Broforce Composer is Working on New Indie Title AereA

AereA is a game with music and musical instruments at its heart

It was announced today by publishers SOEDESCO that Deon van Heerden, composer for Broforce, has signed up to do the soundtrack for Triangle Studios upcoming action-RPG AereA. The game is expected to release on June 30th on PC, XBox One and PS4 digitally as well as a boxed format.

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Set in the mystical land of Aezir, AereA is a music-themed action RPG packed full of puzzles, exploration, and interesting musical themed enemies. You play as one of four disciples of Great Maestro Guido who has been set the task of retrieving what is known as the primordial instruments. There are nine of them but a mysterious evil has stolen them. They must be found so that balance can be restored to the world.

Even though AereA and Broforce are games with nothing really in common, the soundtrack on the trailer above gives us the same epic sound some may be used to hearing from van Heerden. From a game about the army and blowing stuff up to a fantasy land where creatures resemble musical instruments, it is clear that van Heerden can produce great music no matter the subject of the game.

If you fancy getting something extra from the game then make sure you grab yourself a retail copy AereA. As a special edition, this will include a copy of the game’s original soundtrack.

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