Doom Soundtrack Contains Satanic Hidden Message

One of the songs on the Doom soundtrack was discovered to have an evil message.

One of the songs on the Doom soundtrack was discovered to have an evil message.

Last month on May 13th, a new Doom game was released — and with it came the soundtrack. In the time since then, Imgur user Tom Butcher made the alarming discovery that the tune Cyberdemon contains a satanic hidden message.


Tom Butcher put the song through a spectrogram after the composer of the soundtrack, Mick Gordon, teased about it in a YouTube video. In the spectrogram, the music frequencies make the shapes of pentagrams — and the number 666, the devil’s number, is displayed frequently. Mick Gordon later confirmed the existence of these images on Twitter.


This isn’t the only Doom easter egg — the game also references Terminator 2. This can be seen when a player jumps into molten lave and submerges to his death while simultaneously giving a thumbs up.

In the 90s, Doom was a first person shooter video game that scared most parents with its “graphic” violence and “satanic” imagery. The game was also one of the first to be given a Mature rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board due to these complaints. Some even consider Doom to be one of the most controversial games of all time.

It’s clear that the creators of Doom consider this controversy to be part of the game’s image. They’ve even gone the extra mile to make sure we all know of the game’s true intent. There may be more hidden messages in the game, everyone will just have to wait and see.

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