GameSkinny Exclusive: Eve Online’s Executive Producer Jon Lander

We get a few minutes to get the run down of CCP's newest expansion to the Eve Universe (Odyssey) and its integration with Dust 514.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

One of the coolest parts of this video is when he speaks about the integration with Dust 514.  The reason it is so cool is there was a battle that took place recently in the Eve Universe where a titan was destroyed right near a planet.  The resulting crash into the planet scared the planet that you can now see in Eve when you fly by.  If you are playing Dust 514 on that planet you can go and see in person the wreckage on the planets surface and fight around it.

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Interview by Mark Taylor (AKA Lord Hammer from Guild UMBRA)
Filmed and Edited by Brian Schaaf (AKA Rothalack from GameSkinny)


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