heart of Thorns, ArenaNet introduced players to a new main antagonist using Living World updates. They repeated that pattern here, bringing back the god of war that players saw referenced in both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. This deity, Balthazar, is no longer a benefactor to mortals. It is up to the players to find out why -- and stop his plans before he brings about the end of the world.

Heart of Thorns also introduced a number of new mechanics into the game. Among the most immediately impactful was the introduction of gliders. These tools were given to players early in the expansion and became a popular way to get around the world. In many newer maps, gliders were often the only clear way for players to reach their destination. Like many other aspects of Heart of Thorns -- such as interactions with special vendors and objects in the world -- gliders were reliant on the Mastery system.

This was a new method of horizontal progression ArenaNet introduced, allowing players with max level characters to unlock new abilities or quality of life improvements. The system appears to have the goal of adding meaningful progression without trivializing the abilities and equipment players already have.

Player mounted on Raptor

Path of Fire looks to develop on these ideas by introducing mounts, which are also based on the Mastery system. In addition to providing faster movement through the world, each mount will have a unique movement ability and be able to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

This mirrors many aspects of the glider, and will hopefully help to alleviate the sometimes tedious travel in older maps. While some professions do currently have access to abilities that improve movement speed, taking those abilities means excluding potentially more useful combat oriented options. The game does also provide fast travel through a waypoint system, but those waypoints are not always close to the player's destination.

The faster movement of the mounts should come in handy -- especially because the new areas introduced by Path of Fire are larger than older zones and have fewer fast travel points. The special movement abilities offered by mounts also allow ArenaNet to create new and varied platforming challenges for players along the lines of the popular jumping puzzles already present in Guild Wars 2.

Mounts will not be usable in combat, but they do provide an Engage Skill to the player. These skills are powerful abilities designed to help a mounted player enter combat effectively. The preview provided access to the Raptor mount, which will be the first mount players can unlock in the expansion.

Navigating the mount takes some getting used to, but the long-range jump provided by the Raptor will be useful in exploring the rocky environments of the Crystal Desert. The Raptor provides a tail spin engage skill that leaps to a target and deals damage in an area. While the tail spin skill tended to one-shot minor enemies in the preview map, it was difficult to gauge the overall utility of the skill in the limited preview window. It certainly felt like it fit the stated purpose of a fast and efficient entry into combat.

The environments and characters available in the preview weekend look and feel different from those in the original game, and very different from the wild jungles of Heart of Thorns. This is a refreshing change that also serves as an homage to the first Guild Wars, which heavily featured the new Crystal Desert and Elona regions in the Nightfall expansion.

If Path of Fire follows the same pattern as the original game, many of the armor appearances shown on NPCs in the preview will be available to players as well. Guild Wars 2 already provides a system for armor customization, so the additional options will help players create new looks inspired by the story of the new expansion. 

A desert environment in Path of Fire

If Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire can deliver on the experience promised by the preview, it will represent a great jumping on point for new players -- as well as an enjoyable experience for existing players.

Players that pre-order Path of Fire will receive an item that immediately boosts a single character to max level, transporting them to the Silverwastes region of the game and equipping them with a character build and items selected by ArenaNet specifically for players new to the game or a particular profession. While these builds are typically not the most effective, they do offer new players a lot of survivability while still providing enough damage to complete events in the open world and progress the story missions. A new player that uses this item will also be able to complete all the story missions from the original game without the level gating that is typically required.

Guild Wars 2 is free-to-play for PC and Mac. As was the case with the original Guild Wars, the paid expansions are stand-alone. Heart of Thorns is not required to play Path of Fire, although players should be aware that some character abilities do require the Heart of Thorns expansion. The expansions for Guild Wars 2 can be purchased individually or as a bundle in game or from the Guild Wars 2 online store.

For more on Path of Fire, check out the new elite specializations.

Shiny Pikachu Available Worldwide in Pokemon Go,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/h/i/shiny-pikachu-1014434-1280x0-9146a.jpg nc7q7/shiny-pikachu-available-worldwide-in-pokemon-go Thu, 17 Aug 2017 09:57:42 -0400 adelgirl

The Pokemon Company has just announced that Shiny Pichu, Shiny Pikachu, and Shiny Raichu can now be found across the world in Pokemon Go.

These shiny Pokemon were first available to trainers who participated in the "Pikachu Outbreak" event in Yokohama, Japan. The event started about two weeks ago on August 9, ended just a few days ago on August 15. 

The three Shiny Pikachu forms are joining the ranks of Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyrados as the only shinies available in the game at this time. 

When you encounter these Pokemon on the world map, you will know that they are Shiny versions if they appear to be slightly darker or more orange than their usual forms. 

There are no advantages to having a shiny Pokemon, but they are rarer than the normal version. So that makes them high-valuable collectibles for those who really want to catch 'em all.

Hearthstone Global Games: Choose Your Champion Open Now,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/c/r/screen-shot-2017-112305-5356e.png 4oyog/hearthstone-global-games-choose-your-champion-open-now Thu, 17 Aug 2017 09:46:16 -0400 Kellan Pine

Today, Blizzard opened a new Choose Your Champion event for the upcoming finals of the Hearthstone Global Games. The event allows players to earn free card packs from the Knights of the Frozen Throne card set by predicting which team will go home with the grand prize after the finals at GamesCom on August 26.

Any Hearthstone player that selects a champion will be awarded a free pack of cards, with a second pack being issued to anyone that correctly predicts the outcome. Champion selection is open from August 16-23 and can be accessed through a notification in the Hearthstone client or by logging into your Blizzard account on the official Hearthstone eSports website.

The Hearthstone Global Games started on April 11, with teams from 48 countries competing for a piece of the $332,000 prize pool. In the semi-finals on August 25, the United States will be facing the Czech Republic for a chance to play in the finals on August 26. The other semi-final match is between the top-ranked South Korea team and second place Ukraine team.

If you want more about Hearthstone, check out our Knights of the Frozen Throne reviewWe also have a guide to the best new cards, and budget decks for you to try if you would like to get in on the action!

Conan Exiles & Expansion Lands On Xbox One,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/7fe68d73b5e226bf754aa33d9d0f2c6e.jpg 8xue5/conan-exiles-expansion-lands-on-xbox-one Wed, 16 Aug 2017 17:13:20 -0400 Luke Luby

Conan the Barbarian has finally landed on the Xbox One as Funcom’s hit open-world survival game Conan Exiles made its debut on the platform as part of the Xbox Game Preview program.

The Xbox One edition of Conan Exiles is identical to the PC version and benefits from over six months of Early Access --during which the developers added a wealth of new content, features, and improvements. Funcom also launched The Frozen North, a free expansion update for both PC and Xbox One, that increases the size of the world by 70% and takes Conan Exiles from the desert into the snowy highlands.

Funcom's Head of Games, Lawrence Poe, spoke about the Xbox One release, saying:

"Today’s launch on Xbox One and the release of The Frozen North expansion updates is an important milestone on the game’s Early Access roadmap. During the first six months of Early Access on PC our focus has been to work with our core community eliminating exploits, improving core systems, and fleshing out both content and features."

Conan Exiles is planned to leave Early Access and see full launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Q1 2018. While the team has been able to expand and improve the game significantly the first six months of Early Access, there are several months left and the team will continue to work side-by-side with the community to realize the game's full potential.

Mr. Poe also commented on the Early Access campaign:

"In this phase two of Early Access the game is bigger and better than ever and we are very excited about bringing the game to an entirely new audience on Xbox One."

The game is available on Xbox One at a price point of $34.99, and can be purchased in 39 countries with pricing customized across various currencies. The price point will increase once Conan Exiles leaves Game Preview on Xbox One and Early Access on PC and launches in full in Q1 2018.

Total War Warhammer 2: Skaven Revealed as Fourth Playable Race,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/6b932e4a31d5d44ef3de82504b1e09f7.jpg kk47m/total-war-warhammer-2-skaven-revealed-as-fourth-playable-race Wed, 16 Aug 2017 14:56:34 -0400 Skrain

Squeak! It's officially been confirmed that the Skaven will be the fourth playable race in Creative Assembly's Total War Warhammer 2. Who would have thought?

Though not exactly the best kept secret of Total War developers Creative Assembly, the company has finally announced everyone's favorite Ratkin with a brand new in-game teaser trailer. Check it out for yourself above!

In this trailer, Queek Headtaker and Lord Skrolk (one of the few legendary Plaguelords) command the Skaven into battle against the Dark Elves and the ancient Lizardmen. Featuring Doomwheels and even a Warp Flame Thrower, the Skaven seem to be packing a fair amount of their advanced technology -- and you can assume there's even more, such as poison globadiers.

Rat Ogres aggressively enter the fray and get some good shots in, but I believe the Hell Pit Abomination is the true class act of the trailer.  


Imperial citizens must remember that the existence of such creatures is entirely up to scholarly debate. Many argue that the so-called "Skaven" are most likely a form of mutant beastman. There is absolutely nothing to fear from these "rat folk" that dwell beneath the earth -- they don't have advanced technology or world-spanning subterranean cities. 

Whoops. The Imperial propaganda got to me for a moment. With my wits sorted back out, I've got a lot of questions about this race's role in Warhammer II. What outstanding campaign concepts will be introduced for the Skaven? Will they be able to burrow under foes and explode from the Underway to scurry around and overwhelm opposing forces? Will great magic rituals devoted to the Horned Rat empower their armies? Hopefully these questions will be answered soon. 

With this reveal, the Skaven are joining the ranks of the Lizardmen, Dark Elves, and High Elves as playable races in Warhammer 2. The game drops later this year on September 28.

Burly Men at Sea Launches This September on PS4 and PS Vita,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/d/h/x/dhxo5qhvwaezxuz-b3ef0.jpg hagvv/burly-men-at-sea-launches-this-september-on-ps4-and-ps-vita Wed, 16 Aug 2017 14:20:11 -0400 StraightEdge434

Originally released for PC and mobile devices, the well-received indie adventure Burly Men at Sea will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on September 19. 

Burly Men at Sea, developed by Brain&Brain, is a branching story game that revolves around a trio of bearded fishermen and their adventures in early 20th century Scandinavia. Players will assume a role of the storyteller, who will shape and form the trio's journey as they explore and encounter creatures from Scandinavian folklore.

Based on the choices that players make, a different ending will play out. Since the game itself will not be particularly long, players will be encouraged to replay it multiple times in order to get the full experience with all the endings.

Upon its release, the game will support trophies and avatars -- and will even include cross-buy and cross-save between the two game systems.

Burly Men at Sea will also be available to play at Sony's booth at PAX West this year. To learn more about the game, visit the PlayStation Blog

Try Out Elite Specializations in Guild Wars 2 This Weekend,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/w/e/b/web-screen-shot-2017-103442-ef051.jpg ii09v/try-out-elite-specializations-in-guild-wars-2-this-weekend Wed, 16 Aug 2017 12:29:58 -0400 TheGreatManzini

With a new expansion coming to Guild Wars 2, the game's developer has been releasing steady news updates. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is set to release on September 22nd, but ArenaNet will be allowing players a sneak peek at the new Elite Specializations

The demo for these new skills will be available on for one weekend, August 18-20. According to a recent Developer Diary:

"...We’re launching a demo where you’ll be able to create and play new preview-exclusive characters in both Player vs. Player and World vs. World. These characters will come with each profession’s new elite specialization, so check them out!" 

The developers have expressed that they wish to create new avenues of play for the existing classes -- and in doing so, they have given a new life to an old profession. For example, the new Holosmith elite specialization will provide the Engineer class with a second melee class. Holosmiths will be equipped with swords and a Photon Forge mode that generates heat with the use of abilities. This heat will damage the player, but will also increase the effectiveness of utility skills. This addition takes what once was a ranged crowd control class, and turns it into a viable melee damage dealer.

If you wish to see the Elite Specializations in action, head on over to the Guild Wars 2 Developer Diary, where ArenaNet has posted demos videos of each new Elite Specialization.

Will you be trying out these specializations during the demo weekend? Which one are you most looking forward to trying out? Let me know down in the comments!

Nintendo Teases New Arms Fighter,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/a/r/m/arms-header-f2a50.jpg pfyxx/nintendo-teases-new-arms-fighter Wed, 16 Aug 2017 10:48:31 -0400 Kieran Desmond

The official Japanese ARMS Twitter account has released a video of a new playable character for Nintendo's unconventional fighting game, who is battling in a new arena.

This new content is set to be released in the game's next patch. This was originally confirmed in a Japanese tweet from an official ARMS account on August 8, which was translated to English by @PushDustIn.

The grainy video, although difficult to make out, shows the fighter battling with new fast spinning Arms which seem to resemble nunchucks. The mysterious character also seems to have a headband holding up his/her bunched-up hair and is wearing what appears to be Persian-style Harem pants, which may be a clue as to the character's country of origin. 

Check it out for yourself below:

The new stage matches the previously teased image of a candy themed arena with the game's announcer, Biff, relaxing with some coffee in the foreground. With "Sweet" being on the list of recently leaked character code-names, it stands to reason that the fighter and their stage will be candy-themed.

More details are sure to follow soon, so keep your eyes on GameSkinny for updates!

Destiny 2 Brings 80+ Story Missions and Activities,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/c/r/screen-shot-2017-123507-3be30.png tylbl/destiny-2-brings-80-story-missions-and-activities Tue, 15 Aug 2017 17:54:19 -0400 TheGreatManzini

Recently, the UK print edition of Edge magazine a cover story on Destiny 2 that outlines the experience of a few writers who got the change to play the game through for nearly two days. And with all that experience under their belts, those writers released a lot of information that should put Destiny fans at ease.

In the article, they have addressed many of the concerns Destiny 2 players felt while the console beta was live -- confirming, for instance, that base cooldowns are lower in the final game than they were in the beta, the overall power of grenades has been largely increased, and Hunters will have alternate subclass paths that will make them more support friendly. According to Bungie, some of these changes will be live in the upcoming PC Beta that will launch on August 28.

Fresh New Mechanics

Destiny 2 will feature plenty of new mechanics to make the game feel fresh and new. The introduction of locked loadouts will add an entirely new approach to certain game modes, although we will have to wait and see which game modes will have this challenging new element. Edge writes:

"Some of the end game activities will lock your loadout... preventing you from changing you weapons or subclass after you load into a mission. Requiring that you and your fireteam devise a plan before setting out."

This sequel will also rely more on skill and coordination than the original game. Edge reports that "bosses are no longer attritional checks on you damage and endurance, but instead tests of skill." Bosses will no longer be bullet sponges protected by wave after wave of minions, but rather just enough well placed ads to keep you moving. The difficulty won't fall on doing damage, but rather creating the opportunity to engage between the leader's attacks and those of his supporting troops.

Bungie has also taken strides to force players to make difficult choices when it comes to approaching combat. Destiny 2  director, Luke Smith, is quoted as saying:

"We want to provide the opportunity and choice, that means players can customize themselves more. By doing so we'll also involve trade offs, and making difficult decisions. Out of the different elements conspires different combinations that leads to strengths and weaknesses for each character."

For example, the Voidwalker's devour state will allow you to consume a grenade by holding down the grenade button or killing an enemy with a charged melee. While in this state, kills will regenerate health and recharge grenades. So getting enough kills will allow you to consume another grenade and stay in a state of accelerated health regeneration.

These types of trades off will result in many different ways to approach the gameplay to fit your playstyle.

Spoiler Alert: Story Details

Edge Magazine writes:

"...[T]his is a sequel, one designed not only to appeal to hardened existing players, but also to new ones, and those who walked away from the muddled, beautiful mess of a game that launched back in 2014... So it give us great pleasure to report that - heavens above - Destiny 2's story is not only entertaining, but makes actual sense, from beginning to end."

Many Destiny fans will rejoice in this fact alone. While the Destiny 2 console beta provided us with the opening mission of the game, Edge gives more detail on what happens after your guardian loses their light. To start from the beginning, the war hungry cabal forces invade the guardian stronghold (The Tower) and kidnap the Traveller (the source of the guardians abilities and regeneration). Ghaul leads the assault, as he wishes to take the Traveller's light for himself in order to build an empire and reshape society.

According to Edge:

"Within an hour... you understand what the bad guys are doing and why."

The guardians immediately respond and try to take on Ghaul head-on, only to find that they are losing their power -- and in defeat, fall into the forest of the European Dead Zone.

You will awaken powerless, and must stumble your way through the forest now struggling to traverse the terrain. You will then find yourself at the Farm, a new social space that will be sprinkled with NPCs and vendors who will provide quests and wares. This social space will change as you advance through the story, bringing in more people that you find along your adventures.

Among them is Hawthorne, who will direct towards a nearby shard of the traveller that fell during the cabal assault. You head off for the shard, and will begin to regain your abilities, restoring the remainder of your light and regrouping the rest of the Guardians that fled earth after the invasion.

All of this story will be delivered in more that 80+ hours of new story content and activities. Even the side-quests will be fully voiced, and contribute to the overall story of the game.

Edge writes:

"There is a far bigger sense of scale. Vast open areas with warring factions, battling  beneath majestic Bungie skyboxes, are a reoccurring theme, and its impossible to not think of the series from which the studio made its name. Especially when put in the controls of  a vehicle or three."

So it looks as thought the sparrow will no longer be our sole mode of summonable transportation -- which may affect how we get around on some of the other planets (possibly the hydrogen seas on Titan?). That said, though, still haven't heard anything about the raid and how it will tie in to the story.

So it appears Bungie is going to provide tons of content for Destiny 2's base game -- and with two DLC updates coming out later this year, it's looking like there will be plenty of things to keep its players happy and active following the game's release.

Destiny 2 is currently available for pre-order, and will release for consoles on September 6 of this year, with a PC release coming later in October 24. 

Ancient Frontier Set to Launch in September,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/6b765e22f56c5be1f2499db45990bc32.jpg p6zpz/ancient-frontier-set-to-launch-in-september Tue, 15 Aug 2017 17:52:24 -0400 UltimateWarriorNot

Fair Weather Studios has announced that Ancient Frontier, a sci-fi turned-based strategy game with RPG elements, will release in September. Described as X-COM meets Battlestar Galactica, the game will feature two story-driven campaigns.  

Featuring tactical combat mixed with resource management, RPG progression, a fleet management system, and permadeath for ships lost in the void, Ancient Frontier has overcome a failed Kickstarter campaign and other hurdles during its development cycle. Aside from these features, little is known about the story itself, aside from the game is fully voice-acted.

Speaking with the PR rep for game, we asked why the choice was made to create a turn-based strategy game around fleets of starships. They said that the turn-based strategy genre often doesn't explore the cosmos, and they wanted to rectify that. 

"Exactly! The turn-based strategy genre has a whole tends to lean towards fantasy settings, you know, all the lovely swords and sandals stuff. It's nice to have a turn-based strategy/RPG that does something a little different and provides sci-fi fans something to sink their teeth into."

Although the developers said a trailer would be released soon, we'll have to wait and see if Ancient Frontier delivers the goods on September 21 for PC. 

Are you interested by Ancient Frontier or put off by the lack of gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments below!

Could Hyper Light Drifter be Coming to Nintendo Switch?,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/h/y/p/hyper-light-8e761.png iujo6/could-hyper-light-drifter-be-coming-to-nintendo-switch Tue, 15 Aug 2017 16:34:09 -0400 Kieran Desmond

Angry Mob Games recently announced that not only would their SuperSmash Bros-esque fighter, Brawlout, be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, but that the eponymous protagonist of Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter would be joining the game's (currently) seven character roster. This news has some gamers speculating that Hyper Light Drifter might also show up on Nintendo's new console. 

The game was originally planned to appear on both PlayStation Vita and Wii U, but due to difficulty in optimizing performance for those platforms, as well as health issues related to lead designer Alex Preston, both versions were of Hyper Light Drifter were canceled in September 2016.

However, a more recent comment made by Preston on his Twitter account leads HLD fans to believe the game may be coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. 

In response to a fan, Preston replied, "looking into it!", but didn't clarify if he or the development team was currently working on an HLD port.

So, until an official statement comes from the Heart Machine development team, check out the announcement trailer below and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information as it develops.

Star Wars: Force Arena 2.0 – The Upcoming Clone Wars Content Update,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/f/o/r/force-arena-clone-wars-46a2a.png ujnqf/star-wars-force-arena-20-the-upcoming-clone-wars-content-update Tue, 15 Aug 2017 16:20:19 -0400 Kengaskhan

Star Wars: Force Arena is Netmarble's card-based MOBA for iOS and Android devices that draws its characters from all across the Rebellion Era's timeline, dividing them into two factions: Rebel and Empire.

However, that'll change when the Clone Wars content update drops later this August, as the Republic and Separatist factions will merge with the Rebellion and the Empire to form the new Light and Dark sides in the game.

In Force Arena, each player brings a faction-specific leader (like the Grand Inquisitor or Leia Organa) and a 7-card deck of unit and support cards into battle. As such, though the update includes improvements to other areas of the game (like the menu UI and the progression system), players will have their eyes set on the new Clone Wars cards and leaders.

From the Republic hail Master Yoda and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, with their respective unique cards, Mace Windu and Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

On the other hand, the Separatist leaders, Darth Maul and General Grievous, are flanked by their unique droids -- the Sith probe droids (you may remember Darth Maul deploying three of them when he first arrived on Tatooine in The Phantom Menace) and Grievous's personally-trained IG-100 MagnaGuards.

In addition, the two sides of the Force will both be receiving three unit cards and a support card each from the Clone Wars era, like a squad of B1 battle droids, air support from a Republic gunship, or a lone Republic Commando.

The Clone Wars content drop is the largest the game has seen since launch, and despite how many brand new cards we're getting, they all look and feel fresh, and the art direction and new animations, even for the commons, are top-notch.

New Ways to Play Force Arena

While the new Clone Wars cards and leaders are the main part of Force Arena 2.0, the update still has more to give. As mentioned before, there will be overhauls to the user interface and player progression.

I'm not exactly sure what the changes to player progression entail -- aside from the fact that it involves the way play packs and mission are handled. But the menu interface is getting an overhaul so it looks spiffier than it did before. There are also improvements being made to the Training mode, and the addition of a new Drafting mode as well. 

Anyone who's ever played Force Arena knows that the AI in Training mode is a complete pushover -- not only is it incompetent, but its cards are also unleveled. The new Training mode will allow you to set the difficulty of the AI. And according to the lucky few who've gotten to play around with the Force Arena 2.0 test client, it really is a significant improvement. Finally, players will have a place to test new decks and strategies without having to worry about losing MMR points.

The Drafting mode will be a new experience for all Force Arena players. In this mode, you will draft an entire deck from randomly chosen cards, and you'll be pitted against a series of other players with their own drafted decks. The better you perform, the better your rewards will be, but your deck's run will end if you suffer three losses.This 1v1 Draft mode will be the first one where you can face other players who share your faction -- so, you'd best be prepared for some Light vs. Light or Dark vs. Dark action!

Enter the Arena Today

If you want to check out all this new content for yourself -- or hop into the game for the first time, you can update your existing version of the game, or download Star Wars: Force Arena for free on the App Store or Google Play. 

Want help getting started or leveling up your game? Check out our Star Wars: Force Arena guides for all the tips and tricks you'll need.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: New Form Details from the Pokemon Company,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/u/l/t/ultra-sun-ultra-moon-890e7.png cl2ig/pokemon-ultra-sun-and-ultra-moon-new-form-details-from-the-pokemon-company Tue, 15 Aug 2017 12:39:20 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Apart from a short teaser earlier in the summer, The Pokemon Company has been rather silent about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the upcoming sequels to last year's wildly successful Pokemon Sun and Moon games. However, a short while back, it revealed Dusk Form Lycanroc, a brand new Pokemon form, and recently offered a wealth of details about it.

Like its Midday and Midnight counterparts, Dusk Form Lycanroc evolves from the irresistibly cute Rockruff and retains its Rock-type nature. It also combines the best of both evolved forms in terms of personality and appearance. Like Midday Lycanroc, the Dusk Form is quadrupedal and unfailingly loyal, but its eyes flash red when attacking an opponent, just as Midnight Lycanroc's do. Dusk Form Lycanroc sports the Midday form's rock necklace too -- though it doesn't seem visible in the photos released -- and complements it with the Midnight form's mane, adding its own unique dusky coloration to set the whole look off.


Dusk Form Lycanroc also gets an interesting mix of old and new for its combat, and the Pokemon Company expects players to develop new battle styles than they were used to with the previous forms as a result. It learns the Midday form's Accelrock, a Rock-type version of Quick Attack that goes first every time, and Midnight's Fighting-type Counter, a more passive move that deals high damage if the user is attacked by a foe in that turn. However, Dusk Form Lycanroc also gets its own ability, Tough Claws, which raises the power of physical attacks.


Yet you won't be able evolve any Rockruff by leveling it up bathed in the setting sun's fiery glow. Dusk Form Lycanroc only evolves from a special Rockruff, and that Rockruff will only be available via special distribution. Like the special Munchlax in Sun and Moon, this Rockruff will be available for a decent period of time, from the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launch date of November 17 until January 10, 2018.

There is another piece of Lycanroc news that is sure to delight collectors and fans of fuzzy-wuzzies alike: plush Dusk Form Lycanroc. Siliconera reports that as of now, the plush is only listed on Japanese sites, with no word yet on Western availability. At the very least, this is one import you don't have to understand Japanese to completely enjoy.


Introducing Plush Form Lycanroc! I'll take twenty...


Does this new form mean there will be more new Pokemon forms to follow? Will dusk play a central role like day and night did in the original Sun and Moon? Only time will tell, but be sure to check back for any new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon updates!

GameStop Announces In-Store Nintendo Switch Restock,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/n/i/n/nintendo-switch-games-ef12a.jpg o226m/gamestop-announces-in-store-nintendo-switch-restock Tue, 15 Aug 2017 11:59:22 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

GameStop has announced that they will be restocking the Nintendo Switch across all of their retail locations today. As Nintendo Everything mentions, this is the first time the retailer has done so since the Switch launched in March. And for those looking just for the Switch console, both bundles and stand-alone SKUs will be available. 

Over the past several months, the Switch has been difficult to find from first-party sellers. This restocking by GameStop will potentially help prospective buyers find a console faster and save money when purchasing the console -- since third-party vendors have typically increased the console's base price through resale efforts. 

GameStop did not mention if they will be regularly restocking the Switch. However, if you can't snag a Switch in-store, there are a number of bundle options available for preorder on GameStop's website starting August 18.

The next few months will see several highly-anticipated releases for the Switch, including Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom BattleSuper Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information on the Nintendo Switch as it develops. 

Call of Duty: WW2 Beta Details Announced,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/836af144cb4d45767e382b7e3fc78cf8.jpg o3wjl/call-of-duty-ww2-beta-details-announced Tue, 15 Aug 2017 11:49:10 -0400 StraightEdge434

Sledgehammer Games has announced the first details about the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2 beta on its website. According to the official announcement, players have a lot that they can look forward to in this test run for the next entry in the CoD series. 

Here's the rundown of what's currently been revealed:

  • Maps: There will be three maps available to play on -- Ardennes, Gibraltar and Pointe de Hoc.
  • War Mode: Operation Breakout. One team of players has to complete a series of objectives to earn the win, while the opposing team must stop them from doing so. 
  • Modes: Three classic modes will also be available -- Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint and Domination.
  • Divisions: All five divisions will be available for players to try out during the beta -- Infantry, Expeditionary, Airborne, Armored and Mountain Division. 
  • Player Progression: Just like in previous Call of Duty games, all players will start at level one and unlock extra equipment as they level up. 

However, Sledgehammer did also state that the following things will not be available in the beta:

  • Headquarters: This one of a kind social experience is currently being worked on and tested, so it will not be available. For those who don't know, it's a central hub/social area where players can interact with one another.
  • Loot and Supply Drops: The feature itself, as well as its contents will be unavailable for the duration of the beta. 
  • eSports: Anything associated with ranked or competitive gameplay will not be in the game until its full launch in November.
  • Everything else that the full game will have like other maps, weapons, etc.


The closed beta will kick off for PlayStation 4 users on August 25, with a second beta for Xbox One coming September 1. To access either beta, you will need to pre-order CoD:WW2 for your console of choice. 

Sonic Mania Releases Today,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/55a8b06cddea61db410dca7f66d3f58e.jpg 1z4rn/sonic-mania-releases-today Tue, 15 Aug 2017 11:37:30 -0400 Greyson Ditzler (PurplePocketPirate)

Sonic Maniathe newest installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, as well as the newest 2D game in the series in quite some time, finally releases today.

Sonic Mania was not developed by Sonic Team, but was instead a joint effort between developers Headcannon, PagodaWest Games, and Christian "Taxman" Whitehead -- who served as the head programmer for the project. Whitehead was chosen for his past work in porting early entries in the Sonic series, such as the enhanced port of Sonic CD, and both Headcannon and PagodaWest games were chosen for their noteworthy work on quality Sonic fan games.  

The game will allow the player to take control of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as they adventure through 12 different zones, composed of re-visited classic levels, re-vamped classic levels with drastic changes, and a number of brand new zones never seen before in a Sonic game. The game also features a split-screen competitive multiplayer mode, as well as a "time attack" mode with online leaderboards, and two forms of bonus stages accessible in the main campaign.

Sonic Mania is available for download now for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, and will be available for PC on August 29th. It will cost $20 on all platforms.

Pocket Mortys Season 3 Weekly Update 4: Noob Noob And Prisoner Mortys,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/o/v/cov11-a9b7a.jpg 3nbl7/pocket-mortys-season-3-weekly-update-4-noob-noob-and-prisoner-mortys Mon, 14 Aug 2017 17:15:39 -0400 Ty Arthur

I'll be honest -- when I saw that the title of Rick And Morty season 3 episode 4 was "Vindicators 3: The Return Of Worldender," I was terrified we were in for another awful interdimensional cable adventure. Come at me bro, because those episodes aren't even remotely worth watching and never should have been made.

While those horrifyingly unfunny missteps are the only weak link in this otherwise stellar series, thankfully my fear of trekking down unscripted lane once again was unfounded. The odd mouthful of a title instead sees Rick taking the role of evil villain (well, more than his usual amount of evil villain) by killing off super heroes in devious ways.

An all new episode from this Adult Swim smash hit means even more new Ricks and new Mortys to find in the Pocket Mortys mobile game! Below we cover everything that arrived this week and is now available in the latest update.

There's been a whirlwind of new content added to Pocket Mortys every single Monday afternoon since the new season started. If you missed any of the latest updates, check out what's new in the Rickstaverse:

Pocket Mortys: New Ricks From Season 3

The big draw this week is of course Noob Noob, who is fast becoming this season's beloved offbeat character, taking the role of the unexpected Mr. Poopy Butthole.

Everyone's going to be running around as Noob Noob or Pickle Rick though -- so if you want to spice up the different dimensions with a little more color, there's also Hawaiian Summer and Hawaiian Rick to grab through the Salesman Rick's menu!

Pocket Mortys: New Mortys In Weekly Update #4

Last week's update saw an amazing five new Mortys added to the Morty Deck. Now that you've hopefully all found Mortys #205 - 209 and fought them to the death in multiplayer mode, you're in for a treat: there are six Mortys to find this week! They run the gamut across all three main Morty types and include another full trio to be upgraded. Anyone want to place bets now if we get seven next week?

Vindicator Morty

First up is the solo Vindicator Morty, who can't be evolved from or to anything.

Right now we know he's available through Club Rick coupons. It's a good bet he'll be found in one of the dimensions but it's not clear yet which specific one.

  • Type: Scissors
  • Skills: Outburst, Attention, Suit & Boot, Stare Down, Clarity, Stare Gaze, Rush, Mortify, Reboot
Hawaiian Morty

Next we have the ready-for-vacation Hawaiian Morty, sporting a boring white lei that seems to defeat the purpose of having a lei in the first place.

He doesn't upgrade at all, but that's OK, because he's got plenty of skills all about keeping himself happy.

  • Type: Paper
  • Skills: Flair, Lick, Reminisce, Love Bug, Pout, New Wave, Love Yourself, Exfoliate, Ricky Tikki Tavi
Sherlock Morty

This week's final solo Morty added to the Morty Deck, the investigative Sherlock Morty sports a handsome hat... but still his regular yellow shirt. Boo!

  • Type: Paper
  • Skills: Preach, Brand, Blind Swing, Stare Down, Protect, Shatter, Extort, Nod Off, Sign Off, Attrition
Prisoner, Felon, and Federation Prisoner Morty

Finally, we cap off with a three Morty upgrade path that goes from the scantily clad Prisoner Morty to the more appropriately dressed Felon Morty and finally ending with the bad ass Federation Prisoner Morty.

  • Type: Rock
  • Skills: Outburst, Slam, Dead Stare, Stare Down, Blood Pressure, Nail, Heave Down, Nod Off, Humiliate (Felon Morty and Federation Prisoner Morty only), Juice (Federation Prisoner Morty only)

Did you miss Rick And Morty Season 3, Episode 4? If you want to see a not-so-thinly veiled Guardians Of The Galaxy get torn to bits, check it out at the Adult Swim website, and let us know what you've thought of this highly anticipated season so far in the comments below!

Re: Legend Confirmed For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/l/e/g/legend-trailer-e3289.jpg ubmdg/re-legend-confirmed-for-playstation-4-and-xbox-one Mon, 14 Aug 2017 17:05:51 -0400 Erroll Maas

The Kickstarter campaign for Re:Legend, the farming and monster raising JRPG being developed by Magnus Games with the Square Enix Collective, has seen a lot of success over the weekend -- having been able to reach two more of its major stretch goals. In addition to PC and Nintendo Switch versions, the game will now also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Prior to reaching the Xbox One goal, the developers detailed the game's Staff weapon. Staff users are at their best when wearing cloth armor which has high magical resistance. The staff shoots out magic bolts that get bigger and stronger as players progress through the game.

Staves also have a charge attack ability players can obtain, which changes according to which type of staff is used. Staff users can cast supportive magic in addition to offensive magic, to heal or buff their Magnus or other players in battle.

The developers also introduced a new Magnus, the Baston Gator, and its second form, the Ironskin Baston Gator. According to the update, Baston Gators may look small and innocent, but have powerful bites -- as well as one of the highest offensive stats when compared to other early stage Magnus in the game.

The next stretch goal, at $242,000 USD is new Bachelors & Bachelorettes. As such, one already existing bachelorette was introduced in the latest update under the moniker of Emilia. Emilia is the owner of the Vokka Village item shop where players can buy seeds, tools, food, potions, crafting and more, which will be on sale on certain days of the week.

The Kickstarter campaign for Re: Legend will end on August 25. The game will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The PC version has a targeted release date of June 2018, but it has been stated that the console versions won't be released until around six months later, unless a possible future stretch goal is reached.

Stay tuned in to GameSkinny for more Re: Legend updates as the game's crowdfunding campaign continues!

StarCraft: Remastered Launch Event,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/t/a/starcraft-remastered-banner-38d3e.png 2z02q/starcraft-remastered-launch-event Mon, 14 Aug 2017 17:02:08 -0400 Kengaskhan

Blizzard Entertainment's 1998 real-time strategy game, StarCraft, is one of the most celebrated e-Sports in gaming history. StarCraft was, and still is, a huge part of South Korean entertainment culture (some might even consider it to be South Korea's national pastime), and it was a major part of some of the first truly big eSports leagues and events, like the World Cyber Games.

Today, nearly 10 years later, Blizzard is releasing StarCraft: Remastered worldwide -- a revamped version of the classic title with brand new, high-definition graphics, re-recorded audio and dialogue, and localization for 13 different languages.

Blizzard has also fully integrated the Remastered edition with its current social infrastructure, which will finally bring first-party ranked multiplayer matchmaking and leaderboards to Brood War.

But most importantly, the gameplay (for better or worse) remains completely unchanged -- so you'd best be prepared to wrestle with the infamously whacky Dragoon pathfinding if you start playing again.

StarCraft: Remastered Launch Stream

With no changes made to the classic gameplay they know all too well, old Brood War pros will find themselves right at home with the Remastered edition -- and Blizzard has seen fit to gather several of those players together for a StarCraft: Remastered launch event.

The event, hosted by the Day[9], Tasteless and Artosis (the 'Tastosis' casting duo), and iNcontrol, and will feature eight of Brood War's Western greats: Legionnaire, Draco, G5, Nyoken, Ret, White-Ra, Artosis, and iNcontrol.

The launch event will run from 3PM until midnight, both today and tomorrow, over on takes place 3 p.m. to midnight, both today and tomorrow, on Day[9]'s Twitch channel.

Come join the stream, and experience the re-rerelease of one of eSport's most celebrated games!

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2 for 3DS Announced for Japan,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/y/o/k/yokai-watch-busters-3a664.jpg wzxws/yo-kai-watch-busters-2-for-3ds-announced-for-japan Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:07:21 -0400 adelgirl

Developer Level 5 has announced that there will be a new game in its Yo-Kai Watch Busters series for 3DS. Dubbed Yo-Kai Watch Busters 2, it's set to release in Japan during Winter of 2017. But currently there's no release date for North America or other countries. 

The Yo-Kai Watch Busters series takes place in the same world as the original Yo-Kai Watch series, but you play as a Yo-Kai instead of a human with the Yo-Kai watch.

The first game in the Yo-Kai Watch Busters series was released in Japan on July 11th, 2016. It was never released in any other country, though, so there's no precedent for fans who want to see the series come to the West. But in the main series, Yo-Kai Watch 2 was released outside of Japan around the time that Yo-Kai Watch 3 launched in Japan. So there's a chance we'll see the original game in the Yo-Kai Watch Buster series drop for the West right around the time the sequel releases in Japan, though. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information about this launch as it's revealed! 

Mewtwo Coming to Pokemon Go Raid Battles Soon!,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/m/e/w/mewtwo1-30872.jpg 699yo/mewtwo-coming-to-pokemon-go-raid-battles-soon Mon, 14 Aug 2017 10:55:11 -0400 Kieran Desmond

It's been a little over a year since the Pokemon Go phenomenon began, and various legendary Pokemon have made appearances in-game. But finally, one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time is making his way to this mobile Pokemon game -- Mewtwo.

Mewtwo has made his inaugural appearance as a Raid boss at the Pokemon Go Stadium event taking place in Yokohama, Japan. Many players were able to successfully capture the Legendary Psychic Pokemon during the event, and Niantic revealed that he will soon be available for Pokemon Go players worldwide. According to an official statement:

"In the coming weeks, you too will have the opportunity to battle and catch Mewtwo with the new Exclusive Raid Battle feature.”

This new Raid feature operates slightly differently than what players are used to. Instead of simply joining a raid battle, players will be need to be invited. To receive an invitation, you must have successfully completed a raid “recently” at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle is to be held.

The post does not specify how recent players need to have defeated the Raid Boss in order to qualify.

In addition to this announcement, Niantic has also decided to celebrate the thousands of limited-time-only Legendary Pokemon players have defeated by giving everyone another shot at catching them -- this includes Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Lugia. All four will be available to battle and capture from August 14 through August 31. So you’d better get out there and catch ‘em all before they pass you by!

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Go news as it develops! 

Customizable Nintendo Switches Coming to Japan,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/b/u/n/bundle-color-console-7c1ff.jpg ci8ub/customizable-nintendo-switches-coming-to-japan Mon, 14 Aug 2017 10:42:30 -0400 adelgirl

Starting August 22, would-be Nintendo Switch owners will be able to pre-order customizable versions of the console from the Japanese "My Nintendo Store" website. All Switches ordered through this website will be shipped by October 1 of this year, and cannot be canceled once the order is placed. 

Nintendo hasn't given any detail as to what exactly will be customizable on these Switch consoles -- but it's possible that only the Joy-Cons can be altered. There may be custom color options, but there's no solid news about this at the time of writing.

It's also unclear whether or not these customizable Switches will be available in other countries. The console itself is not region locked, nor is the website -- so buyers that are outside of Japan may be able to purchase a customized system for themselves. But there is a chance that these units won't be shipped outside of Japan, or the cost to ship them will be very high.  

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information as Nintendo releases further details on these customizable Switch consoles and their worldwide availability. 

Bathroom Emergency Simulator "Gotta Go!" Now Available on Steam,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/81e411c133206ca827186e500463f7c5.jpg matv5/bathroom-emergency-simulator-gotta-go-now-available-on-steam Mon, 14 Aug 2017 10:02:14 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Gotta Go! is the unique progeny of indie developer Dire Nerd Studios -- and it offers a fresh and cheeky swirl on the puzzle genre. Your goal in Gotta Go! is to guide your two-dimensional bathroom symbol through the randomly generated floors of his office and to the toilet before suffering a fate worse than death.

Pretty simple, right? It would be, except for the fact that your co-workers all suddenly feel the need to blather inanely at you (as the developers put it), your boss remembers you had assignments due immediately, and your gastric gauge won't tolerate much delay.

Wait -- those stalls have no doors!?

You can always hide behind the office greenery, but sadly for you, it can be difficult to find. There are ways to "relieve" the pressure, but too much flatulence leaves a bad impression on your co-workers -- who waste no time in reporting your unprofessional behavior to the ever-watchful eye of HR.

Likewise, you can try to make a run for it or bypass your colleagues' blithering by telling them to "Shut Up", but both actions fill up your Shame-O-Meter. Stealing reports from your co-workers' desks reduces the Shame-O-meter, but the meter doesn't reset at the beginning of each floor either. So you're forced into a careful balancing act of stealth, passive listening, and carefully timed tweaks of your biological pressure valve before the unthinkable happens.

Need I say more?

Gotta Gois now available on Steam for $4.99, and features full controller support with support for Steam devices as well. Dire Nerd is also using the game to help fund No Stomach For Cancer, a research organization dedicated to researching and raising awareness of stomach cancer.

For more information on the game, check out its official Steam page or read our preview of Gotta Go! to see what it has to offer. 

Gamevice Sues Nintendo Over Joy-Con Design,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/j/u/d/judges-gavel-ecde4.jpg 7uuu1/gamevice-sues-nintendo-over-joy-con-design Fri, 11 Aug 2017 13:53:10 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Since its release, the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed both critical and commercial success. However, a new bump in the road brings into question the unique nature of the console's Joy-Con controllers. Gamevice, maker of the Wikipad, claims the Switch's Joy-Cons too closely resemble the Wikipad, as Engadet's Jon Fingas reports.

Gamevice is suing Nintendo for patent violation and calling for Switch production to cease.

For those unfamiliar with the Wikipad, it is a tablet gaming device that allows gamers to play Android games with controller support. The current Wikipad 7 tablet accessory is much different in design from the original device and its detachable controls (which launched back in 2013), are those that the lawsuit concerns.


However, there are several key differences between the two controllers. Not least among these differences is the fact that Nintendo's Joy-Cons are distinct from each other in terms of function and technology used, and, as Nintendo frequently states, the HD vibration does set them apart from other controllers.


Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on the suit as it develops. 





Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Coming to Nintendo 3DS,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/a/p/o/apollo-justice-banner-66bde.png mq0i8/apollo-justice-ace-attorney-coming-to-nintendo-3ds Fri, 11 Aug 2017 09:52:19 -0400 Greyson Ditzler (PurplePocketPirate)

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth installment in the Ace Attorney series, has been announced. The game will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop in November, and it will feature updated visuals, as well as new bonus features.

The game will have a text-skip option, which was implemented in the most recent installment of the series, Spirit of Justice, as well as the option to switch between the Japanese and English versions of the game. The language toggling options apply to both the game's dialogue and its voice acting.

Apollo Justice is the last of the six current games in the mainline Ace Attorney series that have come to the 3DS platform, so with it's planned inclusion in the system's offering, the family reunion is complete. 

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be released on the Nintendo 3DS in November at a discounted price of $20.

Splat Brella Coming to Splatoon 2's Multiplayer,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/i/m/g/img-3474-03024.JPG qoyg2/splat-brella-coming-to-splatoon-2s-multiplayer Fri, 11 Aug 2017 09:46:02 -0400 Kieran Desmond

Nintendo has announced via their UK Twitter account that the Splat Brella, a weapon that was previously exclusive to Splatoon 2's single-player campaign, is making its way to the multiplayer component of the game August 12. The weapon comes with the Sprinkler as its sub and the Ink Storm as its Special.

The Splat Brella is unique in that it is primarily a defensive weapon that allows players to shield themselves from the front when the weapon is open. If kept open, the Splat Brella will launch ahead of the player, inking a path and giving the player cover as they move in to clash with the opposition at close range. New weapons tend to be popular items in Splatoon 2, so expect to see nothing but umbrellas gliding across the maps for a while as players try the Splat Brella for themselves. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Splatoon 2 news and information as it develops. 

Monster Hunter Stories Demo Now Available in North America and Europe,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/m/h/s/mhst-4d8b4.png fc1rt/monster-hunter-stories-demo-now-available-in-north-america-and-europe Thu, 10 Aug 2017 17:57:33 -0400 Erroll Maas

Monster Hunter Stories, a turn-based Pokemon inspired spin-off of Capcom's popular hunting action series, Monster Hunter, has received a free downloadable demo on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America and Europe.

The demo lets players create their own character and takes them through the first few hours of the game. The save data from the demo can then be transferred to the full game, which will also unlock a rider costume for Navirou, the player's Felyne sidekick.

The demo takes up approximately 4,252 blocks.

The game originally released in Japan on October 8, with an updated re-release, known as Monster Hunter Stories 1.2 Renewal Edition, in Japan on July, 27. It is currently unknown which version of the game will be sold to Western audiences, but the 1.2 update should be free to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop if the original version of the game is released.

Furthermore, there is also an anime series called Monster Hunter Stories Ride On which follows a story similar to the game. Those interested can watch the series on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles and with an English dub through Funimation's streaming service.

Monster Hunter Stories will be available for the Nintendo 3DS physically and digitally on September 8 in North America and Europe.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter Stories news and information as it develops. 

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Announced For Modern Consoles,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/1cd7d4cd73ed28c93c618c960b362e58.jpg 12epp/dragons-dogma-dark-arisen-announced-for-modern-consoles Thu, 10 Aug 2017 14:21:39 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

Today, Capcom announced that Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen will be released for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this fall. The action RPG will feature higher resolutions than when it was originally released by Capcom in 2013.

Strongly influenced by Western fantasy elements, Capcom created Dragon's Dogma to capture the feeling of fellowship on a quest to defeat evil. Due to its popularity, an enhanced version of the game, Dark Arisen, was released in 2013.

In Dark Arisen, players roam a giant sandbox-like world and take upon quests alongside other party members against the backdrop of a fractured world. Featuring elements of the hack-and-slash genre, Dark Arisen features fast and ferocious gameplay from a third-person perspective. 

Dragon's Dogma was well received by both critics and players for its variety. The game has been noted to provide stylish action like Devil May Cry and grandiose battles like Monster Hunter.

Action adventure and RPG fans can look forward to Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen this fall.

Bandai Launches Digimon Game Community Website,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/c/r/screenshot-166-af4fd.png 8zd8f/bandai-launches-digimon-game-community-website Thu, 10 Aug 2017 13:40:48 -0400 Erroll Maas

If you're a Digimon fan that wants to better interact with the worldwide Digimon community, you're in luck. Publisher Bandai Namco has opened a Japanese community website complete with a bulletin board where members can interact with others in the community. On top of that, there is a Q&A section of the website where fans can directly ask developers questions and make requests for future games. 


Registration for the Digimon Community website is free, although most pages are restricted to registered users (Note that registration for an account is in English, but the website itself is in Japanese). Those interested in joining must set their region to Asia and country to Japan when registering if they want access to all of the members-only pages. Once logged in, users can even hatch their own Digimon partner from a Digi-egg by gaining experience points by interacting with the community.

The website also features an exclusive interview with Kenji Watanabe, a Digimon designer who has been in charge of character design since the release of the original Digimon virtual pet toy in 1997. It is currently unknown if the website will support other languages in the future.

The latest Digimon video game, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory will release in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Vita on December 14 before coming to North America and Europe sometime in early 2018.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Digimon news as it develops. 

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition Announced,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/i/m/a/image-819d5.png i7iny/fallout-4-game-of-the-year-edition-announced Thu, 10 Aug 2017 12:30:53 -0400 Kengaskhan

Bethesda Softworks has announced that their latest post-apocalyptic RPG will be receiving a game of the year edition next month. Nearly two years after the game initially hit the shelves (and Steam's storefront), Fallout 4's GOTY edition will release September 26.

It will include all of F4's official DLC and content updates (most notably Survival mode and the hi-res texture pack) -- and of course, both PC and console gamers will have access to the all the custom content that the game's modding community has produced over the past two years.

The Return of the Pip-Boys

On top of the announced Game of the Year Edition, a limited quantity of GOTY Pip-Boy Collector editions will ship alongside the standard GOTY editions, which, among other goodies, includes a replica Pip-Boy.

The Pip-Boy Game of the Year Collectors Edition will be exclusively available in North America for $99.99, giving gamers a second opportunity to acquire a real life Pip-Boy on September 26.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Fallout 4 news and information as it develops. 

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Releases,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/95d6dcbec6ac34ba4bc19fd62104a7a0.jpg q82on/mega-man-legacy-collection-2-releases Thu, 10 Aug 2017 09:14:49 -0400 Greyson Ditzler (PurplePocketPirate)

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, the second anthology series collecting classic Mega Man titles, was released on various platforms yesterday.

The first Mega Man Legacy Collection delivered reproductions of the first six titles in the classic Mega Man series, and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 follows in its footsteps by offering reproductions of the four remaining classic titles, including Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10. 

On top of allowing players to experience four classic Mega Man titles in one place, the collection also comes packed with added content meant to compliment the original games. According to the game's Steam page, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 offers:

...time trials and remix challenges with online leaderboards... a music player and an extensive gallery of rare illustrations... additional modes originally released as DLC for Mega Man 9 and 10, featuring extra stages and playable characters... [and] the option to reduce the amount of damage received.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Re:Legend Confirmed For Nintendo Switch,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/r/e/l/relegend-kickstarter-45800.png w45h2/relegend-confirmed-for-nintendo-switch Wed, 09 Aug 2017 14:24:36 -0400 Erroll Maas

The Kickstarter campaign for Re: Legend, a crowdfunded RPG  by Magnus Games supported through the Square Enix Collective, has reached its seventh stretch goal, and will now be available for Nintendo Switch in addition to PC. 

Backers will now be able to select the Nintendo Switch as their preferred platform at the end of the campaign. If backers have opted for multiple copies, they will be able to choose a different platform for each one.

To celebrate gaining 3,000 backers, the team has also revealed new Magnus -- the Triemer Snail and its evolved form, the Steel Triemer Snail.  Additionally, the results of the weapon and armor design combination choice as voted by fans was revealed to be the Sunraid Ryder Set armor with the dual sword weapon.

Further stretch goals include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, new bachelor and bachelorette options, as well as two stretch goals yet to be revealed

Re:Legend has an expected release date of June 2018 and will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. The crowdfunded campaign for the game will end on August 26. You can check out the Kickstarter page for more information, or to back the project before the campaign ends. 

Japanese Box Art, Limited Edition Revealed for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/d/s/c/dscshm-f1f45.jpg 26lum/japanese-box-art-limited-edition-revealed-for-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth-hackers-memory Wed, 09 Aug 2017 13:04:11 -0400 Erroll Maas

Bandai Namco has revealed the box art for the upcoming game Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory in addition to a limited edition "Digimon 20th Anniversary Box" and First-Print bonuses.

The Limited Edition box includes:

  • An anime sound edition of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory
  • A Digimon Story Visual Art Book
  • A copy of the Hacker's Memory original soundtrack
  • A download code for NX Edge Style Body Digimon: Gallantmon and Alphamon
  • A special 20th anniversary box

You can check out the box art and other goodies inside the Limited Edition box below.

The first-print bonus will include two brand new exclusive obtainable Digimon, Sistermon Noir and Sistermon Blanc, as well as the NX Edge Style Body Digimon, Omnimon NX, and extra costumes for the protagonist.

At this time, it is unknown if the limited edition and first-print bonuses in the West will be the same as what's just been announced for Japan.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 14, 2017 and early 2018 in North America and Europe.

Rez Infinite Now Available for PC, Includes VR Support,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/h/e/a/header-39033.jpg livo1/rez-infinite-now-available-for-pc-includes-vr-support Wed, 09 Aug 2017 12:10:14 -0400 StraightEdge434

Rez Infinite, one of the most critically-acclaimed and well-received games of all time, has now been released for PC. First released in 2016 for the PS4 with support for the PSVR, the title has managed to earn a number of awards, including Best VR Game of 2016, since its launch.

The game will be available for both desktop PCs and VR, including the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets. Also, to celebrate the announcement of the game's release, until August 16, players will have the opportunity to get the Digital Deluxe DLC for free when they purchase the game. 

Rez Infinite is a musical rail shooter that puts players in a cyberspace world where they battle waves of creatures and try to save a world from collapse. Adding to that, the sounds and colors of the game sync with the beat of the soundtrack(s) as players progress through the levels. Also known as Rez, it was previously released for systems like the Dreamcast, PS2, and Xbox 360 before having a hi-def release for the PS4/PSVR, and now PC.

To purchase the game and learn more about it, you can visit the Rez Infinite Steam page.

The Sims 4 Gets a Release Date for PS4 and Xbox One,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/i/m/sims-50afe.png e3ica/the-sims-4-gets-a-release-date-for-ps4-and-xbox-one Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:30:57 -0400 adelgirl

Back in 2016, it was originally announced that The Sims 4 for PS4 and Xbox One would be come out sometime in late 2016 or early 2017. But after some delay, it has been officially announced that the game will actually release later in 2017, on November 17th.

There will be two editions of the game for each system -- the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Party Edition. Both editions will come with The Sims 4 base game, and if the game is pre-ordered both editions will also come with The Sims 4  "Perfect Patio Stuff".

The Deluxe Party Edition will also come with an extra pre-order bonus that grants 3 days of early access to the game. This edition will also come with lots of extra digital content, including "Life of the Party", "Up All Night", and "Awesome Animal Hats". Each of these content packs will include items that are not available in the base game.

The Sims is now available for pre-order on both consoles for the standard price of $59.99. You can pick it up on EA's official website or through most other video game retailers. 

Will you be picking up this Sims game for your console of choice? Let us know down in the comments!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced, First Gameplay Footage Shown,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/62a131a782d34790eebd0aa8b6389d99.jpg vu96j/dragon-quest-builders-2-announced-first-gameplay-footage-shown Tue, 08 Aug 2017 08:54:40 -0400 Erroll Maas

At the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, releasing previously unseen footage of the game.

The sequel to Square Enix's 2016 sandbox game set in the Dragon Quest universe, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will have a variety of new features and mechanics, such as providing the player with more stackable, slopes, the ability to swim underwater, filling structures with water, creating waterfalls, and gliding from high areas. The game will also support cooperative multiplayer for up to four people.

The first Dragon Quest Builders released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and the Vita in Japan on January 28, 2016, and for the PlayStation 4 and Vita on October 11, 2016 in North America. The game received worldwide positive critical reception despite its lack of multiplayer features, while still being able to provide a distinct experience from similar games like Minecraft.

The release window for Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently unknown at this time and a Western release of the game is yet to be announced.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Dragon Quest Builders 2 news and information as it develops. 

Pocket Mortys Season 3 Weekly Update 3: Pickle Rick!,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/p/i/c/picklerick-df34e.jpg 2za2j/pocket-mortys-season-3-weekly-update-3-pickle-rick Mon, 07 Aug 2017 14:46:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

Rick And Morty Season 3 has been absolutely killing it -- giving fans everything they want, from the resurrected Phoenix Person to Summer throwing down in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

For those who missed the cosmically awesome memo: every single week that a new episode of the show airs, Pocket Mortys will get a brand new update with additional Ricks and Mortys to play in multiplayer and the single player campaign.

Pocket Mortys: New Ricks From Season 3

After Lawyer Morty from Season 3 weekly update #1 and Wasteland Morty from weekly update #2, this week's episode gave us something we've been waiting a long, long time for: Pickle Rick. As a bonus, it's even more fun to shout loudly at random times than Tiny Rick!

Of course the upgraded Rat Suit Rick is also now available from Salesman Rick's, as well as Sunday Best Summer ready for some serious therapy and the intergalactic assassin Jaguar.

      Yeah, this show gets weird.

Pocket Mortys: New Mortys In Weekly Update #3

Last week it seemed at first that Wasteland Morty was the only new addition. But then...BAM! Out of nowhere we got the limb-possessed Giant Arm Morty as well, leading us to believe there would be two new entries to be found in Mortopia somewhere.

As it turns out, that wasn't the case, and we vastly underestimated what was happening on the new Morty front. Instead, this week's update gives us a whopping five new Mortys!

First up is the paper type Sunday Best Morty, who is found in Mortyland and has the following possible skills available:

Hug, Provoke, Machine Wash, Wear Down, Smooch, Pout, Wedgie, and Recitation.

Next up is a proper three part Morty evolution, which has been missing from recent updates. Mortys #206 - 208 are the scissors types Cucumber Morty, Pickle Morty, and Pickled Morty.

The are all found on Plumbubo Prime 51b (in addition to being available to earn randomly at Club Rick) and feature the following skills:

Encrust, Bunch Up, Sprout, Flail, Salivate, Swing, Harden, Transplant, Regenerate (Pickle Morty and Pickled Morty), and Mind Meld (Pickled Morty).

Finally, Morty #209 is the rock type Concerto Morty, who has truly terrifying smile and is found in Mortyland and Mortopia. His possible skill lineup is as follows:

Fur Ball, Drool, Slam, Strengthen, Ouija, Wrangle, Rush, Grab, and Golden Touch. 


If you haven't caught up to the show yet (and shame on you, by the way) you can catch the latest Rick And Morty season 3 episodes via the Adult Swim website.

Let us know when you manage to snag these new Mortys, and be sure to check out our full Master Morty List to see what each Morty does and where you can find them.

ARMS Datamining Leaks Codenames for 9 New Fighters,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/m/a/x/maxbrass-3762b.jpg fu82z/arms-datamining-leaks-codenames-for-9-new-fighters Mon, 07 Aug 2017 09:43:56 -0400 Zantallion

Nintendo mentioned before ARMS' release that it would support the game with a wealth of post-launch content. But aside from the release of DLC character Max Brass, who was already in the base game as a boss, little else has been revealed on that front. A recent datamine however, shows that Nintendo intends to keep its promise.

A post on the ARMS subreddit reveals to us a list of 20 codenames, 11 of which are the finished in-game characters, with 9 being incomplete mystery characters. The codenames are as follows, broken down by which ones already exist in game and which ones haven't been introduced yet:

  • Known Character Codenames
    • Belt (Max Brass)
    • DNA (Helix)
    • Hair (Twintelle)
    • Mee (Min Min)
    • Mummy (Master Mummy)
    • Ninja (Ninjara)
    • Police (Byte and Bark)
    • Ribbon (Ribbon Girl)
    • Snake (Kid Cobra)
    • Spring (Spring Man)
    • Worker (Mechanica)
  • Unknown Character Codenames
    • Plant
    • Chain
    • Coil
    • Robo
    • Scroll
    • Sumo
    • Surprise
    • Sweet
    • Twintale

While no actual names for the characters are available, these codenames give us a lot of good hints towards what themes we can expect for characters in the future. "Plant", for example, will probably be a character with vines for arms. "Sweet" could be a licorice-armed candy fighter, and "Surprise" is likely to be based on party streamers or party blowers.

Of particular note is the "Twintale" codename. Despite having a strikingly similar name, Twintelle is stored in the "Hair" section, not the "Twintale" one, which is definitely odd considering how close the two names are. Perhaps that character would be related to Twintelle? Seeing as she's a movie star, perhaps "Twintale" could be her stunt double? Or even her director? Either way, it'd be a good chance to create a character with film reel arms.

Even if ARMS doesn't add a film reel character, we now have an idea of what to expect in the future for Nintendo's wacky stretchy fighter -- and it seems to be proof that Nintendo is going to continue supporting ARMS for the forseeable future. Including Max Brass, they'll be doubling the base game's roster via free DLC.


Have an idea for a character of your own? Think you know what one of the other codenames could mean? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, we here at GameSkinny will keep you posted on any more ARMS news, including potential future datamine info. Stay tuned!

Atlus Announces Three New Persona Spin-Off Sequels,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/p/e/r/persona-banner-1cfe6.jpg j2fmx/atlus-announces-three-new-persona-spin-off-sequels Wed, 02 Aug 2017 18:37:49 -0400 Greyson Ditzler (PurplePocketPirate)

Atlus has recently announced three new spin-off games in the Persona series, providing sequels to their successful past spin-offs -- Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

The two games with the most information currently available are both dancing games in the spirit of the odd yet engaging spin-off of Persona 4, titled Persona 4: Dancing All NightAtlus is pulling a bit of a Pokemon with the two titles, as they are releasing them both around the same time as each other -- and each will tote a different cast, setting, and style of music similar to its respective main series game.   

The games are currently titled Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night, and both games are to be developed by P Studio for the PlayStation Vita.

Then there's Persona Q2, which was also announced, and is a sequel to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth -- a sort of cross-over game between Persona 3 and Persona 4, which played similarly to the Etrian Odyssey series. 

All we have at the moment is a teaser image sporting imagery from Persona 5, and a request for us to "please wait for next information". But the promise alone has people plenty excited already. Q2 is planned for release on the Nintendo 3DS just like the original.  

Below, you can watch the teaser for Dancing Moon Night:

And here you can take a peek at Dancing Star Night:

Both of the dancing titles are planned for release in Spring of 2018 while Q2 does not yet have a release date. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information as it comes down the pipe!

Xbox and PlayStation Hint Fringe Wars Will Be Multi-Platform,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/f34bd5b1135626784c8acaab2c80fd66.jpg 2ykkk/xbox-and-playstation-hint-fringe-wars-will-be-multi-platform Wed, 02 Aug 2017 10:51:55 -0400 UltimateWarriorNot

ChinaJoy expo is to China what E3 is to the West. It's the country's annual giant gaming convention attended by all the top publishers, developers and hardware makers you would expect to see at any Western event. 

Oasis games announced a multiplayer MOBA-inspired space action combat game a few months back titled Fringe Wars. The game seeks to be "Dreadnought meets Fractured Space" and was announced for PC back in early June.

At this year's ChinaJoy, however, a peculiar thing happened. Oasis Games showcased Fringe Wars on the Unity stage -- which was expected given its being developed using the Unity engine. But what was unexpected was that both Microsoft and Sony invited Fringe Wars to present the game on their main stages as well.

No official announcement about Fringe Wars being cross-platform has been made -- and yet the game gave presentations for two of the biggest console platforms. This seemingly hints that the game, which is currently in alpha, will be coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when it launches in the Fall this year. 

Fringe Wars seeks to take Dreadnought's combat, Fractured Spaces' objective-based gameplay, and add a never-before-seen layer of progression and visual customization with a module system. This module system looks to directly change abilities, stats and the visual look of any ship class. Each ship will have several customizable modules that players will be able to switch in and out depending on their preferred playstyle. 

On top of the customization, the game boasts 5v5 multiplayer with a several different game-modes that seek to add variety and replayability to the game. The game is currently in alpha development and has stated that a closed beta on Steam will be coming over the next couple of months. 

Do you think Fringe Wars will be multi-platform? Let us know in the comments below!

BioWare Game Designer Corey Gaspur Has Passed Away,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/o/r/corey-gaspur-1024x576-aa40b.jpg wqlxq/bioware-game-designer-corey-gaspur-has-passed-away Tue, 01 Aug 2017 11:49:10 -0400 Chai Chien Liang

In a short blog post from BioWare yesterday, the company revealed that developer Corey Gaspar had passed away after working there for more than 9 years. 

Gaspar contributed to a number of BioWare titles -- including Sonic Chronicles, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect 2-3. Most recently, he worked on BioWare's newest IP, Anthem, as the Lead Designer. Before his employment at BioWare, Gaspar also worked on Turok (2008) as part of Propaganda Games.

At the end of the blog post, BioWare said:

Corey was a talented designer and an even better person. We offer our condolences to Corey’s family and everyone that knew him.

As of the time of writing, it's unknown what the cause of Gaspar's death actually was. There has been some speculation on the subject, but nothing concrete thus far. 

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Gaspar's family, and to the fans and development teams who will doubtlessly be missing his talented contributions. 


Minecraft Cross-Play Beta Launches Today (Here's How to Join It),h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/1/3/6/13638893-f520-a08af.jpg rf7r3/minecraft-cross-play-beta-launches-today-heres-how-to-join-it Tue, 01 Aug 2017 11:36:49 -0400 Nicholas Rego

The new Minecraft update that everyone has been waiting for is finally here -- well, sort of. The Minecraft Cross-Play update is now in an open beta period, but only Windows 10 and Android players can experience the beta for right now.

Released today, the Cross-Play update and marks a new era of the Minecraft franchise. In addition to a testing environment for Win10 and Android edition players to try out some cross-platform functionality, the beta will also include many of the new features that are set to be released later this year -- including new commands, blocks, mobs, and more. 

Microsoft has also stated that Xbox One players will have access to the beta very soon. The official release of Cross-Play is expected to arrive sometime in the Fall of 2017.

If you're an eligible player and want to join the beta for yourself, here's how you can do that. 

How to Join Minecraft Cross-Play Beta for Windows 10

It's easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Download Xbox Insider Hub App from Windows Store
  2. Go to Insider Content section
  3. Join the Minecraft beta
How to Join Minecraft Cross-Play Beta for Android

To join the beta on your Android device, you'll want to follow these instructions:

  1. Click the official Join Beta link from Mojang
  2. Make sure you're logged into Google Play with the same email address you used to purchase the game.
  3. Click "Become a Tester"
  4. Wait for an update from the Google Play Store
  5. Play the beta!

Before you enter the beta, you'll want to make sure that you back up your worlds so you don't lose anything between game versions. You can leave the beta at any time by using the official beta link above and clicking "Leave the Program", then uninstalling the beta-enabled version in favor of the original base version. [Source]


Will you be participating in the beta for Cross-Play in Minecraft? Let us know down in the comments! And be sure to check out our roundups of all the best Minecraft seeds for awesome worlds to visit, whether you're alone or with friends!

Pocket Mortys Season 3 Weekly Update 2: Wasteland Morty!,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/r/i/c/rickcov-a61e8.jpg 6z4t2/pocket-mortys-season-3-weekly-update-2-wasteland-morty Mon, 31 Jul 2017 14:38:00 -0400 Ty Arthur

Last week's weekly Season 3 Pocket Mortys update gave us the Pog-collecting Lawyer Morty and his thin-skinned countepart Judge Morty, along with a handful of new Ricks to take on multiversal adventures.

Now it's gotten all Fury Road up in here as Rick And Morty Season 3 Episode 2: Rickmancing The Stone finally arrived last night! It was a long wait since the first episode aired all the way back in April, but the absurd delay was well worth the end result.

As usual, Adult Swim made it as weird and inconvenient as possible to watch the episode, airing it live on a loop between panel segments on a site that would randomly decide to stop working every few minutes.

If you actually got to watch it, the beloved returning series took on Mad Max, with wasteland iterations of all your favorite characters -- and mobile spin-off Pocket Mortys has followed suit today with Season 3 weekly update #2!

For those who missed the premiere, the episode is now blessedly available in a non-live loop format and can be streamed directly (albeit with ads) over at the Adult Swim website. Apparently, it's supposed to show up on Hulu at some point, but no dice so far.

 As usual, Morty is not impressed with Rick's highjinks

New Mortys In Weekly Update #2

Only a single new Morty was released with this update, making it quite a bit sparser than early updates, but since we're getting a new version every week for eight solid weeks, some will be lighter than others.

Looking like he badly needs a blood bag infusion and that he has taken too many hits from an exhaust port, this week we get the pale, big-eyed Wasteland Morty!

He's a scissors type who can be acquired randomly through Club Rick but as of this writing doesn't seem to spawn in the wild anywhere. His potential skill lineup is as follows:

  • Outburst
  • Tate-Ochi
  • Flail
  • Belch
  • Probe
  • Mortify
  • Mind Rage
  • Spear
  • Entertain
  • Bone Extract

Although we only got a single Morty, four new avatars are now available, all in wasteland renditions of Rick, Jerry, Beth, and of course, Summer, since so much of the episode revolved around her for a change.

Pick 'em up in Salesman Ricks and bring some dystopian wasteland action to Mortopia and beyond!

 Welcome to the Wasteland and Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

Monster Hunter Stories Comes to North America in September, Gets Demo in August,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/8bc75971e6a373a453a737216fe07795.jpg fn7xu/monster-hunter-stories-comes-to-north-america-in-september-gets-demo-in-august Mon, 31 Jul 2017 13:26:40 -0400 Erroll Maas

Nintendo has announced that Monster Hunter Stories will come to North America on September 8, the same day as the European release of the game. Additionally, Nintendo also announced that a downloadable demo will be available on the Nintendo 3DS  eShop on August 10 for North America and Europe.

Monster Hunter Stories released in Japan on October 8, and it sees the player befriending monsters known as Otomon by stealing eggs from monster nests and hatching them. Players can also ride their Otomon around the overworld map and customize their Otomons' skills and abilities by conducting special ceremonies.

In Japan, the game recently received a version 1.2 update and an updated physical re-release known as Monster Hunter Stories 1.2 Renewal Edition, which included new Otomon and more character customization options. Whether the Western version of the game is the original version or the updated version is unknown at this time.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter Stories news and information as it develops.

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters to Release on September 29,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/0229953f9a16c3ca2fce2a8d40f2cd80.jpg lw6ou/yo-kai-watch-2-psychic-specters-to-release-on-september-29 Mon, 31 Jul 2017 13:23:24 -0400 Erroll Maas

Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo 3DS game, Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters, an updated version of Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls, will release in North America and Europe on September 29.

The new content for the game includes:

  • 12 new quests, including one which explores the origin of Darknyan, a Batman-inspired version of series mascot, Jibanyan, and another which explores the history of the villain of the game, Dame Dedtime.

  • Exclusive dungeons and yo-kai for players with save data from one or both previous versions Yo-Kai Watch 2.

  • New locations for players to explore.

  • An expanded version of the Yo-Kai Watch Blasters minigame with new bosses.

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters originally released in Japan on December 13, 2014, and it will be the first game in the series to release in Europe at the same time as North America.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters as it develops. 

Graceful Explosion Machine Confirmed to Release on PS4 and PC,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/3a2a3e6a4964440799438c8a8c16d86d.jpg 7r2yo/graceful-explosion-machine-confirmed-to-release-on-ps4-and-pc Thu, 27 Jul 2017 17:01:41 -0400 Will Dowell

Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM) is a colorful arcade shooter focused on intense action. Originally released on the Nintendo Switch in April, GEM will be available August 8 for PS4 and PC.

Focusing on combat, GEM uses four weapons to create chaotic explosions, which will eradicate enemies in over 30 levels throughout four different planets. In addition to the main onslaught, you can shoot for the high score in Score Attack mode. An added update to all platforms creates a new score screen that allows you to analyze your performance.

For those wanting to share their awesome performances online, GEM has a new A.I. system that will find the highlight of your run and share to world. Of course, you can still use the PS4 share options to show your more personalized moments.

Graceful Explosion Machine is currently available on the Nintendo Switch and is heading to PS4 and Steam August 8.



Middle Earth: Shadow of War Mobile Game Announced,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/o/w/sowfeaturegraphic-e58b2.jpg s5837/middle-earth-shadow-of-war-mobile-game-announced Thu, 27 Jul 2017 15:36:19 -0400 ActionJ4ck

Earlier today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mobile, a free-to-play real-time RPG that allows players to continue Talion's journey through Mordor. 

The announcement trailer for the game featured real-time, party-based combat, with several characters from the Lord of Rings franchise making an appearance, including Boromir, Gollum, and Gimli. Though details on the game's story -- if there is any -- are scarce, the presence of Talion's old friend Ratbag in the trailer implies that this game will probably not be fitting into any canon. According to a press release for the game, Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mobile will also include the Nemesis System, allowing for a more personal gameplay experience. 

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mobile is listed as "coming soon" for both iOS and Android. Players are able to pre-register for the game to receive the exclusive Ratbag and starting Orc army (iOS users) or the special fair-form Shelob character (Android users). 

For more Middle-earth: Shadow of War news, be sure to stay tuned to GameSkinny. 

Re: Legend Kickstarter Reaches Initial Goal in Under 18 Hours, Stretch Goals Revealed,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/r/l/f/rlf-b3387.png 15th9/re-legend-kickstarter-reaches-initial-goal-in-under-18-hours-stretch-goals-revealed Thu, 27 Jul 2017 12:05:40 -0400 Erroll Maas

Around 6 AM PST yesterday, monster-raising and life simulation RPG Re:Legend launched its Kickstarter campaign. And in just under 18 hours, the campaign has managed to reach its initial funding goal. Now, additional stretch goals have now been revealed for the crowdfunding project. 

10 out of 12 stretch goals have been outlined on the Kickstarter page, while the last two remain a mystery. These stretch goals include:

  • Live orchestra recording
  • A new player shop
  • Advance house customization
  • Hidden legendary Magnus
  • Full voice acting
  • Underwater biome with new Magnus, quests, and collectibles
  • New bachelors/bachelorettes
  • Switch release
  • PlayStation 4 release
  • Xbox One release

Re: Legend is only slated for release on PC via Steam at the moment. But if the stretch goals above are met, the game will release on other platforms. A Nintendo Switch version will be added at $250,000 in funding, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions coming at $280,000 and $310,000, respectively.

Re: Legend has an expected release date of June 2018.

Final Fantasy XV Releases Closed Beta Date for Multiplayer Expansion – Comrades,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/o/m/comrades-screenshot-ace19.jpg tt1sk/final-fantasy-xv-releases-closed-beta-date-for-multiplayer-expansion-comrades Wed, 26 Jul 2017 16:32:41 -0400 Tinh Nguyen (Tinhn778)

Square Enix announced that the next DLC for Final Fantasy XV will have a closed beta for the game's multiplayer feature that runs from August 2 to August 8. This beta is available for all season pass members on PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to the season pass, players must also have a membership to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live.

First thing you will do in the beta will be creating your own playable character. You can create up to 8 of these characters -- but don't worry, if you want to play as one of the four heroes from the main game, the full DLC will have those options available to you as well. 

Players will have access to new weapons, quests, and meals to share with friends or other players. The only weapons to choose from are the katana, club, dagger, and shuriken. Each weapon has a different attack pattern that vary from those in the base game.

Questing in the beta will be multiplayer-only, and completing them will reward you will ingredients and Meteorshards. Meteorshards are an in-game currency that you can't use in the beta. This currency is intended to unlock activities around the world -- and it will be usable once the DLC releases sometimes in the near future.


Final Fantasy XV already released two of its four DLCs – Episode Gladiolus in March and Episode Prompto more recently. It’s going to be interesting to see where this game stands when it's finished with all its DLC and updates.

Stay tuned for FFXV multiplayer guides as the beta rolls out starting next week!

Pocket Mortys Season 3 Weekly Update 1: Welcome Aboard Judge Morty!,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/o/v/cov1-e387c.jpg 1ak6m/pocket-mortys-season-3-weekly-update-1-welcome-aboard-judge-morty Wed, 26 Jul 2017 15:15:14 -0400 Ty Arthur

As Rick And Morty Season 3 finally arrives after long delays, Pocket Mortys is kicking into high gear -- not only with the arrival of its own comic book, but also with weekly updates offering new Mortys based on each and every episode of the season!

Since Episode 1 already aired as an April Fool's "gag" on a repeating 24-hour reel earlier this year, the first update is arriving ahead of the Rick And Morty Season 3 premiere date of July 30.

Below we've got a full run down of what you can now get once the app updates to the latest version, including new Mortys #200 and 201. Expect that Morty Deck to expand significantly over the coming 10 weeks with each new episode!

New Mortys In Weekly Update #1

We all knew it was coming: Morty #200 in the complete roster of Mortys is Lawyer Morty (sadly minus his fabled collection of pogs). A stooge that is kept around by the council of Ricks for his fun factor rather than his legal expertise, he's not the kind of guy you want representing you in a court case.

Battling rival Mortys to the death, on the other hand, is more inline with Lawyer Morty's skillset. Lawyer Morty is a paper type that can be found immediately at level 1 in the Mortyland section of multiplayer mode, as well as in other areas in upgraded versions. His available skill lineup includes:

  • Chastise
  • Recitation
  • Hornswaggle
  • Soul Search
  • Fortify

 Lawyer Morty

Two lawyer Mortys can be combined to upgrade to the more powerful (and easily riled up) Judge Morty, in addition to him being found in the wild in Pocket Mortys' multiplayer mode.

Besides upgraded stats and much higher health, Judge Morty gets extra available skills to learn above and beyond Laywer Morty's basic lineup. Available skills for Judge Morty include:

  • Cheek Pinch
  • Chastise
  • Dig
  • Outpour
  • Recitation
  • Hornswaggle
  • Soul Search
  • Strengthen
  • Erase
  • Fortify

If you haven't seen the hilarious non-episode segment that Judge Morty is taken from, buckle up and get ready for a wild, and very, very NSFW ride in the video below.

This scene isn't actually in the show, but comes from a panel appearance where the cast of Rick And Morty read a transcript of actual court case The State of Georgia v. Denver Fenton Allen (yes, everything in the clip below was said by real human beings in a real court of law).

The animation was later added in by a dedicated fan and is now considered quasi-cannon, since there are countless universes with different Ricks and Mortys in every conceivable occupation.

New Ricks In Weekly Update #1

Two new Mortys deserve at least three new Ricks to try out in multiplayer or campaign mode, and that's what we get with the Season 3 Episode 1 weekly update.

First up is the inaccurately titled Weird Rick (which seems like it describes every Rick if you ask me), who is just a normal Rick in a wind breaker, followed by the stylish sci-fi Radar Rick, and finally military leader Commander Rick.

In campaign mode, these three are available for 10 Blips And Chitz coupons. As with all the current trainer lineup, the new Ricks are mostly just for aesthetic purposes and to differentiate players. They don't actually offer any in-game changes during battle or any particular perks over the other Ricks. 

      Weird Rick

More Pocket Mortys Guides

Rick And Morty Season 3 will feature a full 10 episodes, so stay tuned for 9 more weekly updates coming with even more Morty options! In the mean time, up your game with our handy Pocket Mortys guides:

Tales of The Rays Out Now,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/h/e/a/header-a7675.png gia6s/tales-of-the-rays-out-now Wed, 26 Jul 2017 10:52:16 -0400 Kevin Ngo

The wait for Tales of the Rays to be out is over, as it now available for Android users to download and play. (But iOS users will have to wait a bit until the app gets approved before they'll have access to it.)

We knew that Tales of the Rays would be coming out sometime this summer based on the game's announcement at Anime Expo -- but now it's finally here. What kind of content can you expect from this mobile JRPG? Let's break it down.


The story of Rays has you following the adventure of Ix Nieves and Milenna Weiss -- two friends who grew up in a small town island of Odanse. Ix and Milenna are Mirrist Knights who've been given the task of saving their world, Tir Na Nog. They will have to travel to other worlds, where they'll meet friends and foes alike.

For the English version of Rays, the first five chapters have been released. The Japanese version currently has 10 chapters, with Chapter 11 on its way. So it will be a while before the English version of Rays catches up.


Events are special quests that will occur every two weeks  --and it will come with two new characters from the Tales of series. For example, the first event in Rays features Jade and Tear from Tales of the Abyss.

You'll obtain the two characters when you complete the event quests. While you play through them, you'll also obtain materials you can exchange for weapons, costumes, or mirage artes, plus materials you can use to enhance your weapons, and mirage artes. 

There's also currently a sweepstakes campaign going on Rays' official Facebook page, where you could potentially win a prize if you like their page, like a campaign post, and send their page a message of who's your favorite Tales of hero.

You can download Tales of the Rays for yourself on Google Play to start this new Tales adventure.

What are your thoughts on the game so far? Let me know in the comments below!

Kickstarter for Re: Legend Has Launched,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/r/l/k/rlk-6db56.png 9zyx4/kickstarter-for-re-legend-has-launched Wed, 26 Jul 2017 10:25:51 -0400 Erroll Maas

Re:Legend, the farming and monster raising game being developed by Magnus Games with the help of the Square Enix Collective, has officially started its Kickstarter campaign. 

The campaign seeks to gain $51,350 by August 25, and has an expected release date of June 2018. Stretch goals have not yet been detailed at this time, but all backer rewards have been revealed.

Depending on how much an individual pledges, backer rewards can include one or more digital Steam copies of the game, early beta access, exclusive HD wallpapers, digital and physical art books, a digital soundtrack, limited Magnus plushies, an exclusive weapon and armor set, a digital strategy guide, designing a weapon for the game and being credited as a weapon designer, having an NPC in the game named after the backer, creating a three evolution stage Magnus, designing a boss for the main story and receiving a 3D print of that boss, and being credited as an Executive Game Producer providing their own creative input.

Some new information about the game has also been revealed through the Kickstarter page. Character customization is a newly detailed feature in which players can choose their character's eyes, eye color, hair style, hair color,  skin color, clothes, and more.

The soundtrack, which is being composed by Shota Nakama, Falk Au Yeong, and Yoshitaka Suzuki, now has three sample tracks fans can listen to via Soundcloud.

Several pieces of concept art for various Magnus have also been revealed. The game's development team claims they are aiming for an art style that is a combination of "cute and cool," and have been spending a lot of time turning the monsters from 2D concept art into 3D assets.

Right before the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, a new fan-selected Magnus was revealed. On Twitter, an image with 11 possible Magnus for the game was shared. Fan response showed that the Duskel Deer was the most popular, so now it's guaranteed to be in the game.

Re: Legend has an expected release date of June 2018 for PC via Steam. The team also plans to release the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch -- but stretch goal details for these additional versions of the game have not yet been revealed. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates.

New Screenshots, Overview Released For Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/m/o/n/monokuma-0ffe9.jpg 0aers/new-screenshots-overview-released-for-danganronpa-v3-killing-harmony Tue, 25 Jul 2017 14:48:13 -0400 Erroll Maas

The Steam page for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, the third game in the popular Danganronpa series, has been launched and features eight new English screenshots, as well as an overview of the upcoming game.

Key features include:

  • A completely new cast of characters
  • More murder mysteries to solve, where no character's motivations are quite what they seem
  • Fast-paced trial scenes which will require lying, wit, and logic to lead to the correct conclusion
  • Brand new minigames to play between murder investigations and trials

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will be released on September 26 for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in North America, and on September 29 in Europe. The game will release worldwide on Steam on September 26 as well.

Additionally, players who want to play the other games in the series can now purchase Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair on PC via Steam for $19.99 each. Danganronpa 1+2 Reload, an enhanced collection of both games, is also available for the PlayStation 4.

The arcade action shooter spin off game, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, which takes place between the events of the first two games, is available on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam for $29.99 as well.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

First PUBG Invitational Announced,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/4f1a08e16864c66615fe222c3ebca63e.jpg lkmxl/first-pubg-invitational-announced Tue, 25 Jul 2017 14:41:40 -0400 Paige McGovern

Developer Bluehole Inc. and eSports company ESL are partnering to host PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS first LAN event at Gamescom, the leading European gaming trade fair. 

Bluehole, Inc. is inviting 80 of the top PUBG players from around the world to compete in the first Gamescom PUBG Invitational. Select attendees will be able to enter the tournament on the spot, meet the PUBG developers, and play the game's latest build. 

Over four days, players will compete in solo mode, duo mode, first-person duo mode, and squad mode. The player who earns the best score averaged from three games will be the winner. The prize pool will be set at $350,000. 

Beginning August 3, PUBG players can purchase vanity items that will contribute toward the Gamescom prize pool and benefit charities of Bluehole's choice. 

Both Bluehole and ESL have weighed in on the success of the game. ESL CEO Ralf Reichert said:

"The game's been a smash hit and its natural evolution into a competitive title has been incredibly exciting to watch. We're looking forward to working with Bluehole on this, and many more events to come."

The Gamescom PUBG Invitational will be at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, from August 23-26. 

Bluehole and ESL will broadcast the event daily at 4 p.m. CEST through PUBG's official Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Mixer, and Twitter accounts. Viewers will be able to engage with the players. 

More details will be announced in the next several weeks. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all upcoming Gamescom and PUBG-related news.

DreamHack Atlanta: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 7 Finals Recap,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/d/l/s/dls7final4-5045a.jpg 9msge/dreamhack-atlanta-dota-2-dreamleague-season-7-finals-recap Mon, 24 Jul 2017 11:25:53 -0400 Rothalack

DreamLeague Season 7 started all the way back in April and culminated Saturday at the Georgia World Congress Center with DreamHack Atlanta. Being so close to TI7, we got to see a little bit more of what these teams are worth before they go for the biggest prize pool in eSports.

Vega Squadron, not set to attend TI7, played better than anyone had expected. The past few months they haven't been looking all that strong -- and really the entire CIS region has been on the low recently. But Vega proved over the weekend there are still some strong teams and players left in the CIS region. Though they could not advance past fourth place, they didn't make it easy on their opponents.

This little gem had a lot to do with the loss. MinD_ctrl out of control:

Team Secret, who went out in third place, barely scraped by Vega after going down 1-0 before sweeping back to win the Lower Bracket best of 3. Team Secret may have been holding back slightly for this tournament, perhaps saving a few strats for TI7.

There was discussion on the panel about this, and it seemed to be a split between analysts on whether or not teams actually hold back during smaller tournaments just before TI. We can never be sure, but I bet there's at least something that Secret wants to keep up their sleeve. Everyone has a few pocket strats they are sitting on just for the right match.

Epic Finals: Team ODD vs. Team Liquid

This Finals Best of 5 match was everything you'd ever want from a grand finals. It ran for all 5 games, and none of them were a bore. Planet Odd came out really strong, starting the set with 2 wins. This backed Liquid into a corner where they needed to win the next 3 games straight to win the series.

Of course, Liquid being Liquid, they did it. It was a struggle but they pulled it off. Liquid got their 3 game streak started with a Huskar pick.

The Face of a Man Who Just Got Huskar'dThe face of a man who just got Huskar'd. Courtesy of /u/guysimreallybad.


And then Liquid did it again with a Miracle- Anti-Mage. A 1k GPM Anti-Mage.

In Game 5, Planet Odd tried to fight back with an Anti-Mage of their own once again, but it did not have the same impact as a Miracle- Anti-Mage. They also went in with the classic W33 Ranger, which did not have the impact needed to win them the final game.

To give you an idea of just how intense this grand finals was, I give you ODPixel going ham:

This clip guarantees two things -- that W33 is one of the very best mids in the world, and that ODPixel is one of the best casters in Dota, if not one of the best casters of any game.

For the upcoming TI7, DreamLeague Season 7 has shown us that Team Liquid is going in very strong. Team Secret is not weak by any stretch, but maybe not quite on par with Liquid.

To brighten everyone's day, Waka Flocka Flame came by to chat during the finals day panels. He gave us a great reminder of just how nerdy we are in the Dota scene, which I really enjoyed.

And last but not least, the best moment of the entire tournament, Reso is best carry!

Capcom Takes The Stage at the San Diego Comic Con,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/ec33242ebe607b97114d27d516a3e151.jpg djeud/capcom-takes-the-stage-at-the-san-diego-comic-con Mon, 24 Jul 2017 11:18:54 -0400 CaralineNelson

Today, Capcom released a trailer that introduces four new characters for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite -- including Spider-Man, Nemesis, Haggar, and Frank West. But this is the second set of newly announced characters, following Jedah's announcement on Sunday. This puts us at 14 Marvel heroes and 15 Capcom heroes on the roster.

The Marvel heroes currently are:

  • Captain America
  • Doctor Strange
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Panther
  • Hulk
  • Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers)
  • Gamora
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Iron Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor 
  • Nova (aka Richard Rider)
  • Thanos
  • Ultron

We’ve also seen Groot appear in a trailer, but there is no confirmation yet on whether or not he’ll be playable.

Earlier Marvel vs. Capcom games focused on the X-Men. But now X-Men doesn’t have any representation. Cable, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Juggernaut, Magneto, Marrow, Omega Red, Phoenix, Psylocke, Rogue, Sabretooth, Sentinel, Spiral, Storm, Wolverine, and X-23 are not in the lineup.

Now the team seems more focused on members of the Avengers. Additionally, Hulk is around, but She-Hulk doesn’t seem to be getting any love. And MODOK has not been announced as a character, but he does appear as part of one of the maps in the trailer above.

The Capcom heroes currently are: 

  • Arthur
  • Chris Redfield
  • Nemesis T-Type 
  • Chun-Li
  • Ryu 
  • Dante
  • Frank West
  • Jedah Dohma
  • Morrigan Aensland
  • Mega Man X
  • Sigma
  • Zero
  • Mike Haggar 
  • Nathan Spencer
  • Strider Hiryu

Of course, there isn’t room for everyone.

On the Capcom side, it’s a shame that the flaming white wolf Amaterasu from Okami might disappear from the scene. And while Chris Redfield and Nemesis T-Type stay from Resident Evil, \Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine might be packing their bags. Arthur could be taking the place of Firebrand from Ghosts ‘n Goblins. And while Chin-Li and Ryu remain from Street Fighter, it appears that Akuma and Crimson Viper might be going home. Darkstalkers has Jedah Dohma and Morrigan Aensland, but the cat-girl Felicia and Hsien-Ko have not been confirmed. Trish and Vergil have been left out, but Dante from Devil May Cry remains. Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney is also nowhere to be seen.

This is the sixth Marvel v.s. Capcom title, but the new game focuses on two-on-two fights as opposed to the previous three-on-three setup. And they’ve added in Infinity Stones for a new gameplay mechanic. Additionally, this game will be the first of the series to include a cinematic story mode where the heroes and villains of the Marvel and Capcom universes must work together to take out Ultron Sigma.

Those who pre-order teh game will get the Warrior Thor and Evil Ryu costumes. The Deluxe Edition includes the 2017 Character Pass. Which includes six additional characters including Sigma and Black Panther.

Additionally, those who get the game for PS4 will also get the exclusive Major Carol Danvers costume. The Exclusive Edition comes with figures of Iron Man, Chun-Li, Captain Marvel, and Mega Man X as well as six Infinity Stone replicas.  

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 19 in North America and Europe. Japanese fans will have to wait until September 21 for the title. 
Are you excited for the two-on-two matches? Do you feel like the Infinity Stones are too gimmicky? What characters could you do without on the roster and who would you like added? Share in the comments below! 

Error 2811-7503 Caused By Extreme Traffic While Players Try to Buy Splatoon 2,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/p/l/splatoon2hl-8d691.jpg zqxeh/error-2811-7503-caused-by-extreme-traffic-while-players-try-to-buy-splatoon-2 Mon, 24 Jul 2017 10:41:45 -0400 eleccross

Thursday night, at midnight, Switch owners flocked to the eShop in order to buy Splatoon 2 as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this was too much for Nintendo's serves to handle, and most fans were unable to access the eShop for a while after the midnight release.

When players were kicked from the eShop, they were given the error code 2811-7503, which according to Nintendo official support means you're unable to access online features due to failure to connect to the service.

This is not exactly something players can fix, as it's a server side issue.

Many players were met with an issue where their credit/debit account got a pending transaction, but Splatoon 2 remained unpurchased by their account as they were kicked before confirming the purchase. This is because Nintendo preemptively charges you with a pending transaction after you confirm your card information, before you confirm the purchase. However, it will not actually charge you unless the purchase is completed -- and according to Nintendo's support site, the pending transaction should go away within the next 1-3 days.

It's understandable that it would be taking a long time purge all the pending transactions, considering just how many people tried and failed to buy Splatoon 2 last night. If after three days the pending transaction is still there I would recommend calling Nintendo's support line (1 (800) 255-3700).

As for error 2811-7503, there doesn't seem to be a problem with accessing the eShop or any network features anymore, so we can assume it's all fixed on Nintendo's end. So if you're looking to buy Splatoon 2, you're all clear.

Diablo III’s Season of the Necromancer,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/b68bca8cd6637eba2de2a374f1952a5c.jpg uaonw/diablo-iiis-season-of-the-necromancer Sun, 23 Jul 2017 21:51:08 -0400 CaralineNelson

Every "season", Diablo III players are given the chance at a fresh start. They can level up a new hero in either Normal or Hardcore mode. Season 11 kicked off Thursday and it's the season of the Necromancer. For those who participated in Season 10, all your gold and blood shards have been transferred to your non-seasonal characters. Paragon is also transferred but not as a raw score. All unequipped items are transferred by in-game mail and needed to be claimed within thirty days of your next login. And artisan progress and recipes are transferred as well.

Meet the Necromancer. 

Since the release of Rise of the Necromancer content on June 27, many have had the opportunity to try out the new ranged class. They’ve also had the time to learn how to control their army, use a scythe, and make the most of the corpses. But for those who haven’t now's the perfect time to give the class a try. The purchasable content currently costs $14.99.

What else do players have to look forward to this season?

Pet collectors will be excited to meet the new Emerald Dragon! There's also the opportunity to get an exclusive transmogrification set by reaching level seventy (just like last season). Additionally, players will have the chance to unlock an additional Stash tab by completing a series of tasks at the Conqueror Tier. All progression will be tracked on the leaderboard.

Complete Chapters 2, 3, and 4 and get Haedrig’s Gifts.

The Barbarians will get the Wrath of the Wastes. The Crusaders will get Roland’s Legacy. The Demon Hunters will get Unhallowed Essence. The Monks will get the Raiment of a Thousand Storms. The Necromancers will get the Bones of Rathma. The Witch Doctors will get the Helltooth Harness. And the Wizards will get Tal Rasha’s Elements.

What else has Blizzard done?

The D3 developer also created a tie-in comic called The Chosen, showing the journey of a young recruited necromancer. Additionally, the team wrote an article called Deadly Roots: The Lore of the Necromancer, which further explains things like the life of Rathma and Mendeln the apprentice.


Are you excited for Season 11? Let me know down in the comments! And  if you're going to be playing as a Necromancer, be sure to check out our guides for Necromancer builds and Necromancer power-leveling in Diablo III.


New Characters, Online Modes, and Accessories Detailed for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/o/n/l/online-48560.jpg z20py/new-characters-online-modes-and-accessories-detailed-for-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth-hackers-memory Sun, 23 Jul 2017 21:08:24 -0400 Erroll Maas

Bandai Namco has released more information about the upcoming RPG sequel, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory. The information reveals both a returning character, as well as a new one, and more details for several online battle modes and accessories.



Jimiken is a returning character from Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. He was unsatisfied with the management of the largest hacker group, known as "Zaxon," and decided to create his own hacker group called "Demons."



K is a new character and a mysterious hacker. He desires to chase after the criminal who has been after the player's account.

Online Battle Modes

Ranked Battles  will have predetermined rules and rating points, while Event Battles -- which has special rules that change every two weeks -- will not affect the player's score, but will reward them with items.

In Free Rule Battles, players will be able to create their own room and invite up to eight friends. This is an improvement change over the previous game, where online battles were completely randomized and there was no proper way to battle against friends.


Players will earn coins from ranked and event battle modes which can then be used to purchase accessories for the player's Digimon or to change the appearance of their online avatar. Avatars are only cosmetic changes and it is currently unknown if Digimon accessories affect their stats.

New Digimon

In a few of the new screenshots, new Digimon who did not appear in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, were shown. More details below.


Armageddemon is a Mega level Unidentified type Digimon and the alternate form of Diaboromon. Armageddon appeared in the Revenge of Diaboromon movie. It's signature attacks are Full Scale Attack and Destiny Destroyer. This is its first appearance in a Digimon console game since Digimon World Dawn and Dusk.


Groundramon is an Ultimate level Earth Dragon type Digimon and the digivolved form of Coredramon (Green). It's signature attacks are Scrapless Claw, Megaton Hammer Crush, and Giga Crack. It has only appeared previously in Digimon World Championship.


Phantomon is an Ultimate level Ghost type Digimon. Phantomon is most notable for appearing as a minion of Myotismon in Digimon Adventure. Its signature attacks are Shadow Scythe, Words of Death, and Diabolic Star. It has not appeared in a Digimon console game since Digimon World Championship for the Nintendo DS.


PileVolcamon is a Mega level Android type Digimon. It's signature attacks are Volcanic Driver and Diamond fist. This marks it's first appearance in a Digimon console game.


SkullSatamon is an Ultimate level undead type Digimon. SkullSatamon has been a villain in the Digimon Adventure, Digimon Frontier, and Digimon Fusion anime series. Its signature attacks are Nail Bone and Skull Hammer. It has not appeared in a Digimon console game since Digimon World 3 on the original PlayStation.


Wingdramon is an Ultimate level Sky Dragon type Digimon and the digivolved form of Coredramon (Blue). It's signature attacks are Blaze Sonic Breath, Exploding Sonic Lance, and Wing Blast. It has only appeared previously in Digimon World Championship.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory will release for the PlayStation 4 and Vita later this year in Japan and in 2018 for the U.S. and Europe.

MMO-Inspired Age of Heroes VR Launches on Steam Early Access,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/1f35d971a9e90ef82561b2739d3dfe76.jpg hy795/mmo-inspired-age-of-heroes-vr-launches-on-steam-early-access Fri, 21 Jul 2017 16:17:27 -0400 UltimateWarriorNot

Grab your Vive or Rift controllers, because it’s time to play the new MMO-inspired Age of Heroes VRIt just launched on Steam Early Access for those who have VR rigs and are looking for an active MMO experience.

This title from Omnigames has players using their controllers (and entire body) to fight monsters through a wave-based system. The game promises players fours classes (Warlock, Wizard, Priest, and Ranger) and three different levels. It will also include features such as:

  • Multiple character classes
  • Character loot and progression
  • Raids with multiple boss fights, with each boss fight having different stages and mechanics to overcome
  • All heroes have full body avatars. Avatars will even respond when other players interact with you.
  • Single player and multiplayer modes with multiplayer allowing up to five players
  • Built-in voice chat

Body movement plays a heavy part in the game, letting you cast spells and dodge enemy attacks. According to Omnigames:

"In Age of Heroes, you need actually move your body like squatting or quickly side-stepping to avoid attacks and boss abilities. If you're worried about room size or other problems, you can set different game configurations to finish all these movements in a slight body reaction. It will be fun and feel real!"

Cooperative gameplay is stressed as well, thanks to its MMO-esque style. Players are encouraged to play the game in multiplayer, working together to fight monsters in locations such as the Hall of Death, Freezing Stronghold, and Fort of Horror. Players will also receive loot on successful raids, letting their avatars get stronger.

Omnigames promises more updates in the future after release, including new classes. The next class after launch will be the Warrior, which will give players strong defenses.

Age of Heroes was inspired by the raid mechanics of MMORPGs. So the team wanted to create a similar experience in VR. According to Omnigames:

“With Age of Heroes, we integrated the traditional role-playing features and first person boss battles into the VR genre to create an immersive and refreshing game experience.”

The title had a Kickstarter campaign to improve the game, but it only received $492 of its $10,000 goal and was promptly cancelled.

Age of Heroes VR will cost $29.99 when it releases on Steam, and will only be playable with VR equipment such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Will you be getting Age of Heroes VR? Let us know in the comments!

Elder Scrolls Online PvP Event: Midyear Mayhem,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/e/s/o/eso-pvp-0d992.jpg 9858j/elder-scrolls-online-pvp-event-midyear-mayhem Fri, 21 Jul 2017 09:38:22 -0400 LuckyJorael

The Elder Scrolls: Online has started the Midyear Mayhem PvP Event, which promises increased rewards and Alliance Points gained, as well as a special collectible and event-specific loot boxes.

The event is to "celebrate the legendary hero Pelinal Whitestrake and his victory at the Bridge of Heldon" -- and Zenimax is encouraging players to take part in the festivities by, naturally, killing each other.

To take part in the event, you need to do the following:

1. Find a ticket in the in-game Crown Store ("Details on the Midyear Mayhem") and activate it.

2. Find the quest giver "Predicant Maera" and complete the quest "Midyear Mayhem."

The quest rewards you with a Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity and a Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box. Using the scroll will give you a two-hour 100% boost to earned Alliance Points -- as long as the points are earned in the Alliance War, Imperial City, or Battlegrounds. As a bonus, the Scroll stays in your inventory, so you can re-use it for the duration of the event!

Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box gives you Tel Var Stones, which, if you have the Imperial City DLC, you can exchange for armor sets, lockboxes, crafting materials, or filled Grand Soul Gems. The Boon Boxes also have the chance to award the following items:

  • Alchemy reagents
  • PvP consumables (repair kits, forward camps, siege weapons)
  • Motif pages for your Alliance
  • Style items for your Alliance
  • Akaviri-style items
  • Coldharbour siege weapons
  • Prismatic Runestones
  • Books of Pelinal housing items

You'll also earn more of the Boon Boxes as you play in PvP game modes, in addition to the normal rewards for playing PvP.

The event also introduces seven new achievements to earn. Complete them all, and you'll unlock an eighth achievement that rewards you with the Midyear Victor's Laurel Wreath, a special cosmetic hat that makes you look like a Roman emperor.

Additionally, during the weekends in the event (the July 22-23 and July 29-30), a special merchant will appear at the Western Elsweyr Gate, the Northern High Rock Gate, and the Southern Morrowind Gate. The merchant, Adhazabi Aba-daro ("The Golden"), sells Legendary-quality jewelry usually reserved for Alliance War rewards.

On the first weekend, The Golden will sell necklaces; on the second weekend, he will sell rings. Both must be purchased with Alliance Points, as opposed to gold.

For the collectors out there, the Crown Store will be selling the Midyear Mayhem Crowns bundle from June 27-31. The bundle contains three crowns: the Circlet, the Coronet, and the Diadem -- all of which are tied to the Midyear Mayhem event.

The Elder Scrolls: Online Midyear Mayhem PvP Event starts on July 20 at 10 AM EDT and will run until July 31 at 10 AM PDT.

Art of Conquest Sees Very Successful Post-Launch Month,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/da0c791c8244e75e494a3a16bfc98241.jpg 5tlul/art-of-conquest-sees-very-successful-post-launch-month Thu, 20 Jul 2017 16:54:23 -0400 UltimateWarriorNot

Art of Conquest had a successful launch, with over 1 million downloads of the game in its first month. To celebrate the milestone, Lillith Games released an infographic detailing the stats of what players were doing in this first month.

According to the infographic, there were:

  • 67,981,722 battles
  • 51,125 guilds
  • 52,540,066,094 gold collected
  • 2,104,906 slain bosses
  • 73,377 conquered cities
  • 256,308,486 looted items
  • 130,180,246 killed troops
  • 12,819,141 potions used

With that much happening in a month, it’s clear that the mobile title isn’t going away soon.

While the company gave such positive news about the game’s success, Lilith Games has also discussed concerns with the game in the most recent dev diary called “The Lost Leader”. Recently, the dev team has dealt with player complaints concerning House Leaders that go inactive. Players of Art of Conquest have dealt with Leaders who never return to the game, leaving players unable to find a new leader or remove the old one.

One solution is the Elder: a role selected by the leader who has the same abilities as a leader when they are inactive. However, Elders are unable to select new Elders and a House will be leaderless if they are also inactive. However, Lilith Games is working on a solution to this problem.

Lord D., producer and designer for Art of Conquest, said:

“Players have asked for a possibility to ban/kick/replace Lost Leaders and of course we are going to do something about this. Although the system is not quite ready for launch yet, we want to let you know that we are very much aware of this issue and that we have been thinking of ways to solve it.” 

Art of Conquest is a game with many genres -- mixing strategy, MMOs, and town management into one game. The title lets you choose from separate races, work together with friends to conquer towns of other players, amass an army, loot from enemy caravans, and fight many types of bosses.  

It's currently available to download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

Need some help getting started with the game? Check out our Art of Conquest guides for extra tips!

Legendary Pokemon To Debut At Pokemon Go Fest,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/011c8ca4969cb0f1ea26eb5f1be00568.jpg aik8a/legendary-pokemon-to-debut-at-pokemon-go-fest Thu, 20 Jul 2017 15:15:55 -0400 glados131

Since the Pokemon Go's release over a year ago, one question has been burning through players' minds: When will Legendary Pokemon be added to the game?

Well, now that the game's one-year anniversary has rolled around, Niantic is finally answering that question through their worldwide event this Saturday, called Pokemon Go Fest.

Niantic announced via a blog post that the "mystery challenge" they previously hinted at was indeed about Legendary Pokemon. Below is a greakdown of how everything is going to work:

  • In Phase 1, players worldwide will catch as many Pokemon as possible in the three challenge windows:
    • 11 AM-11:30 AM CDT
    • 12 PM-12:30 PM CDT
    • 3 PM-3:30 PM CDT
  • If enough Pokemon are caught during Phase 1, Phase 2 will take place from 6 PM to 7 PM in Grant Park, Chicago, as Trainers there will battle the first-ever Legendary Pokemon, raid battle style.
  • If they defeat the Legendary, Phase 3 will begin worldwide -- simply, Legendaries will start appearing as raid battles.

Legendary raids will be distinguished by appearing beforehand as "legendary eggs", presumably with the design shown in the trailer -- a blue egg with a white swirl. These Pokemon will be so powerful that you won't be able to deposit them in gyms at all (but they'll probably be incredible for clearing them).

Niantic didn't specify which Pokemon would be debuting, but the trailer showed off the full set of birds -- Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, and even Ho-Oh. The end of the trailer also had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Mewtwo, so make of that what you will.

Think this is a great way to celebrate Pokemon Go's one-year anniversary? Which Legendary Pokemon are you most excited to get your hands on? Let me know down in the comments!

Celestial Storm: What to Expect from the RIFT 4.2 Update,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/k/e/y/key-art-3ecfb.jpg 4qra3/celestial-storm-what-to-expect-from-the-rift-42-update Thu, 20 Jul 2017 13:00:01 -0400 Paige McGovern

It's been five months since RIFT's 4.1 update. And after a one-day delay, the 4.2 Celestial Storm update goes live today.  

The most recent expansion, Prophecy of Ahnket, went live last fall. It featured five new overland zones, the Tartaric Depths raid, and access to levels 66 through 70 with legendary abilities. In late June, the expansion became permanently free for all players. All you have to do is log in to claim it now. 

Since this expansion is free, the Celestial Storm update is free as well -- meaning anyone can jump right into the new content. 

We spoke to the RIFT team in an exclusive demo presentation of the new update. Check out what you can expect as soon as you log into RIFT today. 

4.2 Update: Celestial Storm Highlights

Continuing with the level cap set by Prophecy of Ahnket, Celestial Storm's new content centers around level 70. It features primarily solo content, with some group content. It includes:

  • New overland zone, Vostigar Peaks, with new creatures and areas
    • Tenon Fortress
    • Maze of Steel
  • Loads of new storylines and quests
  • Three new raid rifts
    • The Iron Legion
    • Decay of Ahnket
    • Egg of Destruction
  • New puzzle
  • New instant adventure
  • Tartaric Depths normal mode
  • Four new Primalist Souls
  • Class balance changes
  • New mounts and other items
  • New artifacts and achievements

Notable Mentions

The team pointed out some important new content that's coming with the 4.2 update.

New Primalist Souls

The four new souls are completely free for anyone who owns Primalist Calling. If these aren't unlocked for you yet, you'll have your chance.

Players can pick up the Ascended Essentials Pack to unlock all souls. The RIFT team is also bringing the Wilds Pack back to the store, for the first time since 2015. Players who get this pack will receive old and new souls, minions, pets, and many more rewards. For about a month, this pack will be discounted at $20. 

The four new souls included in the update are as follows: 

  • Mystic: Support
  • Farseer: AoE healer
  • Predator: Burst damage dealer
  • Primal Lord: Single target DPS
Complex Enemies

In the new high-level zone, many mobs have several interesting combat mechanics. As the devs put it, they are not simply "a huge sack of hit points." They have varied attacks for the players to maneuver around, and require skill to successfully defeat. 

Summerfest is Back

Summerfest returns to RIFT on Friday, July 21. According to the devs, this world event is one of their favorites. This year, there are a lot of new rewards which players can pick up with in-game currency.

One of these rewards, the Carriage Liberty, is designed after a new mount by a similar name -- the Spectral Carriage (pictured below). This reward has the same architectural style as the mount.

In addition, there will be new backpacks and cosmetic items such as cosmetic weapons and new effects. Players will have greater control over their looks to make their characters stand out from the crowd.

New Mounts

New unique and beautiful mounts are coming to RIFT, including the Jetpack and Spectral Carriage. You can find the Spectral Carriage in the new lockbox. 

Spectral Carriage

The Jetpack's special abilities can make a player burst forward or shoot up into the air. It can even damage enemies. As long as you have the Jetpack mount, you'll be able to reach hard-to-get places. You can build it now through a special questline.

Class Balance Changes

Balancing is a "continuing effort" for the RIFT team. They always have to work on balancing, but also make sure each soul is fun to play as well. Warlords, Mages, Firestorms, and Clerics have all received improvements in 4.2. Rogues have been left untouched. 

The Future for RIFT

After talking about the latest update, we spoke to the team about what's in store for this MMO.

Player-Dev Relations

The devs and the new full-time community manager continue to be active on the forums. With a dedicated RIFT CM, the developers are hoping they can run more events and have more interactions with the player base in the future. This includes bringing back PTS events, where players can test out new content with the devs.

The new CM -- Jennifer "Yaviey" Bridges -- said that she has started to look at forum threads, looking at current issues, and trying to figure out how they can best be resolved to make players happy. 


The focus is on PvE right now. That being said, the devs still want to support PvP. They've received a lot of feedback from players wanting Conquest back, which was a game mode that consisted of open world, instanced PvP. While there are no plans for its return at this time, they are looking at ways to make it more friendly to solo players.

They also explained there may be new warfront and gear developments in the works... But for now, they're keeping their lips sealed, and couldn't announce anything more.


There are a lot of new rewards in this expansion, some of which are reliant on RNG for drops. The devs explained they don't want the game to be too heavy in RNG, but it's still always been a part of the experience. So they try to spread out items and rewards to make players happy. 

Fortunately, for players who aren't very lucky, everyone can earn new lockbox prize tickets in Celestial Storm. These tickets can be used to purchase items in a new store, including older lockbox mounts and cosmetic items. 

To get started with RIFT 4.2, take a look at the Ghar Station 4.2 Quickstart Guide.

Celestial Storm goes live today, July 20. Comment below to let us know what you're most looking forward to! 

See you in game!

Mad Otter Games Rebuke Jagex Over Runescape Mobile Claims,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/r/u/n/runescape-99669.jpg j8go5/mad-otter-games-rebuke-jagex-over-runescape-mobile-claims Wed, 19 Jul 2017 17:00:18 -0400 UltimateWarriorNot

If you have any interest in the MMO market, you've probably heard Jagex’s plans to bring its MMORPG, RuneScape, to mobile platforms. But the claims that the developer is making about the game has raised some eyebrows and led one company to publicly dispute the claims. 

Phil Mansell, COO of Jagex, wrote in a press release:

“The RuneScape titles will become the first mainstream and established Western MMORPGs on mobile in full, and the first to deliver interoperable play between PC and mobile platforms.”

But there seems to be a problem with this terminology, mostly with its lack of specifics. Terms like “Western” or “mainstream” are easier to confirm, but what makes something established? Existing for a year? Two years?

The only reason this really matters is because there has been another established Western MMORPG that made the jump to mobile before RuneScape -- a game from Mad Otter called Villagers and Heroes. And as such, the developer has come forward to contest some of the claims Jagex is putting forward.

Villagers and Heroes launched in 2011, then later introduced its players to interoperable mobile play in October 25, 2016. So technically, this was the first instance of interoperable play for a mobile MMO on the current market -- and it came a full nine months before Jagex dropped this announcement for RuneScape.

Villagers and Heroes claims to be "the largest and most immersive Western MMORPG" available on mobile. It allows players to craft, fight, and quest in a massively multiplayer environment from their Android devices. It will soon be launching its next expansion, Starfall

So far, there has been no response from Jagex about the veracity of its original claims. Stay tuned for more information!

What do you think? Is RuneScape really the first established Western MMORPG to deliver cross-platform play, or has Villagers and Heroes beat it to the punch? Let me know down in the comments!

Destiny 2 Beta Start Dates and Times,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/8ba00ddc14320fa0bf46e2e00f72bc2e.jpg fiqqe/destiny-2-beta-start-dates-and-times Wed, 19 Jul 2017 16:42:45 -0400 Valoryan

The Destiny 2 beta is just around the corner. Continuing from the previous game, which was a hit with console FPS players, Destiny 2 will come with new weapons, new adventures, and a new player base -- PC Gamers. 

Destiny 2's beta will start on PlayStation 4 on July 18 at 10:00 AM PST. It will then be released on Xbox One a day later on July 19, also at 10:00 AM PST. The beta will then open up to all console players on July 21.

As for PC gamers, it's going to be a little while longer. The PC beta times have not been announced, but it's expected to start in late August.

Console players can start preloading their game now, but PC players will have to hold on tight and wait for the game to come out through Blizzard's launcher service (and link their and Bungie accounts) in order to participate in the beta.

The file size will be between 13 GB and 15 GB on both platforms.

Destiny 2 will feature a lot of gameplay changes that will encourage teamwork, and promises tons of new stuff for players to explore and master throughout the game. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information on the beta and other Destiny 2 guides.

Hollow Knight Hidden Dreams DLC Releases August 3,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/l/i/g/lightbringer-30af8.png gote3/hollow-knight-hidden-dreams-dlc-releases-august-3 Wed, 19 Jul 2017 14:01:13 -0400 Erroll Maas

Team Cherry, the developers behind the popular 2D adventure game Hollow Knight have announced that the first DLC content for the game, "Hidden Dreams", will go out to all players on August 3. Team Cherry says that this release date is a little later than originally expected and that the content still needs some testing and fine tuning before release. On top of that, Italian and Japanese language support has also been announced, in addition to some "unannounced surprises" which have not yet been revealed.

The blog post also highlights two of the game's most popular mods, Lightbringer and Glass Soul. Lightbringer gives players new weapons, while Glass Soul gives players only one health point to complete the game.

There were no updates on the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the game, but the team will be showing off Hollow Knight and participating in a few panels at AVCon in Adelaide, Australia this weekend, so stay tuned for more updates.

Hollow Knight is currently available for PC and Mac through Steam. A Nintendo Switch version has been in development for some time and is planned to release later this year.

Telltale Games Drops Triple Game Announcement,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/e89015247f97b969c803c96892426f1e.jpg ua85g/telltale-games-drops-triple-game-announcement Wed, 19 Jul 2017 11:48:46 -0400 LuckyJorael

In a triple-announcement trailer, Telltale Games has announced the return of three beloved narrative video games: Batman: The Telltale Series, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series, and The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Series

Batman: The Enemy Within

The second season of Batman: The Telltale Series is a five-part episodic game, which continues the story of the Dark Knight. In this season, The Riddler has returned to Gotham City, along with a ruthless federal agent and the Joker. According to Telltale games:

"Batman must navigate uneasy alliances while Bruce Wayne undertakes a perilous series of deceptions. Which of Batman's new allies will you choose to trust? And how deep into the darkness will you let Bruce descend?"

Batman: The Enemy Within will be available for download starting August 8, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac, with availability for iOS and Android coming later this year.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - The Final Chapter

The last chapter to The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series is officially in development, set to premiere next year. This last chapter is focused on Clementine, and players will take control of her actions and decisions. According to Melissa Hutchinson, Clementine's voice-actress:

"It's going to be an amazing experience. Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart. It's been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and so much love has been behind this whole experience. Good luck, I'll be right there with you."

The Walking Dead: The Final Season (working title) will debut in 2018 on consoles, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The Wolf Among Us

Finally acquiescing to "overwhelming popular demand," Telltale Games announced that The Wolf Among Us is returning with a second season, set to debut in the second half of 2018. The new season begins a "fresh story arc for its returning cast of characters, featuring the return of Adam Harrington as Bigby Wolf and Erin Yvette as Snow White."

The Wolf Among Us will be a standalone game available for download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android in 2018.

Free Demo of The Surge released on Xbox One, PS4 & PC,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/570d02ca1bf54ebd428285c315dc89c0.jpg cul9l/free-demo-of-the-surge-released-on-xbox-one-ps4-pc Wed, 19 Jul 2017 11:15:56 -0400 daisy_blonde

A demo of post-apocalyptic action RPG The Surge is available to download today for PS4, Xbox and PC via Steam. In the demo, you play as Warren, using an enhanced mech exoskeleton to get around in a sprawling complex where rogue machines and basically everything is out to kill you. You are employed by mega corporation CREO, which is hit by a disaster in the first few hours of the game.

In this universe, the world is controlled by mega corporations like CREO rather than governments, as humans are faced with an ageing population and environmental disasters -- becoming redundant in the face of ever sophisticated technology…

The game was highly acclaimed when it came out in May, but was perhaps overshadowed by the saturation of great titles around that time, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn. The demo includes all the enhanced features for PS4 Pro users -- and if you choose to continue the adventure in the main game, your actions carry over.

Check out the demo reaction trailer with some famous YouTubers above. You can also check the official Surge website for more information and to get a copy of the full game.

Miiverse Seems to be Coming to a Close Soon,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/l/a/r/large-14eac.jpg hoxhg/miiverse-seems-to-be-coming-to-a-close-soon Wed, 19 Jul 2017 09:42:32 -0400 Zantallion

With the Switch being as big of a hit as it is, you wouldn't expect Nintendo to pay as much attention to its less successful predecessor. But, true to form, Nintendo surprised everyone by releasing an update for the Wii U -- bringing the system to version 5.5.2.

While Nintendo themselves claim that the update is simply for "stability purposes", under the hood there appears to be a more meaningful reason for the update -- the end of Miiverse.

This may well be a thing of the past soon.

Dataminers digging through the update have found a few interesting things pointing to Nintendo's intentions with this patch. First of all, the new update blocks the most popular method with which users could hack their Wii U. Modders are hard at work trying to find a workaround -- but for now, hackers are just not updating at all.  

Most importantly, though, the 5.5.2 Wii U update includes the following text:

"The Miiverse service has ended. Miiverse and any software features that make use of Miiverse are now unavailable." 

Your days are numbered, Miiverse drawing of Yoshi.

If this turns out to be legitimate, it's a turnaround for Nintendo,\ -- who, back when Miiverse was new, claimed that they wanted Miiverse to become a social media giant not unlike Facebook or Twitter. Years later, with Miiverse not coming to the much more successful Switch and this new message dataminers have uncovered, it seems Nintendo is abandoning that dream.

Could Nintendo try something similar to Miiverse on the Switch? Or is the Miiverse dream truly dead? We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, keep posted to Gameskinny for more news on Nintendo updates and the future of Miiverse.

The Nintendo Switch App is Now Available for Mobile Devices,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/w/i/switchapp-13a60.jpg 8eo4y/the-nintendo-switch-app-is-now-available-for-mobile-devices Wed, 19 Jul 2017 09:32:02 -0400 Zantallion

Excited for the upcoming release of Splatoon 2? Planning on playing it with a bunch of your friends? Then you'll need to download the Switch App for your mobile device to get ready for that. The app has just become available on the App Store and Google Play, so you can download it to prepare for Splatoon 2's July 21st release.

Splatoon 2 is the first game that will be compatible with the app, and the features it has give us an idea of the kind of things it'll be used for in the future. Via the Switch App, Splatoon 2 players can use Splatnet 2 -- which gives them access to a number of functions for the game.

Working in tandem with your Switch via your MyNintendo account, you can chat with your friends via text and voice, send friend requests, and organize online gaming groups. It seems like an intuitive service, and is a helpful way to keep friends updated on what you're playing.

Unfortunately, the service itself isn't available just yet, as it's currently undergoing maintenance. We believe it'll be up in time for Splatoon 2's release, but there's no indication just yet as to when those services will be live.

Make sure to keep an eye on Gameskinny, as we'll update you on any further developments regarding the Nintendo Switch app. To download the app on your device, visit the Apple Store or Google Play.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Update Launches This Week,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/l/o/r/lorddrakkon-8a0d9.png qfy4g/power-rangers-legacy-wars-update-launches-this-week Tue, 18 Jul 2017 14:28:26 -0400 Paige McGovern

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is the mobile fighting game adaptation of the Power Rangers television show and feature film. This week, a new update for the game is hitting the Apple and Google Play stores.

Developer nWay and comic book publisher BOOM! Studios have partnered to introduce two new characters to the game alongside other updates and additions. The characters -- Lord Drakkon and Black Dragon -- are from alternate universes in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, and this is their first video game appearance. 

As Tommy Oliver's evil counterpart, Lord Drakkon rules Earth as a dystopia, while Black Dragon is a Zord set on destroying Tommy Oliver. Both studios are excited about introducing these villains to players of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Filip Sablik, BOOM! president of Publishing and Marketing said:

"As an avid player of this amazing game, I couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering with the team at nWay and our friends at Saban Brands and Lionsgate to unleash these two villains!" 

Other notable update content includes:

  • Challenge Mode: Group up and win as many battles as possible to gain rewards
  • Talents System: New passive upgrades boost damage and attributes

Power Rangers Comic-Con Panel

On top of the new update featuring new characters and more, you can meet BOOM! Studios and nWay this Friday, July 21 at San Diego Comic-Con. They'll be in room 5AB of the San Diego Convention Center starting at 11:30 AM PDT. The studios will showcase more of the upcoming update during the panel. However, you must register for this event if you plan to attend. Once there, you'll have a chance to win a rare, limited edition item from the game.

In addition, fans can play Power Rangers: Legacy Wars against Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank at the convention. Stop by the Lionsgate booth #4045 to meet Frank and test your skills.

Follow GameSkinny for all the latest Power Rangers: Legacy Wars news. 

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory Will Have Improved Online Battles,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/b/a/t/battlescene-withui-1492678145-8fa1f.jpg 68tki/digimon-story-cyber-sleuth-hackers-memory-will-have-improved-online-battles Tue, 18 Jul 2017 13:37:12 -0400 Erroll Maas

The latest issue of V-Jump has revealed that Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory will have better online battles than the previous game, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth.

Online battle modes in Hacker's Memory will include Ranked Battles, Event Battles -- in which the rules change every two weeks -- and Free Rule Battles. Winning battles will help players earn coins, which they can then use to buy various accessories for their Digimon.

In the original Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, online battles were randomized and there was no way to battle against friends. There are not yet any details on whether online battles will still be randomized when not ranked -- but with more organization in its online battle system, players can at least hope for the ability to easily battle against their friends.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory with release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in late 2017 in Japan and early 2018 in North America and Europe.

Undertale Ports For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita to Release in August,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/u/n/d/undertale-46cf0.jpg jkmdv/undertale-ports-for-playstation-4-and-playstation-vita-to-release-in-august Tue, 18 Jul 2017 13:35:15 -0400 Erroll Maas

Undertale developer Toby Fox has announced via the PlayStation Blog that the game will release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on August 15. It has also been confirmed that the game will have cross-buy support between the Sony platforms.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of Undertale were originally announced during the pre-show for Sony's E3 2017 showcase.

On PlayStation 4, pre-orders for the game will include an exclusive dynamic theme by Truant Pixel, art by Merrigo, and a brand new music track by Toby Fox. A physical collector's edition of the game will be produced by Fangamer and will include:

  • The complete soundtrack of the game on two CDs
  • A sheet music booklet with six songs and annotations by Toby Fox
  • A 14K gold-plated brass music box locket
  • A special collector's edition box
  • A physical copy of the game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, or PC.

Undertale is currently available on PC and can be purchased on Steam. Additionally, pre-orders for the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita are now available on the PlayStation Store for $14.99

HyperX Unveils Two New Alloy Gaming Keyboards,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/k/e/y/keyboard-725ea.jpg tps25/hyperx-unveils-two-new-alloy-gaming-keyboards Tue, 18 Jul 2017 10:15:47 -0400 Zantallion

On the hunt for a high-end new keyboard? HyperX has you covered. Today, the company has revealed two new gaming keyboards -- the Alloy Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  

The Alloy Elite boasts a number of features and a new design -- including an 18 LED light bar with customizable lighting modes, 6 preset lighting effects, and a detachable palm rest. The lighting customization features are ready from the get-go -- no software installation required.  

By comparison, the FPS Pro is more for gamers on the go. It's lightweight and space-saving, perfect for gamers who travel a lot (like esports players). According to HyperX's Senior Business Manager, Marcus Hermann, the Alloy FPS keyboard is designed with tenkeyless fans in mind. Its smaller, more compact frame allows FPS players more range of movement with their mouse, and is designed with just the right amount of tension and release to allow players to rapidly perform actions and maneuvers with ease. 

For more information about these keyboards, you can visit the official HyperX webpages for the Alloy Elite and the FPS Pro.

Toy Story World and Release Window for Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced at D23,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/b8a94720acea865c7aad097097956b96.jpg ftiuj/toy-story-world-and-release-window-for-kingdom-hearts-3-announced-at-d23 Mon, 17 Jul 2017 09:33:30 -0400 daisy_blonde

During Disney's D23 Expo Video Games Showcase this weekend, the company revealed that Toy Story would be the newest world to come to Kingdom Hearts 3

To introduce this new world, Tetsuya Nomura took the stage and began talking about fans' positive reactions at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra world tour. This was followed by a trailer which opened with Sora jumping off some clouds and what looked to be the Olympus Coliseum and Twilight Town. A quote was transposed on the screen in blue text, which read:

"Don't assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it...and dive in."

This lead into a reveal of the new world -- where Sora, Donald, and Goofy appeared as miniature toys underneath Andy's bed. They are faced with miniature toy enemies, and then bump into Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, the Pizza Planet Aliens, and the toy green soldiers.

These toys explain that Andy and his family had disappeared not long after the Heartless showed up -- and they were with a guy in a black hood. Sora suspects that this may be Organization XIII at work. And with the toys' help, he sets out to Galaxy Toys to investigate further. 

The trailer showcased gameplay outside Andy's house, where Sora uses a Drill attack and a Draw Punch attack using a powerup. Then we see gameplay inside the Galaxy Toys store, where Sora cimbed into a robot and used laser cannons to deal with the enemies surrounding him -- reminiscent of the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride at Disney parks.

The release year was then revealed as 2018 -- but there is no definitive date yet.

After the trailer, Nomura was joined on stage by Jason Katz and Tasha Sounart from Pixar. Jason has worked at Pixar for the past 23 years and was the Story Supervisor for Toy Story 3. He confirmed that the Kingdom Hearts story relating to the Toy Story franchise is brand new. Tasha Sounart, who is an Associate Creative Director at Pixar and animated for Toy Story 2, confirmed that she had helped to design the toy versions of Sora, Donald and Goofy, and the Keyblade for the Toy Story world.

Nomura added that players of iPhone and Android game Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross will be able to get a special Toy Story medal in-game.

You can watch the trailer above if you haven't seen it for yourself. And if you want to watch the whole D23 conference to see the interviews with Nomura and Pixar, check out the official D23 YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more Kingdom Hearts 3 news as we get closer to release!

Re:Legend Kickstarter Will Begin on July 26,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/r/e/l/relegend-kickstarter-ae8d1.png n9vjb/relegend-kickstarter-will-begin-on-july-26 Fri, 14 Jul 2017 15:59:04 -0400 Erroll Maas

Magnus Games, developer of the upcoming title Re:Legend, has announced that the game's Kickstarter Campaign will start on July 26 via its official Facebook page. Backers of the game's campaign will receive exclusive goodies which have not yet been revealed. 

Re: Legend is a co-op simulation where players will be able to raise monsters (known as Magnus), farm, craft, rebuild the village to their liking, befriend villagers, explore, and engage in combat alone or with friends.

The game has been continuing development with the help of the Square Enix Collective after massive support from fans. On May 29, it was announced that the Kickstarter campaign had to be delayed, but that some of the composers of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts -- Shota Nakama, Yoshitaka Suzuki, and Falk Au Yeong, respectively -- would be composing music for the game.

Re: Legend will release on PC. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch releases are also planned for the future. Players who are interested in keeping track of the game as it enters its Kickstarter phase can sign up for the Re:Legend newsletter. The developer plans to start sending out informative newsletters on the first day of the campaign.

Sundered Release Date Announced with Free Promo,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/f54220a2923e76f42e922f4b640c27d9.jpg x4jv9/sundered-release-date-announced-with-free-promo Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:17:07 -0400 Kat De Shields

Developed by Thunder Lotus Games, Sundered is a hand-drawn, Lovecraftian Metroidvania adventure game -- and it's officially been announced that the game will be releasing on Friday, July 28.

To celebrate this launch, Thunder Games' first IP, Jotun: Valhalla Edition, will be available on for free until noon on Monday, July 17. No strings attached or previous purchase necessary.

In Sundered you play as Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world, trapped in ever­-changing caverns teeming with eldritch horrors. According to the game profile page, it's a "horrifying fight for survival and sanity." Pre-orders for Sundered are now available with a 10% discount and a complimentary soundtrack. 

Jotun: Valhalla Edition is a hand-drawn action, RPG game set in Norse mythology. You play as Thora, a Viking warrior who died an inglorious death and now must prove herself to the Gods to enter Valhalla. 

You can check out Sundered on, and get your free Jotun:Valhalla Edition on Gog's storefront as well. 

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Gets Console Release Date,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/w/a/l/wallpaper-54220.png pqumd/masquerada-songs-and-shadows-gets-console-release-date Thu, 13 Jul 2017 15:03:26 -0400 ActionJ4ck

Earlier today, Ysbryd Games announced that the tactical RPG Masquerada: Songs and Shadows will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 8. 

Originally released on PC last year, the popular indie title from developer Witching Hour Studios will be arriving on consoles with several new features, including New Game+, new scenes, additional dialogue, and new fights. This additional content will also be releasing for the PC version the same day. 

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is a tactical isometric RPG set in a Renaissance-inspired fantasy world and features the voice acting talents of Matt Mercer (Critical RoleOverwatch), Felicia Day (The Guild, Geek & Sundry), and Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect 3, Wreck-It Ralph) among others.

The game currently holds a Very Positive rating on Steam, with players praising the narrative, music, and voice-acting in particular. Matt Mercer, host of Critical Role and voice of main character Cicero Gavar, says "Masquerada was an incredible experience for me. As a lover of storytelling and character development, the incredible writing of the game drew me in immediately."

Feel free to check out the console release trailer on Youtube, and remember to stay tuned to GameSkinny for all your Masquerada news. 

Nippon Ichi Software To Announce New Games at 25th Anniversary Press Conference,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/d/e/h/dehifqnwaaacwme-thumb-8b628.png xsnai/nippon-ichi-software-to-announce-new-games-at-25th-anniversary-press-conference Thu, 13 Jul 2017 14:05:59 -0400 Erroll Maas

On July 15, Nippon Icchi Software will host a special 25th Anniversary live stream press conference. Several new titles are expected to be revealed. Additionally, there will also be special guests and discussion about upcoming events during the live stream.

The live stream will be broadcast through Japanese streaming video service NicoNico -- which just released an app for the Nintendo Switch-- at 2:00 PM Japan Standard Time, which will be the evening of July 14 in North America and in the late morning on July 15 for those in Europe. 

The Disgaea tactical RPG series is perhaps the most well-known franchise developed by Nippon Ichi Software. The series most recently had its fifth entry ported to the Nintendo Switch in May. Titled Disgaea 5 Complete, this edition included all previous downloadable content for the game.

Nippon Ichi Software is also working on an upcoming RPG known as The Longest Five Minutes coming to the Nintendo Switch, which has been delayed until 2018.

Make sure to continue following GameSkinny for more Nippon Ichi Software news and updates.

Portal Knights' Major Update Hits Steam Store,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/d36addf1d37729cb2aba53661c1349f7.jpg tnsh0/portal-knights-major-update-hits-steam-store Thu, 13 Jul 2017 12:39:58 -0400 Paige McGovern

Portal Knights' latest update is live on Steam now. This is the first major update since the game left Early Access. Version 1.1 includes brand new content and game improvements, such as multiplayer lag reduction and enemy glitch fixes.

Developed by Keen Games, Portal Knights is an action RPG and sandbox where heroes craft and fight their way to victory against powerful opponents. It can be downloaded on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.  

Portal Knights Version 1.1 Update Features

Below is a list of all the changes that are coming in this new patch. For more information, you can watch the update video above.

  • Kolemis Temple Trials Event
    • Quests:
      • Trial of Strength
      • Trial of Delving
      • Trial of Agility
  • New Mediterranean island unlocked after completing Temple Trials 
  • New merchant building complex with three NPC Merchants
  • Three new dog pets available from Funny Jongo the Pet Merchant
  • Nine new armor set recipes
  • New vertical split screen direction
  • Dungeon improvements
    • Better end room randomization
    • Dungeon room tweaks 
    • New rooms 
    • New UI markers for NPCs, Portals, and tutorial  
  • Players can now be banned from game sessions by host players  

Portal Knights is available on Steam for $19.99, and Xbox One and PS4 for $29.99 physical or $19.99 digital. The update will come soon for Xbox One and PS4.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the latest Portal Knights news. 

The SMITE Team Announces Project Olympus,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/733c51052efd66759a9eb65db81e2064.jpg vwmz8/the-smite-team-announces-project-olympus Thu, 13 Jul 2017 09:23:41 -0400 eleccross

SMITE, the number one action MOBA in the world on PC and consoles, is launching a new initiative in which they plan to improve the game a sizable amount. Project Olympus will include many improvements to polish the game and improve its core mechanics over the next three patches, as well as quality-of-life improvements starting around the start of Season 5 (January 2018). These changes will occur on both PC and console versions of the game.

The Executive Producer of SMITE, Chris Larson, commented on Project Olympus, saying:

"We’ve taken several key changes to gameplay, user interface, and overall progression and combined them into one massive overhaul that we are calling Project Olympus, Project Olympus is full of big changes that SMITE fans have wanted for a long time, and we are excited to deliver on these requests as we take SMITE to a whole new level."

 The changes we know about now are limited but still promising. Here's the rundown of what's been revealed as part of Project Olympus so far:

  • Major engine and system upgrades and a downloadable HD texture pack to go with it
  • A 64-bit client for higher graphical quality for players who want it
  • Console-specific updates like HUD improvements, additional controller configuration options, and improved match history sorting
  • An improved library of tutorials with basics for beginners and advanced tutorials for more advanced players
  • Ranked changes, including a pick and ban phase as well as improved leaderboards
  • New prestige levels which go beyond the initial 30 levels.
    • If you played far beyond level 30, you've been gaining experience the whole time and will level up accordingly once the patch happens


With a free-to-play game like SMITE, big changes like this are often necessary to keep its player base entertained and even bring in new players. This certainly seems like a lot of changes will be coming to SMITE in the next year -- and we still don't have all the details as to what's being changed. So stay tuned!

What changes do you want to see in SMITE from Project Olympus? Give your feedback in the comments below and keep your eyes on Gameskinny for all future SMITE news.

Hi-Rez Studios Announces Hand of the Gods Open Beta,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/385e374819858f9942ea67020e587aba.jpg 2u3d3/hi-rez-studios-announces-hand-of-the-gods-open-beta Thu, 13 Jul 2017 04:00:01 -0400 Wizard of Warsaw

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics is a strategy collectible card game that takes the world of SMITE and applies it to a unique combination of deck building and strategic unit placement. After a few months of refining the game in alpha and closed beta, developer Hi Rez Studios has finally launched an open beta for the game. 

In addition to its recent name change, Hand of the Gods' newest revisions have made it impressively accessible for players of all skill levels. Changes made over the past few months have streamlined the game, making it easier for new players to grasp the core concepts. Meanwhile, the deck building aspect offers its own unique challenges to veteran CCG players. 

In an official statement about these changes, Lead Designer Scott Lussier said: 

"Over the course of Closed Beta we’ve reworked the strategic elements of gameplay and deck building while making combat much easier to read and understand."

To kick off the open beta, Hi-Rez is offering the Venus Competitor's Pack, which includes over 70 cards as well as the Venus skin for Aphrodite in SMITE

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics is free-to-play, so anyone can now join in the battle between gods. You can download the open beta from the official SMITE Tactics website. And be sure to check out the trailer at the top of this article for a fresh look at the game.

Paladins Introduces New Hero and Map,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/g/a/m/gaming-20170224-paladins-91db3.jpg 3hr7k/paladins-introduces-new-hero-and-map Thu, 13 Jul 2017 04:00:01 -0400 LuckyJorael

First-person shooter/multiplayer online battle arena hybrid Paladins has just gotten several big reveals from developer Hi-Rez Studios at DreamHack Valencia. These announcements include a new champion and map, some gameplay updates, and even a little treat for fans who tune into Twitch streams of the tournaments happening at DreamHack this weekend.

First and foremost, Paladins is getting a new Champion: Jenos, the Ascended, a support Champion with "an astral flair". The new Champion is the 10th released so far this year, and the 30th added to the roster over the game's lifetime. Hi-Rez Studios says the growing roster of Champions for this shooter reflects the studio's "commitment to constant updates and new content".

Hi-Rez also announced a new map: Splitstone Quarry, which is the polished version of a map previously available in Paladins' test map queue. The test map queue allows players to beta-test rough maps, and help Hi-Rez Studios to update and improve maps based on player feedback.

The studio also announced that the Champion Ruckus, a goblin in a mech suit, is getting a visual overhaul. This update is meant to "better root him in Paladins’ vibrant fantasy world." The new visual feel is also intended to reflect Ruckus' origins as a miner in the new Splitstone Quarry map.

Last but not least, Maeve fans have a chance to score the DreamHack Maeve skin, exclusively available through Twitch drops on the Paladins Twitch Channel or through DreamHack events.

To accompany all these new announcements, Paladins introduced a new cinematic trailer as well, which you can watch below:

Jenos the Ascended and Splitstone Quarry will go live in Paladins with Open Beta 55 in about 2 weeks. 

Two New One Piece Games Announced,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/t/u/m/tumblr-oibswbtuko1vscc9lo3-1280-c28fe.jpg wx0d6/two-new-one-piece-games-announced Wed, 12 Jul 2017 15:59:54 -0400 Erroll Maas

The newest issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine has revealed that One Piece, the immensely popular manga and anime series by Eichiro Oda, has two new games based on it currently in development.

The first game, titled One Piece: Grand Cruise, is in development for PlayStation VR. Screenshots show exploration of the ship, and it's possible that players will get to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates and/or other characters. No other information about the game has been revealed.

Additionally, there will be a special playable demo of the game at the "Tokyo One Piece Tower" event at the Tokyo Tower on July 22, and it will let eight players play the game together.

The other game in development is an "unprecedented new One Piece game" which currently has no official  title but is code-named "Dawn". Bandai Namco, publishing company Shueisha, and Toei Animation (which animates the One Piece anime series and movies), are all involved with the new project. One Piece creator Eichiro Oda is also involved with the game's development, and is  helping with the plans and design of the game.

It has also been said that the game will be "enormous." At this time, it is unknown what platforms the upcoming game will be on

Due to the involvement of Toei Animation, the anime's soundtrack -- which is composed by Kohei Tanaka (Gravity Rush, Dragon Ball) --  will be featured in the game, which will be a first for a One Piece video game. 

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of  the One Piece manga, and Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine previously outlined 10 projects as well as other announcements in celebration of the manga's two-decade run.  It is currently unknown whether the games will release in the West or be exclusive to Japan.

Stay tuned for more One Piece video game news here on GameSkinny.

First Video App Announced for Nintendo Switch,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/2/0/2/202879-screenshot-37dd7.jpg suies/first-video-app-announced-for-nintendo-switch Wed, 12 Jul 2017 10:25:33 -0400 Erroll Maas

Dwango has announced that an app for Japanese video sharing and streaming service Niconico -- a service Japanese game companies often use for announcements and events, such as Tokyo Game Show -- will be available on Nintendo Switch on July 13 via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

In addition to basic video playback, the Niconico app will include several useful features such as:

  • Automatic play of related videos: One of the related videos will play automatically after the current video ends.
  • Search for Videos While Watching Another: Users can decrease the size of the current video and continue watching it as they search for a separate video.
  • Playlist Creation: Users will be able to add videos they enjoy to a playlist to play them one after the other.
  • See Comments Even When The Currently Playing Video Is Smaller: Users will be able to see comments on screen even while watching a video and searching for another.

The Niconico app can be used while the Switch is in TV mode, tabletop mode, or handheld mode and will have Japanese language support.

According to a report by The Verge, Nintendo's listing for the Niconico app indicates that companies may be able to publish apps to the Nintendo Switch eShop directly without the use of major system updates -- meaning that similar apps such as YouTube and Twitch could appear sooner than later.

It should also be noted that while the app will only be available in Japan's eShop, Switch owners in other regions can easily download the app by creating an alternate Japanese Nintendo Account.

When the Nintendo Switch first launched, it had no video app support, with the company saying that they would "come in time." The Niconico app will be the first official video app available on the system. It was also the first video app to appear on the PlayStation Vita.

Keep an eye out for more Nintendo Switch news here on GameSkinny.

Applications for the SIEGE Investment Conference Have Been Opened,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/i/e/siege-flat-final300-9e9a8.png qvxec/applications-for-the-siege-investment-conference-have-been-opened Wed, 12 Jul 2017 09:33:50 -0400 Zantallion

If you've been looking for a chance to get some big name companies investing in your projects, a solid opportunity has presented itself. This year in Atlanta, at the 7th Annual SIEGE Investment Conference, video game producers will be able to pitch their ideas to a board of 40+ judges, who will decide whether or not their project is worth investing in. This event is being sponsored by the Georgia Game Developer's Association (GGDA). 

Hardware manufacturers, hosting services, and business incubators are all eligible to participate, with the list of investors including prestigious companies such as Angel Investors and the Venture Capitalists.

These are just some of the companies sponsoring the conference.

This news comes on the heels of a bill, signed into law by the Georgia Governor, that makes qualification for tax benefits much easier for video game development companies. As a result of this, investment value for gaming companies has gone up, and the risks normally associated with doing so have been severely reduced.

Of the many different applications that get sent in, only about 8 to 10 finalists will be selected. These finalists will then be able to present in front of the many judges at the event, and will be eligible to win sponsorship from some of the represented studios. The highest rated finalist will also win a $1000 prize, independent of the previously mentioned sponsorships.

So if you're looking for investors for your start-up company, there's few opportunities better than this one. If you're interested, you can apply on SIEGE's website.

We here at Gameskinny wish the best of luck towards all participating. And whether you're attending the conference as a developer or a fan, be sure to drop by our GS panel at SIEGE to learn how indie developers and the press can work together. 

SWTOR: Sisters of Carnage Update,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/e/c/secretfile-20939.png yqx9c/swtor-sisters-of-carnage-update Tue, 11 Jul 2017 18:51:47 -0400 Wizard of Warsaw

Star Wars: The Old Republic received a big update this month. Called "The Sisters Of Carnage", this update came with some great new content, as well as balancing changes for existing stuff. 

A beachside resort was added on the planet Manaan for players to kick back and watch the waves. This water-themed resort has its own decorations, which can be found in the Deepwater Essentials Bundle on the Cartel Market. 

The biggest point of interest in this update is a new encounter in the Gods of the Machine operation, the Sisters of Carnage. Ancient twin super weapons, Aivela and Esne, are the brand new bosses for this encounter. For those brave enough to challenge these twin sisters, you will first have to defeat their brother, Tyth.  

Some multiplayer changes were introduced for the sake of balance, most of which involve small modifications to the numbers on damage or healing. On top of that, some quality of life changes were introduced for the economy and items in-game.  

You can check out the specifics in the official patch notes if you want more information.

The Escapists 2 Breaks Out as Pre-Order Trailer is Released,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/e940f0e5480303fd277128e494533dce.jpg w7hqn/the-escapists-2-breaks-out-as-pre-order-trailer-is-released Tue, 11 Jul 2017 18:50:14 -0400 Adreon Patterson

With the E3 announcement of The Escapists 2, Team 17 unleashed the pre-order trailer for this anticipated sequel.

In the trailer, which you can watch above, we see escapee Jimmy Locke in all his 8-bit glory relaxing on the beach with a friend as he begins to tell the story of his escape from prison. He tells his friend through a series of funny (yet harrowing) vignettes about everything from failed escape attempts to prison food to his prison buddies.

All this is interrupted by a crew of police from both land and sea who have come to take the inmate back. This moment reveals a pre-order feature known as the Glorious Regime. The trailer shows this new high-security penitentiary as an action-packed thrillfest as players plan their escape through secret tunnels while avoiding military-like security, vicious dogs, constant surveillance, and a dictator-like warden.

But viewers are thrown for a loop when the trailer goes all 2003: A Space Odyssey, as a spaceman begins floating across an 8-bit space background. Immediately, the release date -- August 22, 2017 -- zooms over the viewer's head and lands in the middle of the screen. After that, the trailer ends with a floating release date and spacemen.

The sequel to the hit Team17-Moudly Toof collaboration will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch version to follow.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on The Escapists 2!

Sub-Zero is Now Available in Injustice 2,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/s/u/b/subzero-4aeb5.jpg 57zys/sub-zero-is-now-available-in-injustice-2 Tue, 11 Jul 2017 14:06:16 -0400 Paige McGovern

Injustice 2 has a large array of DC superheroes and villains for players to play as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developed by NetherRealm Studios, this fighting game takes place in an alternative superhero universe where superheroes must fight against a league of villains planning for world domination.

Now you can play as the chilling fighter Sub-Zero if you've purchased one of the following game editions or add-ons:

  • Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition
  • Injustice 2 Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack
  • Fighter Pack #1

Sub-Zero stars in the popular Mortal Kombat franchise, which is also developed by NetherRealm Studios. He is the only character in every main Mortal Kombat game. For Injustice 2, the character has a new costume, designed by DC publisher Jim Lee. 

Players who don't own one of the above editions can purchase Sub-Zero on July 18 in the PlayStation and Xbox stores. 

Watch Sub-Zero's introduction trailer below:

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the latest Injustice 2 news. 

Minecraft : Story Mode – Season 2 Out Now on iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox and PC,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinny/bf357882ea3d3cc541a03b21f27aebb8.jpg zc6za/minecraft-story-mode-season-2-out-now-on-ios-android-ps4-xbox-and-pc Tue, 11 Jul 2017 12:23:51 -0400 daisy_blonde

Episode 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 was released today on PC and across mobile and console platforms. This new season continues Telltale’s blend of option-based storytelling with the Minecraft universe, with the player’s actions and decisions in Season 1 having the potential to carry over and have an impact on the new adventure.

The new episode, "Hero in Residence", follows young builder Jesse (either male or female, depending on which the player has chosen) and their friends who stumble upon an artifact known as the Prismarine Gauntlet. It turns out that this object will unlock an underwater world.

Patten Oswalt and Catherine Taber reprise their roles as the voices of male and female Jesse, with The Last of Us voice actress, Ashley Johnson, also voicing a character.

An additional feature, Crowd Play, will allow other players to join in and make decisions with their smart phones.

The first episode is available online for $24.99, with the Season Pass disc containing all 5 episodes due to be released on September 5. You can buy the game from online stores or from Telltale’s official site.

Are you excited about the latest season of Minecraft: Story Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

Amazon Prime Day 2017: Complete Guide to All The Best Gaming Deals,h_360,w_640/e_sharpen:100/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/a/m/a/amazonprimeday-d76bb.jpg ufyre/amazon-prime-day-2017-complete-guide-to-all-the-best-gaming-deals Tue, 11 Jul 2017 11:55:07 -0400 LuckyJorael

Amazon Prime Day is here -- the day where Amazon cuts prices to entice people to join its Prime service. Amazon's put out some decent deals this year, and as usual, they're all timed. So with the clock running, we're rounding up the best discounts you'll find during the sale. 

Currently Available Discounts for Amazon Prime Day

PS4 Slim Bundle with Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered 

  • Price: $229
  • Discount: About $70 off, not including The Last of Us

Xbox One S Bundle (500 GB) with Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5, and ReCore

  • Price: $239
  • Discount: About $130 off, not including the digital copies of Forza, Halo, and ReCore

Xbox One S Bundle (1 TB) with Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5, ReCore, and Halo Wars 2

  • Price: $289
  • Discount: About $125 off, not including the digital copies of Forza, Halo, and ReCore

Nioh (PS4)

  • Price: $29.99
  • Discount: 50% off

Prey (PS4)

  • Price: $29.99
  • Discount: 50% off

For Honor (Xbox One)

  • Price: $29.99
  • Discount: 50% off

Sony Bluetooth Headphones

  • Price: $98
  • Discount: 50% off

Other Notable Deals

At the time of publishing, these deals aren't as steep as the ones listed above, but they are worth watching if you're interested in any of these games:

Prime Day also features some gaming hardware, like pre-built gaming desktops. But currently, the savings don't appear favorable enough to highlight them here.

Go take a look at what Prime Day has to offer you! And be sure to let us know if you see any other awesome deals that your fellow gamers might want to check out!