Catching up with Chris Roberts, the original Star Citizen

Mark Taylor caught up with Chris Roberts to chat about the making of Star Citizen.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to catch up with Chris Roberts to chat about Star Citizen.  The interview was amazing, as you will hear; however my Skype cam was a little slow, as you will see.  After much consternation and about two weeks on the road for business travel, I was convinced to just get this out to the world.  As stated the interview is amazing.

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Chris (like many entrepreneurs) is so completely easy going and humble.  Speaking with him was like chatting with anyone you’ve met for the first time, let alone the grand master of the PC Space Sim genre.  Additionally, Chris didn’t duck, deflect, or dodge a single question.  He is confident on what he wants to do, know where he wants to go, and is sure of how to get there.  Any reservations I had about the delivery of Star Citizen are now in my rear view mirror.

So, I challenge you all to view the video recording of the interview and develop your own opinions.



Mark Taylor


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