Fans Demake Fallout 4, Red Dead Online in Media Molecule’s Dreams

Fans are going hog wild with remakes and demakes in Dreams, PS4's game creation platform from Media Molecule.

The Dreams video game creation system from Media Molecule has already been responsible for a host of creative and inspiring projects, from various original content to The Last Of Us 2 PS1-era “demake.” 

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Though the game just officially released on February 14, some devoted fans have already managed to get demake Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and Rockstar’s Red Dead Online in Dreams. You can check out 12 minutes of the eerily spot-on recreation of Bethesda’s wasteland in the clip above.

On the other hand, the Red Dead Online clip is much more of an inside joke than and actual demake, with the “disconnected” screen players are all too familiar with flashing up repeatedly. It’s missing the dynamite arrows, but hey, people are just getting started on these projects. 

It’s only a matter of time before someone posts a full de-scaled version of the Wild West in New Austin

Having just come out of Early Access, Dreams is currently available for the PS4, but the game- and experience-builder may make it to other platforms in the future.

Meanwhile, Red Dead Online has been busy adding new professions lately and launching various limited-time events to keep players busy. While it hasn’t reached the heights of its criminal cousin, there’s a good bit to do for those looking for some fun in the Wild West. 

Currently, Fallout 4 may be less involved than RDRO and GTA Online. It’s DLC ended with Nuka-World back in the summer of 2016. But it still sees its fair share of players revisiting the world. The online-only Fallout 76 may not captivate as many Fallout fans as Bethesda might have hope, but it is about to see its biggest change yet with the Wastelanders update in April.

That anticipated release will see the addition of human NPC factions for the first time, as well as mark Fallout 76′s official launch on Steam for PC players.

Stay tuned for our full review on Dreams, as well as any other awesome content that comes from Media Molecule’s latest.

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