Capcom Releases New Date and Info for Resident Evil: Revelations 2

North American players are in for a nice surprise with the release of RE: Revelations 2 - including a day-early release ahead of Europe.
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Release dates for the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations 2 title have officially been announced by Capcom, and it seems that North American players anticipating the game have one less day to wait than everybody else.

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The first episode is scheduled to be released digitally in North America on February 17 for the PlayStation Network, and on February 18 for Europe’s PSN, on Xbox Live as well as Steam. Episode 1 will be followed by Episode 2 on February 24, Episode 3 on March 3, and the fourth and final episode on March 11. 

Each digital episode will cost $5.99, €5.99 and £4.99 for their respective regions, while buying the Complete Season will cost players $24.99, €24.99 and £19.99.

Players who opt for the Complete Season will also be greeted with additional in-game content, including two additional spin-off episodes, each centering on Moira Burton and new face Natalia Korda, a girl who has been granted powers of clairvoyance, making her useful for detecting hidden items and enemies.

Each main episode will feature two storylines. They will each focus on the perspectives of Moira and Claire Redfield, and then Natalia and Moira’s father, Barry Burton.

For those who want the physical retail version of the game, those will only be available to European players, who can look forward to a March 13 release of the box set. Exclusive to the retail version, in addition to the spin-off episodes, are characters Hunk and Albert Wesker for RAID mode, four alternative costumes for each of the four main characters, as well as the Throwback Stage Pack for RAID mode, which will let players run through four earlier stages from the older Resident Evil games.

Seeing how Europe will be the only region able to physically feel Resident Evil: Revelations 2 in their hands thus far, it’ll be a matter of waiting to see if Capcom will consider the same boxed release for North America in the future.

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