Full Diablo 4 1.10 Patch Notes

The Season of the Malignant patch is here, complete with bug fixes and balance updates. Here are the details for Patch 1.1.0.

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The Diablo 4 1.1.0 patch notes are here, and if you thought the last update was large, those for Season of the Malignant are something else entirely. Available now, there are changes to the Eternal Realm, new mechanics for the Seasonal Realm, and a variety of balance changes. Updates to classes, Aspects, experience rewards for different activities, and more are in the patch. Here are the details.

Diablo 4 Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes

New Items

There are six new unique items that have been added in the Diablo 4 1.1.0 patch notes, with one of them joining the ranks of the ultra-rare.

  • Ahavarion Spear of Lycander: Any class can equip that uses a Spear.
  • Azurewrath: Barbarian only.
  • Fleshrender: Druid only.
  • Lidless Wall: Necromancer only.
  • Eaglehorn: Rogue only.
  • The Oculus: Sorcerer only.

New Aspects

Seven new Legendary Aspects have been added in the update.

  • Audacity: Any class can use.
  • Craven: Any class can use.
  • Ancestral Charge: Barbarian only.
  • Subterranean: Druid only.
  • Gore Quills: Necromancer only.
  • Pestilent Points: Rogue only.
  • Searing Wards: Sorcerer only.

Gameplay Updates

  • Altars of Lilith found apply account-wide.
  • Map discovery applies account-wide.
  • Whispers for the Tree no longer reward Sigil Dust.
  • Experience for completing Whispers increased.
  • Improved loot for Silent chests.
  • Less mob movement during battle.
  • Buffed World Tier 2:
    • Increased bonus gold up to 20% from 15%.
    • Mobs drop 15% more items.
  • Changed monster level scaling.
  • Decreased experience for killing higher levels mobs.
  • Helltide mobs now three levels higher than character.
  • Increased cost to open the Tortured Gift of Mysteries.

Affix Changes

There were some item affixes overperforming, causing a lack of variety in builds. A number of them have been tweaked in this update.

Item Affix Locations

  • Control Impaired Duration Reduction: Can now appear on Pants.
  • Barrier Generation: Can now appear for all Classes. It will also begin dropping later in the game.
  • Lucky Hit Chance while You Have a Barrier: Can now appear for all Classes. Reduced by ~12% when on Helm and ~20% when on Amulet or Offhand.
  • Mastery Skill Damage: Newly added; can appear on Sorcerer Weapons. Scales identically to Core Skill Damage.
  • Resistance to All Elements: Can now appear on Shields.

Item Affix Core Stat Update

  • Strength: 50% Stronger when on Weapons -> 25% Stronger when on Weapons.
  • Dexterity: 50% Stronger when on Weapons -> 25% Stronger when on Weapons.
  • Intelligence: 50% Stronger when on Weapons -> 25% Stronger when on Weapons.
  • Willpower: 50% Stronger when on Weapons -> 25% Stronger when on Weapons.

Item Affix Cooldown Reduction Update

  • Cooldown Reduction: Reduced by ~30%.
  • Imbuement Skill Cooldown Reduction: Reduced by ~30%.
  • Trap Skill Cooldown Reduction: Reduced by ~30%.
  • Cooldown Reduction (Inherent on Offhands): Reduced by ~35%.

General Item Affix Updates

  • Critical Strike Damage: Reduced by ~17%.
  • Lightning Critical Strike Damage: Reduced by ~17%.
  • Critical Strike Damage with Bone, Earth, Imbued, and Werewolf Skills: Reduced by ~17%.
  • Vulnerable Damage: Reduced by ~40%.
  • Critical Strike Damage (Inherent on Swords): Reduced by ~50%.
  • Vulnerable Damage (Inherent on Crossbows): Reduced by ~65%.
  • Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies: Decreased by ~30%.
  • Damage to Frozen Enemies: Increased by ~20%.
  • Physical Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Fire Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Cold Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Lightning Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Poison Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Shadow Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Non-Physical Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Physical Damage Over Time: Increased by ~40%.
  • Fire Damage Over Time: Increased by ~40%.
  • Shadow Damage Over Time: Increased by ~40%.
  • Damage with Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapons: Increased by ~25%.
  • Damage with Two-Handed Slashing Weapons: Increased by ~25%.
  • Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons: Increased by ~25%.
  • Damage with Ranged Weapons: Increased by ~25%.
  • Damage with Skills that Swap to New Weapons: Increased by ~25%.
  • Damage while in Human Form: Increased by ~25%.
  • Damage while Shapeshifted: Increased by ~25%.
  • Blood Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Bone Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Brawling Skill Damage: Increased by ~33%.
  • Companion Skill Damage: Increased by ~33%.
  • Conjuration Skill Damage: Increased by ~33%.
  • Cutthroat Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Darkness Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Earth Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Frost Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Imbued Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Imbuement Skill Damage: Increased by ~33%.
  • Marksman Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Pyromancy Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Shock Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Storm Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Summoning Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Trap Skill Damage: Increased by ~33%.
  • Weapon Mastery Skill Damage: Increased by ~33%.
  • Werebear Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Werewolf Skill Damage: Increased by ~25%.
  • Total Armor: Reduced by ~30%.
  • Attack Speed for 4 Seconds after Dodging an Attack: Increased by ~20%.
  • Damage for 4 Seconds after Dodging an Attack: Increased by ~20%.
  • Total Armor while in Werebear Form: Reduced by ~25%.
  • Total Armor while in Werewolf Form: Reduced by ~25%.
  • Damage Reduction from Close Enemies: Reduced by ~20%.
  • Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies: Reduced by ~20%.
  • Damage Reduction from Enemies that are Bleeding: Reduced by ~25%.
  • Damage Reduction from Enemies that are Burning: Reduced by ~25%.
  • Damage Reduction from Enemies that are Poisoned: Reduced by ~25%.
  • Damage Reduction from Enemies that are affected by Shadow Over Time: Reduced by ~25%.
  • Damage Reduction while Fortified: Reduced by ~25%.

Class Changes

A number of changes to classes, including skills, passives, class-specific Aspects, and more were also rolled out in Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.0. We’ll be looking over these changes and tweaking our build guides as the season progresses to provide the best-class builds available.

That’s it for Patch 1.1.0. For the full patch notes, with all the bug fixes, check out the official Diablo 4 patch notes post. For more on the Season of the Malignant, check out our news coverage of the reveal, as well as how Renown will rollover when the season starts. If you’re looking to find all Altars of Lilith, we have all the locations in the Fractured Peaks, along with walkthroughs for all the Strongholds if you still need to clear some — like myself — over in our Diablo 4 guides hub.

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