Heroes of the Storm has a playable Duck Hunt easter egg hidden in the main menu

Kill some time (and some ducks) between matches with the new mini-game, introduced in Heroes of the Storm's latest patch.
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Ever get bored staring at the beautiful pictures on your favorite MOBA’s main menu? Ever wish it gave you something to do? 

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Well, Heroes of the Storm now has that covered with an easter egg that serves as an homage to the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt.

Following the latest patch, which features Diablo III‘s Kharazim as a playable character, you can now click the trees behind Kharazim on the main menu, prompting badly-animated ducks to fly out of the branches. You have to be quick to hit them, and spamming your mouse button won’t work – but when you do hit them, you’re rewarded with the same white square from the original game, and a treasure goblin that fetches your kills like Duck Hunt’s dog.

This mini-game isn’t mentioned in the latest patch notes, so there’s no telling how long it will be available. If you’re a fan of Heroes of the Storm and you haven’t played in awhile, patch your game and give it a go while you can.

Do you play Heroes of the Storm? Are you looking forward to playing Kharazim, or are you more interested in killing ducks? Let us know in the comments.

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