Injustice (Mobile) – PvP For Android! Finally!

Android device owners finally get Justice... Injustice Player vs Player Mode.
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It seems like a long time coming. Considering it’s been almost three months since the Online Multi-Player mode for Injustice: Gods Among Us was first introduced on iOS, then yeah… it has been a long time coming.

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Good things come to those who wait.

When 2.0 of Injustice was first put on the shelves for iPhones and iPads, there were definitely problems, among them: players losing accounts, being de-activated, or having their rosters completely wiped out. While the extent of the issues were not completely across the board, a lot of players experienced some sort of trouble, if not, downright terror.

So far, the roll-out of the new Android version has been quite tame by comparison. Those pesky bugs that caused some players to have to start from scratch seem to have been addressed.

The new release hit the Google Play shelves this past week and players were quick to download and jump into the new PvP mode. Do be aware that this version is a whopping 1.3gb of storage. Yeah, 1.3 gigabytes – nearly double the 760+ mb the iOS version takes up and with so many devices hovering in the 16gb range, it may mean making some sacrifices.

That’s Easy, Pick a Fight

If you’ve not tried PvP mode, it may take just a little bit to get your bearings.

First, you can actually construct your 3-on-3 team separate from your single player set. Which is nice, so you don’t have to keep moving characters around as you change modes.

Go and select either a Quick Battle, a Standard 3 Battle Series, or the more challenging 5 Part Epic Battle. You earn XP points and coins, but completing the longer battles earns you better rewards and a chance at some gear.

Now, understand you are NOT actually playing another player. I know, right? But, you are fighting their team of heroes and villains run by the A.I. The good news is, the A.I. isn’t brilliant so your chances of winning are pretty decent. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy though, especially when a seasoned vet has built up three bad-ass characters and plenty of gear.

What works for you in single-player may not work as well in PvP.

Figure out what every character can bring to the table, not only their own combat skills, but any skills or passives that can help teammates. This is why Red Son teams are fairly popular. But, believe me, they are not the toughest.

Gear Up!

Another new addition, as part of the Online Mode is gear. These are gadgets, weapons, armor, health, or additional skills you find randomly or as part of your reward for doing well over the course of the 4-day battle season.

Gear is easily added to your team by dragging and dropping, and can be swapped anytime. Also, unwanted gear can be SHATTERED, meaning broke up into components which can then be FUSED to the gear you do keep.

Fusing increased your gears abilities and gear can Evolve into bigger and better things. This is one aspect of Injustice to NOT overlook. Believe me, the top fighters have top-notch gear.


A Championship Season

NetherRealm Studios altered the Season length to 4 days, originally it was nearly double that. A full week of combat likely wore on some, turning their online efforts into a marathon of sorts to stay at the top-tier.

Now, it’s a four-day sprint. Battle foes, crank up your team and evolve your gear to climb the rank ladder to the top. And why? 

Well, to earn more gear and credits of course to fight another day! Not so motivated to play 24/7? No worries.  Finishing in the Top 5% won’t take your life from you, but still can earn you some nice rewards for your efforts.

If PvP is not your thing, new challenges have been added to single-player ladder as well. Speaking of challenges…

Your Mission…

Another add-on for PvP mode are Bonus Missions. These are comparable to the challenges in the console version where you must win but with certain stipulations to receive added rewards.

In the mobile version, the player can try and complete three Bonus Missions everyday to earn extra experience and extra coin. Is one of them too hard? You can Skip one mission a day if you need.

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