Final Fantasy 15: first ever main Final Fantasy game to get a simultaneous worldwide release!

Final Fantasy 15 will have a simultaneous worldwide release in 2016

Final Fantasy 15: first ever main Final Fantasy game to get a simultaneous worldwide release!
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For those of us who’ve waited close to a decade for this game, this week has been kind.

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First, we’ve heard that Final Fantasy 15 (previously: Final Fantasy Versus 13) will be releasing sometime in 2016. No, seriously, unless the game’s director, Hajime Tabata was flat out lying to Gamespot, we should be getting our hands on this game before 2017. 

Now, this next bit may seem trivial to some people, but to those of us who’ve been waiting for this thing ever since we caught our first glimpse of it back in E3 2006, this next bit of news is cause for celebration: Final Fantasy 15 will be released simultaneously worldwide. 

Traditionally the Final Fantasy games have always been released initially in Japan while the rest of the world needed to wait. I remember just how agonizing it was waiting those darned three months for Final Fantasy 13, forcing myself not to watch videos or playthroughs of people who’d gotten their hands on the Japanese version of the game. 

This time, we won’t have to wait. According to another interview with Gamespot, Tabata revealed that Fans around the world will all have the opportunity to obtain their copy of Final Fantasy 15 on day one. It will be the first main Final Fantasy game to be recieving a simultaneous worldwide release. 

I don’t know about you, but to know that those three months of localization (I always assume the worst) have been shaved off of Final Fantasy 15 is a relief like no other.

We’re almost there. 

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