Humble Origin Bundle Raises Over 5 Million in Three Days

The Humble Origin Bundle raises over 5 million within 3 days. Talk about a lot of gaming!

The Humble Origin Bundle raises over 5 million within 3 days. Talk about a lot of gaming!
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It’s to no surprise that the Humble Origin Bundle raised over 5 million dollars within three days. Gamers are very wallet-savvy when it comes to purchasing video games. We know their prices, and see when there’s a good deal. Not only is this a great deal for some top-notch games, but the proceeds go to charities.

How can Humble Origin Bundle raise 5 million in three days?

Look at the titles available! These games aren’t just enticing, but they are also very expensive games at a low rate of $4.80. The current Origin bundle alone is worth well over $200, making this deal very worth the asking price. The games in the current bundle aren’t the same genre either, they range from simulation, first-person shooter, and horror RPG. There’s a game in there made for everyone, even if you’re not too keen on a few of them.

The Humble Origin Bundle: Pay What You Want

The great thing about the Humble Origin Bundle would be the opportunity to pay what you want. You could give the bare minimum of the bundle to receive what games you want, or you can go over the top and pay an extreme amount. Don’t forget, it’s not just buying video games, you are also giving to charities in the process, so any amount helps.

Who said buying video games wasn’t beneficial?

The Humble Origin Bundle Not Over Yet

Don’t miss your chance on adding on to that 5 mil, and getting some epic games in the process. The bundle still has a running 12 days left on it, and we can only imagine what the final raised amount will be.

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