Infinity Ward Caught Recycling Old Cinematics in CoD: Ghosts

Seriously... they thought nobody would remember the ending of Modern Warfare 2?
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Read almost any review of Call of Duty: Ghosts and you’ll see a common complaint that the game feels too similar to previous entries in the series. We know Infinity Ward has been recycling the same game engine for many years now, but apparently they’re re-using more than just that.

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I don’t know why developers try to sneak things by gamers and think we won’t notice… whether it be completed DLC sitting on the disc you just purchased… re-skinning old character models… or in this case re-using an entire cinematic scene and just dropping in a few new assets. Given that the Call of Duty series has such a high budget and large staff of developers; I see this kind of laziness as a sign they really don’t give a fuck. 

It’s a common joke that many people skip the single player portion of any Call of Duty game entirely… so if they’re just going to phone it in, why not just skip the campaign and focus on the multiplayer only? Having just reviewed Batman: Arkham Origins, I noticed what seems to be a large amount of recycling from Batman: Arkham City.

Are game developers being forced to cut corners in order to get the next entry of the series out every year? Or are they just as tired of making these games as we are playing them?

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