Cybernetic Alliance is the upcoming update for Skyforge, and it has made quite a few hefty promises.

Cybernetic Alliance, the new Update for Skyforge

Cybernetic Alliance is the upcoming update for Skyforge, and it has made quite a few hefty promises.
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Skyforge – the supposedly god-like MMO  – has received quite a bit of criticism over the years. This ranges from poorly balanced classes to Power Creep issues to a poor targeting system. All of which comes down to one thing: for a game about gods, it ain’t too god-like. But a brand new update called Cybernetic Alliance is coming out June the 1st, and it might just ramp the Immortal scale up to at least demi-god status.

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Cybernetic Alliance is designed by developer Allods Team and published by It will address many of the issues in the current base game. Will they try to be more innovative with the targeting system? Perhaps balance the classes? Kill Power Creep? Let’s find out.

One of the biggest – and most anticipated – promises is class balancing (praise beith!) For example the Witch will benefit from a decent stat increase and certain ability enhancements. The patch also promises to clean up the Archer, Monk and Slayer (no mentions for the Necro’s yet). It will also add brand new end-game content and slide in some epic companion bots for the gods to enjoy.

The companion robotics fit nicely into the rich Cyberpunk/Sci-fi theme, and might offer some fun game-play possibilities. Its features include: aiding you in battle, and not being as much of an ass as Argus. The rest of the features are currently being kept in the dark, but we’ll know the scoop on launch day.

Equipment refinement is yet another perk which we can look forward to. Ring slots are finally getting a decent overhaul and the Particles of Mastery are being completely removed. This might be met with some mixed feelings, but at least the farming will be toned down a bit. Let’s just hope the players who did farm their nuts off won’t be left wanting after the update.

The story is expanding and it promises players a battle of epic scale against Akonita’s Avatar, which is a new villain that will join a future invasion. The D-2 Distortions are getting a brand new phase which will bring in some Frenzied Carrions – a new enemy-type with some blood lust issues.

But — probably — the best part of this update is that Skyforge has made its rather rich Soundtrack available to all on YouTube – something many players will be overjoyed to hear.

There’s a lot going on in this update, and though it’s not exactly tackling everything we hoped it would, it looks like the company is forging ahead with some god-like ambition.

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