Final Fantasy VII On PC

The RPG classic has finally made it to PC WITHOUT the need for a emulator!
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That’s right folks, as of now you can purchase the Square classic Final Fantasy VII for the PC for $11.99.

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I will not deny that that this one sort of caught me off gaurd when logging onto Steam today to see this classic suddenly being for sale on the PC.  Buying this for the umpteenth time might not appeal to most but the game comes with some new knick knacks.

  1. Achievements- For Steam and does that surprise anyone?
  2. Cloud Saves- I don’t know of a situation where I need to play this on multiple computers but someone obviously will!  Also, cloud saves… ‘Cloud’ saves… Yup.
  3. Character Booster-  Pay money for in game stuff HP, MP and Gil.
  4. PC optimization Not really sure how much this can be optimized for PC.  Still looks the same but just on the PC.

Aside from the Pay-to-win aspect, this seems ok.  It is a classic game getting brought back for the PC gamers to enjoy… Even though you can get it on any Playstation emulator and most likely they have.

I see some potential if they actually allow us to get at the files such as models and maybe coding–you could do a lot of awesome stuff.  Know how everyone wants that updated version for current consoles to come out?  What if you could simply remodel the game and replace the old models with new ones?

I have no answers to this but would love to know if this is possible.  It being not even a day old at the moment means people are probably poking at it at the moment.  Most likely in the next week we or so we will get our first Aerith and Tifa nude mods.


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