The latest Biomutant trailer offers a tiny, but tasty, morsel of the beautiful world THQ Nordic's cooked up.

Biomutant Trailer Highlights Beautiful World and, More Importantly, the Snack Vendor

The latest Biomutant trailer offers a tiny, but tasty, morsel of the beautiful world THQ Nordic's cooked up.
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It’s been quiet in the wilds of late, but THQ Nordic is breaking the silence with a brand-new Biomutant trailer. The new Biomutant trailer shows off the game’s gorgeous world in all its fantastical variety, from wrecked cities to lovely villages and everything in between.

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Biomutant has combat, of course, but this new trailer focuses on the calmer, quieter moments between clan battles. There’s a remote hamlet accessible via airship, and while there’s little of particular note on the surface, life teems under the surface. Old billboards are recycled for new uses, and the local cook sets up a cart hawking goods to hungry passersby.

Other locations aren’t quite as hospitable. Hollowed ruins of a former metropolis offer no rest for the weary, while snow-covered plains test the endurance of even the hardiest of modified beasts.

Then there are the more outlandish locations — urban environments covered in purple overgrowth, for example, or impossibly vibrant jungle biomes.

In short, hopefully Biomutant doesn’t have photo mode because it’d be impossible to actually finish the game if it did (at least that’s our take on its absence). 

Biomutant releases May 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and pre-orders are open now.

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