No Man's Sky Developers receive death threats due to delay of their highly anticipated game.

Death threats sent to No Man’s Sky dev over release delay

No Man's Sky Developers receive death threats due to delay of their highly anticipated game.
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It was recently announced that the highly anticipated game No Man’s Sky would be pushed back from its June 21 release date until August 9th. And needless to say, fans weren’t happy.

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When games get delayed this close to their release date, it is usually for polishing up the game and fixing last minute bugs. The Twitter account for No Man’s Sky addressed the delay by sending this tweet. 

But in spite of this promise from the devs, fans were outraged by the delay and started sending death threats to the head developer of Hello Games, Sean Murray.

It’s hard to make light and make a joke about receiving death threats, but Murray did just that. He responded to the death threats with tweets about his home looking similar to Home Alone and saying:

It does suck when a game you are really excited for gets delayed. You have waited all that time for its original release date, just for you to wait even more. It happened with Grand Theft Auto V and the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. You get over excited and you get impatient because you just want to play the game already.

But I would rather have the developers take their time and fix what they think needs to be fixed so when the game does finally release, we have an enjoyable experience that doesn’t have any bugs or runs correctly.

What would you rather have: a game that comes out with bugs that might not perform correctly or wait an extra two months for a game that will run great due to the extra time given to polish it?

We’ll see if the delay was worth it when the game drops for PC and PlayStation on August 9th.

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