Egypt Joins the Fray in Civilization VI

Egypt joins the battle, and they're a more well-rounded Civilization than before.
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No Civilization game is complete without the wonder-spamming Egypt. Joining the fray alongside England and America in Civilization VI, Egypt is still quite capable of out-constructing and out-growing other civilizations. 

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Cleopatra leads the new Egypt this time around, and her play-style appeals to players more keen on growth, prosperity, and yes — spamming wonders.

Maryannu Chariot

Capable of handling wide-range threats across the vast desert.

Unique Unit: Maryannu Chariot Archer

The Maryannu Chariot Archer will most likely fulfill the responsibilities of most chariot archers. Considering Egypt’s usual starting position, it makes sense for them to have a strong early game unit capable of defending open terrain.


The Sphinx represented a leader who embodies strength, eternity, and wisdom.

Unique Improvement: Sphinx

Egypt also gets a new tile improvement that produces culture and faith. It receives further bonuses when it is built adjacent to a wonder. Considering that faith and culture are both as important as science in Civilization VI, it seems like it will heavily affect your ability to win a religious or culture victory.

However, it does come with the cost of losing a potential workable tile. 

Unique Civilization Ability: Construction

Districts and wonders can be constructed faster if they are next to a river. Also, floodplains do not block the placement of districts and wonders

Across all installments, Egypt was always capable of building faster than the other civilizations. That doesn’t change this time around. However, their ability to build quickly comes at the cost of having to be near a river. In order to ensure proper growth, Egypt will have to find suitable settling spots near rivers.


Their powerful tile improvement, unique civilization ability, and their unique unit makes Egypt capable of taking on a more passive play-style. A river can ultimately catalyze your civilization’s growth. Stay back, trade, and continue to spam wonders — Egypt will most likely be aiming for a more wonder-centric cultural victory.

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