Armikrog Will Be Coming to the Wii U, Thanks to You!

Tommynaut and Beak Beak Will Be Rocketing to Nintendo's eShop

Pencil Test Studios had already hit it’s original goal of $900,000 to develop and publish their quirky and colorful Armikrog, a unique claymation stop-motion sci-fi game. But, this week their Kickstarter pledges surpassed the $970,000 mark.

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The game was targeted for Windows and Linux PCs from digital download.

But, a stretch goal had been set at $950,000, which would mean the game will now also be released for the Wii U through Nintendo’s eShop.

And they are promising some great features unique to the Wii U, including equipment selection, a special spectral viewer and drawing directly into the game world.

The Face is Familiar and Wierd

Armikrog features a space explorer named Tommynaut and his alien dog and side-kick, Beak Beak after they crash land on a strange and mysterious planet. The two must work together, facing creepy and funny aliens as well resolve puzzles to be able to repair their damaged ship. But they find themselves trapped in a large fortress called Armitrog.

If the art style rings some bells, its because the brains and hands behind Armikrog are those who created video game legend Earthworm Jim (1994) from Interplay and EA’s Neverhood (1996). Mike Dietz and Ed Schofeld re-partnered with Doug TenNapel to bring the zany world to life. Earthworm Jim even went on to have it’s own animated series.

Clay Gaming?

The concept for Armitrog is very much like Neverhood in that you make point and click decisions and then the animation cycles for the proper response. The animation, art style and physical dimension give these games a very unique look and style that can be quite captivating.

So, now it’s up to the Pencil Test to get Armitrog produced, published and packaged.

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