CBS Sunday Morning Takes A Look At Video Games As A Spectator Sport

CBS takes a look into eSports. Explaining its past, it's growth, and why some people don't understand why gamers enjoy watching video games instead of playing them.
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Today CBS Sunday Morning took a quality look at video games. Specifically eSports and how they have evolved. The video takes a recent look at eSports and how its evolving and makes a few good points as to why some people are still confused about the growing phenomenon.

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One of the biggest points that was brought up was with the question:

I can understand people watching a golf game, I can’t understand people watching somebody play a computer game.

This is a huge issues about eSports from an outside perspective. They continue to explain how there is an introduction to the idea of watching it, by being involved in the sport. Similarly if you look at the average Football or Baseball fan everyone will be able to tell you who brought them into the sport. You can get a grasp of what is going on the first time you watch them, but you won’t really understand what is going on in the games until someone brings you in and explains them to you.

Just like games such as Starcraft, you can see two different color teams fighting it out. Without any explanation you have a grasp of what is supposed to be happening, but you don’t really understand the small aspects such as building bases, what individual units do, or who is in the lead. These are the things that need to be taught and are learned over time like any established sport – did you know what RBI meant when you first heard about it?

For eSports to continue to grow it will take the average fan of League of Legends, Starcraft, or Call of Duty, to help bring others into watching eSports. 

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