Heroes of the Storm: Kharazim build guide

Everything you need to know about Kharazim before he is released, including the best builds.

Kharazim currently on the PTR is scheduled to launch on the live server soon. In this guide I'll help you understand his best builds.

Play Style:

Heroes of the Storm's Kharazim is a melee healer, meaning he has to be in the frontlines with the tanks to be of use. This means you have to be very aware of health bars on both sides. That means dodging in and out of the fight as healthbars fluctuate is something you should master.

Check out my attached video to see a perfect Kharazim game where I dodge in and out of fights at several points.


In lane you want to pair up with another hero, as you will get bullied out if you try to solo lane. While damage build Kharazim is a thing, it's not as strong as other damage melee in the game. So whichever build you take, try to look for a duo lane.


Kharazim has a cheeky trick at gates, this is very good on the new map. Kharazim can dash through the gates to finish off a low enemy, or dive in with your Punisher which tends to jump the gate. If you get in trouble, you can also dive back out to your teammates.

Pros and Cons:

While Kharazim has the potential to pump out a massive amount of heals throughout the game, the fact that he is melee is easily punished. On top of that, his damage build is sub par compared to other melee damage Heroes. If you can master Kharazim's heal build though, you will be a formidable opponent in team fights.



Here I'll list the basic abilities and what they do. Heroic abilities and passive options will be in the Traits section below.

  • Radiant Dash: Jump to an ally or an enemy. If you jump to an enemy you immediately hit them with an auto attack.
  • Breath of Heaven: Heal nearby allies and grant Move Speed.
  • Deadly Reach: Increases attack speed and range for a short time.


Here I'll list all trait options available to Kharazim.

Level 1 Traits: 

  • Transcendence: Every third basic attack heals the lowest health ally.
  • Iron Fists: Every third basic attack deals 100% bonus damage.
  • Insight: Every third basic attack restores mana.

Level 4 Traits: 

  • Foresight: Radiant Dash reveals the area.
  • Overtake: Deadly Reach attacks increase move speed.
  • Healing Ward: Activate to place a ward which heals in an area.
  • Protective Shield: Activate to shield an allied Hero.

Level 7 Traits:

  • Echo of Heaven: Breath of Heaven heals a second time.
  • Way of the Hundred Fists: Radiant dash launches a volley of blows.
  • Clairvoyance: Activate to reveal target area and nearby enemies.
  • Cleanse: Removes disables from the target.

Level 10 Heroic Abilities:

  • Seven-Sided Strike: Become Invulnerable and strike nearby Heroes. Up to 7 strikes each dealing 7% max health.
  • Divine Palm: Prevent an ally from death, heals the Hero if they take fatal damage under the effect of Divine Palm.

Level 13 Traits:

  • Quicksilver: Radiant Dash grants move speed.
  • Spell Shield: Reduces incoming ability damage.
  • Relentless:  Halves duration of disables.
  • Fists of Fury: Increases Deadly Reach duration.

Level 16 Traits:

  • Soothing Breeze: Breath of Heaven removes silences, blinds, slows, and roots.
  • Circle of Life: Increases Breath of Heaven healing per nearby ally.
  • Blinding Speed: Reduces Radiant Dash's cooldown by 2s and increases max charges by 1.
  • Blazing Fists: Basic attacks reduce Deadly Reach's cooldown.

Level 20 Traits:

  • Transgression: Seven-Sided Strike hits an additional 4 times.
  • Peaceful Repose: Divine Palm's cooldown is reduced to 5s if the target does not die.
  • Storm Shield: Activate to grant a 20% max HP shield to allies in range for 3s.
  • Epiphany: Activate to restore mana and Radiant Dash charges.


Kharazim score

Just to show off why DPS build is sub par, here is the stats of a game where I was forced to go DPS build due to team comp. I barely out damaged our team's Sonya, and still managed to get in 40k worth of heals.

There are actually two primary builds on Kharazim. The heal build is bar far better, but there is also the option of a damage build if the team needs it.

Healer Build:

This is my recommended build for the healer build.

  • Transcendence
  • Healing Ward or Protective Shield, depending on whether the enemy team has good single target focus or not. Healing Ward for split focus and AoE comps. Protective Shield for single target focus comps.
  • Echo of Heaven or Cleanse, preference based here. I'd only take Cleanse if the enemy team has a heavy CC comp.
  • Seven-Sided Strike: Divine Palm has no presence in higher rank gameplay, so just go with Seven-Sided Strike.
  • Spell Shield or Relentless are the better options here. I enjoy going the greed option of Fists of Fury.
  • Soothing Breeze or Circle of Life are the only options here. Soothing Breeze for heavy CC comps, otherwise Circle of Life is the best option.
  • Transgression or Storm Shield depending on what the team needs. If you need a bit of extra damage go with Transgression, otherwise Storm Shield is better.

Damage Build:

Here is my recommended build for going full damage.

  • Iron Fists
  • Overtake: Gives more sticking power to maximize your damage output.
  • Way of the Hundred Fists: This is the only damage option for level 7. Be aware that the extra hits on Radiant Dash do not proc the Iron Fists effect as they are not considered basic attacks.
  • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Quicksilver or Fists of Fury here. Quicksilver for more chase onto targets with dashes, or Fists of Fury for higher over all damage.
  • Blinding Speed or Blazing Fists. Blinding Speed gives more chase and sticking power, while Blazing Fists offers more consistent damage.
  • Transgression

Traits You Should Never Take:

Here are a few traits you shouldn't even consider taking, and why they are on this list. 

  • Insight: The mana sustain just isn't enough to justify taking this over Transcendence for heal build. You should also only ever use Iron Fists in the damage build since you need every damage boost you can get.
  • Foresight: Just really useless, you should never be dashing to a spot in which you have no vision.
  • Clairvoyance: Just too many options that are better in the level 7 tree.
  • Divine Palm: While the concept behind this ult is solid, higher ranked players will be able to play around it too easily.
  • Epiphany: Like Clairvoyance, there are just way better options at level 20. This option should have been placed in a lower tree for heal build.

Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions - everyone plays their own way and finds their own builds. This is just what I've found that works, or doesn't work. If you find a different way that works better for you stick to it, don't fix what isn't broken.

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Published Mar. 25th 2018

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