Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant: How Renown Rollover Works for Season 1

Here's how renown rollover works for Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant.

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Season of the Malignant is coming to Diablo 4. With the preseason nearing completion, the idea of having to reacquire regional prestige is turning some players away from the game, with some wondering how Renown rollover works. Thankfully, the developers have listened, putting a carryover system in place to make the transition to Season 1 (somewhat) smoother.

How Renown Rollover Works in Diablo 4, Season 1 (Season of the Malignant)

While we would love to have all of our Renown rollover to our Season 1 character, that was never the original plan. Hearing the concerns of the community, the dev team designed a system that allows a partial Renown rollover when creating any new character, Season, or Eternal. Only certain discoveries count toward the carryover system, however.

What Counts as Renown Carryover?

  • All discovered Altars of Lilith and the corresponding Renown earned.
  • All discovered locations and the corresponding reputation earned.

If you’ve discovered all locations and found all Altars of Lilith in a location, your Renown bar will be half filled, with two complete sections to claim. You’ll get five health potions and five skill points at Level 1, which I’ve found makes leveling easier.

While rollover affects creating new characters regardless of the realm, it will also impact your current characters. Once character and game data is migrated on July 18 the Season of the Malignant update, each of your characters will have this Renown carryover applied to them.

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How to Use Renown Rollover

Since the original intent was to have zero Renown rollover for seasonal characters, getting the data migrated through your account is a little rocky. However, the process is relatively simple. Note that you can log in anytime before July 18 or after to perform the following steps for carryover.

  • Starting July 18, before you create a new character, log in as the character with which you’ve made the most progress.
  • This will share all the earned reputation with your account.
  • If you have another character with more progress in an area, log into that one next.
  • You can create a new one once you’ve logged in to your characters. All Renown for Altars of Lilith and Discovered Locations will be shared across your account.

That’s how Renown rollover will work after the July 18 Season 1 update for Diablo 4. For more, check out our full D4 guides library. We’ve got a little of everything, including where to farm Fiend Roses, how to defeat World Bosses, and where all the cellars in Sanctuary are located.

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