There are some juicy recap lore bits in this interactive Destiny 2 trailer.

Destiny 2 Interactive Trailer Recaps Story Leading to Lightfall

There are some juicy recap lore bits in this interactive Destiny 2 trailer.

The Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion is closing in, with less than two weeks before Guardians everywhere descend on Neptune to battle the forces of Calus and his master, The Witness. There’s a lot to take in from a narrative perspective, and you can take in a lot of it with the latest Interactive trailer released to hype people up even further.

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Destiny 2 Interactive Trailer Recaps Major Plot Points from the Game’s History

The trailer, narrated by Zavala with contributions from Osiris and Rhulk (the Vow of the Disciple Raid boss), is about two minutes long if you don’t interact with it. It’s also peppered with polyhedral symbols you can click on to view additional background about what’s currently on screen. It all starts with The Witness, a godlike entity responsible for the devastation of humanity’s Golden Age and the extinction of billions of civilizations through the Hive, among their many other atrocities.

The trailer describes Guardians’ false conception of Light and Dark as moral forces, the Witch Queen Savathun’s return as a Lightbearer from her eponymous expansion, her possession of Osiris following an ill-fated adventure, and more.

Of particular note is Calus, the first Raid boss the game ever saw and a recurring antagonist across multiple years and seasons. Once again, he takes center stage as the leader of the forces laying siege to the Neptunean city of Neomuna in his new position as the latest Disciple of the Witness.

It’s a solid recap of all the central plot and lore points that have led to this point in Destiny 2, though it doesn’t cover the nigh-on-a-decade of lore, nor does it touch on most of the older content before Beyond Light. Thankfully, many of those narrative threads have been tied off recently or aren’t immediately relevant.

Be sure to head to to see the trailer and tons of additional information about the Lightfall expansion, including changes to crafting, Guardian abilities, Strikes and Crucible difficulty changes, and more. We’ve covered plenty of other Destiny 2 content in our guides hub.

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