More Details on New Evolutions and Paradox Forms Coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

Grab your Pokedex to add four new Pokemon with the upcoming DLC for Scarlet & Violet.

New evolutions and forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC
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It was one of the longest Pokemon Presents showcases we’ve ever received. On August 8, The Pokemon Company revealed exciting new information about the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet this year. We now know more about new evolutions and Paradox forms for both classic and Legendary Pokemon.

Rumors have swirled regarding which past Pokemon titles will receive remakes in the near future. But now, we can expect to see new Pokemon added to existing lines from the Johto, Unova, and Galar regions. Ready your Paldea Pokedex to add four entries with the drop of Part 1 of the DLC, available next month.

New Pokemon Evolutions in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

Two new evolutions for existing Pokemon lines were showcased. Confirmed in an X post from the Pokemon Company, Dipplin is a new Grass/Dragon-type evolution of Applin. It will appear in Part 1 of the DLC, The Teal Mask. Dubbed the Candy Apple Pokemon, Dipplin will come equipped with a signature move called Syrup Bomb. It also has a unique ability, Supersweet Syrup, which conveniently lowers the evasiveness of opposing Pokemon in battle.

Next up is Archaludon, which evolves from the Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon Duraludon. Retaining its typing, this new Pokemon will appear in Part 2 of the DLC, entitled The Indigo Disk. Like Dipplin, the Alloy Pokemon will come in hot with a new signature move called Electro Shot. It charges and fires in one turn under rainy weather conditions.

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New Legendary Paradox Forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

Two additional Paradox forms of previously introduced Legendary Pokemon are set to arrive in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC. We’ll receive new forms for Raikou and Cobalion, members of the Legendary Trios of the Johto and Unova regions. Similar to Suicune’s Walking Wake, Raikou will take on a new Paradox form called Raging Bolt. Moreover, Cobalion will now take on a new appearance referred to as Iron Crown, much like Virizion’s Iron Leaves.

That’s the latest information on the new evolutions and Paradox forms coming in the Scarlet & Violet DLC. Stay tuned for more as we approach the launch of the expansions. Head over to our S&V guides hub for more.

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