It’s a Pirates Life for HeroCraft with Their New Game: Tempest

We take a look at a new indie game from company HeroCraft that involves a bit of a mischievous life style.

We take a look at a new indie game from company HeroCraft that involves a bit of a mischievous life style.

It’s time to set sail in a new high seas mobile/PC game from Developer HeroCraft.

HeroCraft, developer of games like Zombie Derby, Majesty, and various Strategy and Tactics titles, has been producing mobile games since 2002 now the Russian game developer has their sights set on releasing a new title. Set in the role of a notorious pirate, in Tempest, a free-to-play online RPG where you will scour the high seas, in search of your fortune by the standard privateer means and intense multiplayer battles.

HeroCraft states you will be “seizing merchant ships, attacking forts, and battling warships.” The game will have an economy that can be funded by spice trading or for the even bigger Pirate Hauls, you can attack enemies and snatch their cargo. The battle system is a main focus point as was pointed out in their press release.

The majority of the game sees the player going head to head with various enemies, that’s why we paid special attention to the battle system in the game. As a result different battle tactics can be practiced, depending on the chosen ship type and its equipment.

Ships will be customizable from an aesthetic point to a more tactic friendly approach. Attaching cannons and certain sails could add an extra edge to combat, while making your vessel look like the Black Pearl will only make your death seem prettier. In addition to the basic customizations, you will also be given magic artifacts to keep enemies at bay with aid from mystical creatures from below the ocean surface.

Players will begin the game with the basic crew, ship, and a handful of resources but that will be able to be upgraded by participating in battles or quests, which also grant you access to the artifacts. All battles in Tempest will be ship on ship combat (or maybe sea fort vs ship) and will be reminiscent of the battles seen in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. These battles demonstrated an area of effect to display where mortar strikes will hit or where you want to send the fabled Kraken to attack. It also looks as if there is a reward system for special actions taken in battle, expressed by icons appearing in the lower section of the screen. No official confirmation on a reward system but it’s entirely possible based on what we can see, check out the video to judge for yourself.

Tempest will be a sand box/open world game, featuring co-op and PVP multiplayer, so the game has a good format to work with already. HeroCraft should be letting us raise anchor and fly the Jolly Rogers in Q4 of this year.

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