eSports Champion Shuttle Retires From Starcraft II Championships

Choi Sung Jin, better known as Shuttle, today in a surprising twist, announced his retirement from Starcraft II.
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South Korean Starcraft II player, Choi Seung Jin, better known as Shuttle, cShuttle, LgN.Shuttle, NsHS.Shuttle, BulldogShuttle, and MentalKing, announced today that he’s retiring from the game.

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Speculation as to why he made such a decision, especially as this announcement came at the beginning of the European Season 3 tournament, is that Seung Jin will soon be undertaking military service. Conscription still exists in South Korea, and Seung Jin could face three years imprisonment if he were to refuse.

Having forfeited his spot, fellow South Korean player MMA went on to win the championship.

Fall From Grace?

The latter days of Seung Jin’s career have been far from golden, having reached what many may have considered an apex before having it all come crashing down in a matter of months. He had been signed by Clarity Gaming back in December 2012, only to leave eight months later this August to “pursue other offers”, despite having qualified for the European League of the Starcraft II World Championships during his time with them. Clarity Gaming stated that the reason was this was a failure on their part to provide adequate visa and travel itinerary services for Seung Jin to compete in the Intel Extreme Masters in Shanghai, China.

Yet since leaving Clarity Gaming, Seung Jin has lost more than a handful of his recent matches, including failing to be placed in ESL’s Go4SC2 Cup #310 or making it through Fragbite’s 3rd Qualifier for their Masters league.

Good Night, and Good Luck!

Though whatever reason may have prompted Seung Jin to retire, be it his upcoming military service or otherwise, he will be missed by many fans and fellow players. Plenty are already leaving their condolences on eSports community website, Team Liquid, who were the first to break the news.

We at GameSkinny also wish him the best of luck in whatever career and/or gaming pursuits he undertakes in the future.

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