Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of From Software, indicates that the studio would "love to take a crack at" a battle royale or live service title someday.

Dark Souls Creator Interested In Developing Battle Royale Game

Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of From Software, indicates that the studio would "love to take a crack at" a battle royale or live service title someday.
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Between the acclaimed Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, From Software has thoroughly established itself as a studio that can deliver stellar single-player experiences. However, a recent interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of From Software and the creator of Souls, indicates that the company may have its eye on something a bit different in the future.

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When asked by the Telegraph about his opinions on the battle royale genre and live service games, Miyazaki had kind words, stating that “these games are definitely fun.” He went a step further than mere compliments, though, indicating that From Software is “definitely interested” in exploring development of these types of experiences and would “love to take a crack at them someday.”

That said, as those that are familiar with the studio are likely to expect, Miyazaki emphasizes that a battle royale or live service title developed by From Software “might be a bit different” than what is currently available. Indeed, it might be hard to imagine the studio releasing a title in the vein of Fortnite or Destiny 2.

While these words from Miyazaki are clear in expressing some level interest in exploring multiplayer-focused experiences, fans that may be concerned about From Software abandoning single-player games need not panic yet. That is, in the interview with the Telegraph, he states how important he believes diversity is in game development:

Regardless of what From Software is doing, we need people making battle royale games and live services and we need people making single-player focused experiences. We feel that this diversity is what will keep everyone going.

As such, it seems that as long as there is room in the market for more single-player games, fans can expect From Software to continue releasing them. Of course, this commitment can be seen with the release of the company’s upcoming single-player action-adventure title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Even still, some fans will certainly find the prospect of a multiplayer-focused From Software title exciting. Indeed, a live service or battle royale game that is executed with the company’s notable attention to detail could be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

More from Miyazaki’s interview can be found on the Telegraph’s website.

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