GameSkinny Update 9/10: Introducing our new navigation!

Time to get your Leif Erickson on and explore with GameSkinny's new nav.

Time to get your Leif Erickson on and explore with GameSkinny's new nav.

Say hello to GameSkinny’s brand new navigation bar! 

Since our last update, the dev team at GameSkinny has been hard at work thinking up new ways to improve the site. One of the things we’ve determined is that our old nav bar wasn’t being used as much as we’d like, and some articles just weren’t getting nearly as much attention as a result.

We thought that needed to change.

Our community writers put out stellar content on a daily basis and it all deserves to be found, especially when it comes to posts about the most popular games. The new navigation bar (with it’s glossy, new color scheme) will help direct readers to more great content.

It’s still a work in progress, but the new nav should help our readers scoot around the site in a more efficient way!

The Games Tag in Article Backend

With this new navigation comes new responsibilities for our writers: if you want your Witcher 3 articles to show up in the Witcher 3 nav hub, you’ll need to make sure you put Witcher 3 in the Games section of the SEO tab when you create your articles.

Also, you’ll want to add Witcher to that Games section to make sure your article shows up whenever people are looking for all things in the Witcher franchise.

Tags are Even More Effective Now

Tags are valuable assets in making sure readers can find more content about each tagged phrase (you’ll see tags at the end of each article) and our new nav system has some great under-the-hood coding to make tags work better for our readers.

This means that writers will have to be careful about tagging appropriately and not over tagging in the SEO tab of articles. Try to stick to 3-5 tags. If a game is already tagged in the Game Tag section, you’re all set – don’t worry about adding the games to the normal Tag section, our system has you covered!

Also, certain tags like ‘cosplay’, ‘eSports’, ‘interview’, ‘Kickstarter’, and the like will help make sure your articles show up in the right place for readers looking for those kinds of content. Tag smart!

Two New Categories

For a long time now, the ‘Culture’ category has been a catch-all for everything that doesn’t fit neatly into News, Reviews, or Guides. We’re expanding our number of categories to give two popular types of content their very own homes.

Listicle Lists have been increasingly popular on GameSkinny, and our readers can’t seem to get enough of them! This new category will put all list articles in one place for readers who are looking for some easy-to-digest list content.

Opinion We’ve all got opinions, and they deserve to be showcased in a special category! The new Opinion category will be the home for the most opinionated gamers and writers among us. 

A little lost? Here are some examples:

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