Bungie Announces New Level Cap and Raid Difficulty for Destiny

In their newest update, Bungie wants Destiny players to take on an even tougher Crota.
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Earlier this week, Bungie announced the latest update coming to their popular 2014 release, Destiny. The biggest change this update includes is the addition of Hard Mode to the Crota’s End raid.

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“You’ll have fewer options for healing yourself, and each other.” 

According to Bungie’s blog, starting Wednesday January, 21 at 10:00 a.m PST, players can choose to complete Crota’s End on a harder difficulty. There’s also more loot available to the players willing to challenge themselves with Hard Mode, including five different weapons, a ship known as Bane of the Dark Gods (pictured above), and a “Hard Mode Exclusive color palette.” Also, because of the harder difficulty for Crota’s End, the level cap has raised to 33. 

Bungie hinted at what Hard Mode has in store for players, warning that they should “[p]repare to take better care of [their] teammates. You’ll have fewer options for healing yourself, and each other.” 

Interested in trying out Hard Mode? Well, then you might want to know about the challenge Bungie issued to Destiny players. Bungie plans on keeping track of who finishes Crota’s End on Hard Mode first and “might even send the World First finishers some swag from the Bungie Store.” 

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