As If Steam and Humble Bundle Deals Weren’t Good Enough

Games on sale can be found all over the place.
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I know all the rage for great deals on games now is either Steam or Humble Bundle, but guess who has jumped on that train! None other than If I didn’t already love Newegg enough, I really love them now.

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Luckily enough a good friend of mine trolls Newegg all the time for the best deals and came across this deal, and I’m really glad he did. I’ve been looking to get this new expansion to Civilization V for quite a while and haven’t bothered to spend the money, but now I can definitely pick this up.

If you go to Newegg’s PC Games & Accessories section you will see a decent sized list of triple A games, many of them on sale. For example, I just noticed BioShock Infinite for 60% off; that’s right $16 for that gem of a game. If that wasn’t good enough, Borderlands 2 for $12? it just doesn’t get any better that.

I will from now on be checking Newegg for deals on games. Get ready to empty your wallets even more!

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