Grand Theft Auto V – 3 Million Sales in UK

Grand Theft Auto: 5 Tops the UK charts above FIFA 14 by selling 3 million.
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It isn’t too surprising that Grand Theft Auto V has received 3 million sales in the UK according to the GfK Chart-Track. At this rate, it could make history on becoming one of the biggest video game sales in the UK. Rockstar definitely gave us a great game, but not without its bugs along the way.

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Making the Top of the Charts

Rockstar has made the top of the UK charts, pushing FIFA 14 out of the way after their two-week reign. I find this to be very natural after Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V swept the internet. For awhile there you couldn’t visit a game website without seeing some sort of GTA V news.

Bugs along the way, yet still a winner!

Although Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has been a sensation, they’ve come at a price that many became fed up with all too early. Grand Theft Auto Online has faced many problems with connection capabilities and items disappearing off of players. This set bad emotions going into GTA Online that many are having a hard time shaking. Not to mention characters were also disappearing permanently, which just adds the icing to the cake.

Congratulations, Rockstar on making a new hit game, and by fixing all the little bugs that happened along the way. We know you’ll make more games in the future, and they’ll put even GTA V to shame.

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