Trying to craft a narrative that is both compelling and un-intrusive to the mobile experience.

Clean and simple, how Booty Hunters plans to tell you a tale on mobile

Trying to craft a narrative that is both compelling and un-intrusive to the mobile experience.
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For most mobile games, narrative is not a large focal point. Many are predominantly ludologically oriented experiences, emphasizing game systems over context and content and it makes sense. Mobile games are made to be experienced on the go. Whether you are waiting to catch a bus on your way to work, or briefly distracting yourself from said work, these games are built to make you feel accomplished in a much smaller timeframe than traditional console or PC games do.

The upcoming pirate adventure game, Booty Hunters won’t be looking to shake that foundation, but it will be trying to incorporate narrative into the mobile experience in a way that is smooth and concise while maintaining the flow of the game.

In Booty Hunters, you are a fledgling pirate captain looking to make your name (in)famous on the high seas. After pulling off one of the more creative mutinies this side of the Atlantic against your former Captain, you claim his vessel as your own and set off in search of glory, gold and the mythical Fountain of Youth. To get to the Fountain of Youth, you must travel to the four corners of the world and undertake a Trial to prove your worth.

The overarching story isn’t the only thing you’ll be dealing with in Booty Hunters. As you travel the world and make port, you will hear rumors of buried treasure or new vessel types and can undertake a variety of different jobs to earn more coin. All of these things are woven seamlessly into the game’s UI and are revealed through dynamic spoken dialog from an NPC. So for instance, you go to resupply your rum stock, the vendor will become a bit chatty and offer you up some details you might not get anywhere else.

In Booty Hunters, you will fight to survive and thrive across a dangerous and unforgiving ocean filled with greedy enemies looking to take what you’ve got. Are you skilled enough to weather the storm and find the Fountain of Youth?

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