Destiny Players Glitch into Sectret Future DLC Zone “The Terminus”

Secret DLC area "The Terminus" has been discovered by Destiny players.
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For the last few weeks it seems that Destiny has ruled the gaming news discussion, stimulating debates over everything from loot systems to Raid speed runs. But few of the recent Destiny news bits have explored the many secrets of Bungie’s game.

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The future DLC area entitled “The Terminus” has been discovered, and although there aren’t any enemies or anything there, you can still explore and find 3 dead ghosts (although they don’t offer any grimore cards).

As you can see in the video below by Nowise 10, this latest secret involves glitching your way into “The Terminus” on Venus. It takes some cunning and some sweet jumping skills, and is likely easiest to get into with the Hunter, but most Guardians should be able to hop to the various spots.

Once you arrive, you can jump directly into the stream and travel to the previously undiscovered area. The area is very similar in design to other locations on Venus, with geometrical architecture and that distinct blue hue.  

After putting together all the facts, it appears that some of the level design for these DLC areas is actually complete only lacking the enemies who we suppose will be the Vex. This means that even though Activision will be charging an additional fee for the extra content, there are actually traces of it on the retail disc.

The most interesting about this latest area is that it appears to be tied to the upcoming Destiny DLC “The House of Wolves” which doesn’t release until sometime next year.

SO if you’re feeling a little froggy, leap your way into “The Terminus” and explore the landscape, as it will only help you out in the future when the House of Wolves DLC is released.

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