Buy a PS4, Get $10 to Spend in the PSN Store

For a limited time, purchasing a PlayStation 4 gets you a $10 credit in the PSN store.
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The PlayStation 4 launches November 15 in the US, and if you weren’t already sold on it being the right console for you, Sony has one more trick up its sleeve to try to entice you.

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For a limited time, a code will be included in PlayStation 4 boxes for a $10 credit valid for anything in the PlayStation Network store.

In addition to the store credit, the PS4 will also come with a free one-month trial of Music Unlimited Premium and PlayStation Plus, which is required for playing games online, but also offers up several free games each month. PS Plus is normally $49 for the year, and Music Unlimited Premium is typically $9.99 per month.

$10 To Spend Any Way You Want

Sony Network Entertainment VP, Eric Lempel, said,

“The $10 credit can be used towards anything in the store including new PS4 launch titles, such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black FlagBattlefield 4Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Killzone: Shadow Fall.”

With a $10 towards any new game on the PSN, gamers will have the opportunity to get a nice discount on a hot new AAA title or put it towards a lower-cost indie title. Will it be enough to sway the on-the-fence consumers to the PS4 side? Only time will tell, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Making All the Right Moves

Sony has taken great strides since the announcement of the PS4 in February to position itself as a gamer-first organization. That sentiment hasn’t necessarily always been felt by gamers, and with Microsoft making so many decisions early on that might have been construed as anti-gamer, Sony really got off to a nice start.

Microsoft barely even mentioned games at the Xbox One unveiling, as opposed to Sony’s games-heavy presentation. Microsoft announced the Xbox One would be always online, when the PS4 was not, and they announced it would cost $499 shortly before Sony revealed their $399 price point. It certainly seemed like Sony had a crystal ball and knew all the right moves to make.

Is a $10 credit another massive blow to Microsoft? Probably not. But it certainly doesn’t hurt, and it goes hand-in-hand with what Sony has been trying to establish all year–a “by gamers, for gamers” culture. The battle for next-gen console supremacy will be long and dirty, but even before launch date, Sony appears to be sprinting ahead.

Sound Off

Does the $10 credit do anything for you? If you are on the fence about which console to buy, does this do anything to sway you one way or the other? Share your thoughts below and stay tuned for more next-gen console coverage.

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