Classic Pokemon Returning in Scarlet & Violet DLC

A total of at least 12 previously introduced monsters will be returning in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's two-part DLC. Here's what we know.

A total of at least 12 previously introduced monsters will be returning in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's two-part DLC. Here's what we know.

The Pokémon Company released its highly anticipated Pokémon Presents on February 27, announcing the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC entitled The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, which will be released in two installments called The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk.

These DLC packs will be available for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in the Fall and Winter of this year, respectively. Along with newly introduced Legendary Pokémon, we will see the return of at least 12 existing monsters that were previously unobtainable in the 2022 mainline releases. 

Since their debut in November of last year, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have received a solid amount of criticism for in-game bugs and lack of replay appeal. Nintendo has been working to fix these issues while we’ve patiently awaited the results.

Based on the sneak peek we received regarding the Scarlet & Violet DLC packs, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, so let’s cover what we know about the monsters who will be returning this Fall and Winter. 

Pokemon Returning in The Teal Mask

Screenshot via The Official Pokemon Company YouTube

In The Teal Mask DLC pack, we will see at least six Pokemon returning from across five different regions, including:

  • Chingling
  • Shiftry
  • Milotic
  • Yanma
  • Vikavolt
  • Ninetales

The first installment of the DLC seems to offer a promising mix of monsters that are certainly fan-favorites, as well as others that are overdue for some love. 

Since it can be assumed that we’ll be able to breed and evolve the Pokemon available in The Teal Mask DLC pack, this first installment will allow us to add a total of 14 monsters to our Scarlet & Violet Pokedex while we explore the land of Kitakami in the Fall, in addition to the exclusive Legendary monster, Ogerpon. 

Pokemon Returning in The Indigo Disk

Screenshot via The Official Pokemon Company YouTube

The Indigo Disk DLC pack will feature six additional Pokemon that were introduced in five previous generations, including one monster that hasn’t been available to catch in a mainline title since its debut in Generation 5. These Pokemon are:

  • Whimsicott
  • Alcremie
  • Metagross
  • Dewgong
  • Espurr
  • Zebstrika

The group of Pokemon returning in the DLC’s second installment may just surpass its predecessor in terms of hype and competitive viability.  

After breeding and evolving these newly available Pokémon, we will be able to add 13 more monsters to our Scarlet & Violet Pokédex when we enroll at Blueberry Academy this coming Winter. We’ll also be able to obtain Terapagos, the Legendary Pokémon exclusive to The Indigo Disk DLC pack.  

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Featured screenshot via The Official Pokemon Company YouTube.

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