Slimes, Golems, and glory will await Dragon Quest fans on the Nintendo Switch!

Dragon Quest XI Officially Announced for Nintendo Switch

Slimes, Golems, and glory will await Dragon Quest fans on the Nintendo Switch!
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While Square Enix did not make any statements about the fate of Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo Switch during Jump Festa 2017 over the weekend, Nintendo has taken it upon themselves to reassure players that there is in fact a Dragon Quest XI port for the Nintendo Switch on the way.

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On the official Nintendo of Japan news website, Nintendo offered some gameplay footage and information about the Dragon Quest XI gameplay that was presented during the weekend event. However, they also stated the following in a footnote:

“It should also be noted that a Nintendo Switch launch is also in the works.”

While this is a rough translation of the statement, it is good to know that we should be seeing a Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI in the future.

Unfortunately, since it is just a footnote, we don’t actually know at this time if the game will be a port of the 3DS or the PS4 version of the game. Thankfully, Nintendo is planning a big event for January 12th in which we’ll hear about upcoming titles — and in turn perhaps a bit of clarification on which version of the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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